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Our Business Partner - Valentine Bese

Valentin Bese, Founder & CEO


+41 79 681 29 34

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Vaduz, LiechtensteinOur Business Partner in Liechtenstein

About ServiceBridge

At ServiceBridge, people are dedicated technical enthusiasts and digital fine tuners, who find fulfillment in exploring and understanding the potential of emerging technologies. The team is intrigued by the opportunities presented by the latest advancements in Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

They are committed to supporting their business partners in utilizing these innovative technologies to enhance their operational efficiency and explore new avenues for growth. They recognize the challenges that businesses face in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, and believe that embracing innovation is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and adapting to evolving market demands.

Valentin’s team excels in IT, Software, Cloud, and Consulting Services, bringing extensive experience in developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions across various technological landscapes. Serving a diverse range of industries such as production, healthcare, and retail, they focus primarily on small and mid-sized companies aiming to leverage advanced technology to drive their business forward.

With a business model centered around Prompt Development, Consulting, and Implementation, Valentin’s team is dedicated to helping clients achieve their technological goals. Their expertise ensures that businesses can navigate the complexities of modern technology with confidence, enabling growth and innovation.


Our Business Partner - Walter Adamson

Walter Adamson, Founder


+61 403 345 632

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Sydney, Australia

Our Business Partner in Australia

About CoCollabAI

CoCollabAI’s domain lies in supporting the B2B industrial, technology, IT, communications, engineering, energy, utilities, and mining sectors with growth, business development, and strategic partnering. Their typical customers are mid-market and above, with revenue of $20m+, targeting business owners, CEOs, and the C-Suite.

Collaboration is at the heart of what they do; they partner with their clients to co-create customized solutions, leveraging their deep understanding of the clients’ business and industry. This commitment to a substance-based approach ensures they deliver practical solutions that generate economic value, fostering long-term, value-driven relationships.

At CoCollabAI, they differentiate themselves by being more than just vendors; they are trusted advisors dedicated to deeply understanding their clients’ industries and businesses. Their emphasis on aspirational outcomes and premium value sets them apart, aiming to deliver benefits that exceed standard requirements. This strategic thinking, coupled with Gen AI, empowers them to provide data-driven insights that question conventional practices and present innovative solutions.

By prioritizing measurable economic value, they ensure that their clients receive tangible benefits from the collaboration. This approach underlines their commitment to delivering more than expected, standing out as a partner that truly enhances their clients’ business outcomes.


Our Business Partner - Mandy Nguyen

Mandy Nguyen, Operation Director


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Our Business Partner in Vietnam

About i.Value

Under the leadership of their Operation Director Mandy, i.Value is dedicated to supporting businesses in Vietnam by becoming a convergence point for top experts in Strategy, Finance, Investment, Technology, and Training/Education. Their collaborative efforts drive innovation and sustainable development, while also creating positive and humane impacts on society. By integrating diverse expertise, i.Value enhances the capabilities of Vietnamese businesses, fostering a progressive and dynamic business environment.

Their focus is on three core pillars: developing leaders and building teams based on corporate culture and innovation; strategic management and the capability to execute strategies for outstanding accomplishments; and applying technology and innovative tools to create breakthrough growth and distinctive competitive value in the era of Industry 4.0. These pillars ensure a comprehensive approach to business growth and development.

With nearly 20 years of experience, i.Value has served hundreds of companies and trained thousands of leaders and key managers. Their extensive experience and commitment to excellence position them as trusted advisors in the Vietnamese business landscape. By leveraging their deep understanding of various industries, i.Value provides customized solutions that drive measurable economic value and foster long-term, value-driven relationships.