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Throughout history, Innovative Minds have paved the way for others to achieve far beyond what was possible at the time.

Make Innovation Predictable

Discover the innovative leaders that have inspired BlueCallom to achieve predictable innovation success.

Every great idea comes from somewhere but truly remarkable and life-alternating concepts are based on more than just one idea from just one innovative mind. BlueCallom’s end-to-end AI-driven Innovation Management platform is supported by the concept of innovative minds that have left their mark on society. Follow the story of how each of these individuals’ contributions has shaped the platform we developed that is making innovation success predictable.


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Great Innovative Minds

Paving the way to make innovation predictable

Peter Drucker – Father of KPI and the dashboards that track them

Nov. 19, 1909 – Nov. 11 2005 (aged 95)


Peter Drucker spent his career advising management within a variety of companies, nonprofits, and government agencies. His life work was not motivated by success in business but rather in trying to create what he termed “a functioning society.”  He said “A strategy without metrics is just a wish. And metrics that are not aligned with strategic objectives are a waste of time.” Not until the late 1990s did his concepts associated with key performance indicators (KPI) and the introduction of Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton’s Balanced Scorecard really allow for KPI Dashboards to become popular. Without Drucker’s word, BlueCallom’s experts would not have been able to build the BlueCallom Innovation KPI-Framework.