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BlueCallom Implementation Programs

Implementing BlueCallom made easy, flexible and success-focused.

Innovation Readiness Check (IRC)

A business needs to be innovation ready in order to effectively manage any innovation project.

Organizational readiness before making major investments
As an executive, you will sooner or later make innovation investments in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars together with your board and investors. In the past 25 years, there was not a single disruptive innovation that consumed less than 100 Million dollars of investment by corporations or startups. An innovation center is a major undertaking and everything else is improvement like businesses are doing for over 100 years. An organization must be ready to engage in innovation projects, ready to explore long-term financing, long-term resource allocation, target audience definitions, understanding where disruption risks may most likely come from, and how to start without losing too much time, money, momentum, reputation, and market commitment.

Corporate Innovation Accelerator (CIA)

Implementing BlueCallom and accelerating the innovation process by order of magnitude.

Market insights + Ideation + Validation + Execution = Innovation or Transformation. The lion’s share of innovation success is about relentless execution and creating exceptional successes. Obviously, a disruptive and innovative idea is the seed, where nothing happens without it. Only the well-understood duality of ideation and execution leads to successful innovation.

The Corporate Implementation Accelerator is a guided 6-month program, from the point of “No idea where the next disruption may come from” all the way to bring a newly created disruptive innovation to market.

Implementation Program Logistics

We have our own past experience, developing disruptive businesses, peer experiences and experiences from 100’s of startups.

All programs are structured to maximize impact and minimize effort.

In particular, the IDEAS Program (Innovation Development and Execution As a Service) can scale from minimum self engagement (BlueCallom team conducts the entire project) to maximum self engagement (Your team conducts the project and BlueCallom team only offers guidance).