Digital Marketing Manager

Remote Employment within Europe Is No Problem

We are looking for a digital marketing manager. We are 100% digital, no print, no paper, no conventional marketing language, no conventional marketing. Digital marketing also means data-driven marketing, leverage of technology, ability to setup digital systems, and their abilities to the max. We decided to have a high-touch sales organization, not sales force automation, so we look for individualized marketing, not marketing automation.

You love breaking rules, getting off the beaten path, following others, and maintaining your uniqueness. You can’t stand the old way of directive communication like “Sign up now,” “Order here,” “Do that and do this.” You have a great talent to express messages visually. In your communication, you address people, not market segments. You leverage technology, tools, services technology, analyze data, navigate your activities based on certain responses and feedback. The social web is second nature to you.

Our ideal candidate

  1. You are highly communicative and have no problem transforming the knowledge we have in-house into an attractive communication stream.
  2. You are technically savvy enough to build campaigns with the technical tools and solutions that are fun engaging others.
  3. You are top-notch in using language to tell a whole story yet in just a few sentences.
  4. The Adobe creative suite is what you use to express the message visually in a compelling way.
  5. You know social media monitoring tools to be able to measure engagement, mentions, and conversations.
  6. Instead of telling you what the job is – you will tell us how you want to take this opportunity to the very top.

Your skills and talents
As our digital marketing manager,
you have no problem producing a new initiative every month.
You call Adobe Creative Cloud home.
You are well versed in turning mediocre footage into amazing clips.
You can create, organize, setup, and run online events of any size.
You craft brochures in 24h – speed is more important than perfection.
For you, creating the monthly newsletter is a breeze.
Your connection to media and press allows you to engage there too.
Lead generation is your daily habit, and 30-40% growth per month is cool.
You leverage the reporting tools to bring everything in alignment.
You know how to do business on the social web.
You are used to tools like Mention or Hootsuite, Sentiment analysis, and more.
Most importantly, you are an amazingly awesome and inspiring person.

Our customers

Primarily, very successful enterprises, 500+ employees with a need to continuously innovate and are interested in using the best possible tools to stay on top. The people we are working with mostly include the Chief Innovation Officer, VP Innovations, Innovation Director, Innovation Center Manager, and the CEO, CIO, or CMO. They are so-called early adopters and some of the most successful businesses.

You will continuously explore changes in customers’ needs and dreams and forget wasting time on the competition. You also will want to make sure that we can communicate our values to our designated market.

Your Dream Job

If the above describes your dream environment and you see that you can shape it into what you think is the best for the company, you are in the right place. If you don’t know because we haven’t told you what you need to do, it’s too early for us.

Lucerne, Switzerland
Our office is in the city of Lucerne, and we have an underground garage, bus stop and even the train at our complex. Supermarket inside the complex and restaurants within walking distance.

Remote work within the EU is not a problem. We are fully digital, and you should be too. You need to know and understand the culture and be on eye-level with our clients in Europe.

You speak flawless English and German. French and Chinese would be great too.
You understand what we are doing.
You should know what Disruptive Innovation means.
You need to be a Swiss or European citizen. (Work permit)

Monthly salary plus success bonus.

We are looking for a start on Jan 15, Feb 1, latest April.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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