Deep Innovation Design
Implementation Accelerator

Ideation + Execution = Innovation

BlueCallom Startup Innovation Accelerator

Accelerating startups to get to groundbreaking innovation within a few weeks and into the market in six months.

Guided Innovation Experience

The full lifecycle of a ground breaking innovation

The BlueCallom Startup Innovation Accelerator program is designed for young entrepreneurs creating a genuinely innovative and disruptive business. The core program helps the founders’ team to best analyze their market, create an idea based on market inputs, validate the idea and build the first prototype. Then ensure product-market-fit, gain some first customers and raise capital to fund your growth. Thereafter compete in global markets with businesses of any size.

The BlueCallom Startup Innovation Accelerator is helping teams to move from “Don’t know where to start” to “Neuro Ideation” and “Innovation to market” implementation. Attendees do not need any special education, definitely no technical background, only an open mind, being creative, and communicative.

Objective: A groundbreaking innovation within 4 months.

Program Characteristics

 BlueCallom SIA Programs

Who is it for Duration Expected outcome Certificate
Startups wanting to build a genuine innovation* 4 month Groundbreaking innovation developed and successfully launched  Accelerator Certificate
Team size Prerequisite Investments & Fees Delivery mode
4 to 50 FTEs See requirement details at bottom of this page. We invest initially at least $25,000 in equity
The program fee is $7,500
Online collaboration 

* genuine innovation is a groundbreaking, usually disruptive, innovation. It changes the way people do things. It is not an improvement of an existing solution.

Program Agenda

BlueCallom Implementation Accelerator

START | Boot Camp Week

Day 1 | Mon

1/2 day instructor-led, online live session

  • General Deep Innovation Design Model
  • Methodology
  • Innovation Journey Map
  • Innovation Strategy Model and development

Day 2 | Tues

1/2 day instructor-led, online live session

  • Innovation Strategy Development
  • Using the strategy hexagon
  • Team verification
  • Innovation space definition
  • Executive approval
BlueCallom Implementation Accelerator Map

Day 3 | Wed

1/2 day instructor-led, online live session

  • Team assembly
  • Innovation Opportunity discovery
  • Project preparation

Day 4 | Thurs

1/2 day instructor-led, online live session

  • Neuro Ideation Process
  • Customer and partner selection
  • Neuro Ideation Sessions Sessions
  • Mind conditions for Neuro Ideation
  • Exploring the processes

Day 5 | Fri

1/2 day instructor-led, online live session

  • Idea Validation preparation
  • Disruptive Business Model preparation
  • Management Presentation preparation
  • Finance and resource planning preparation
  • Deployment or go to market preparation


WEEK 1-2 | Needs & Dreams Analysis

  • Needs & Dreams Analysis
  • Customer interviews
  • Research collection
  • Innovation Target

WEEK 3 – 5 | Neuro Ideation

  • Idea composition process phase 1
  • Idea analogy tests
  • Overcoming natural brain barriers
  • Idea composition process phase 2
  • Deep dive to innovative thinking
  • Idea composition process phase 3
  • Reaching to ideas that are impossible to realize
  • Idea realization process
  • Partner Identification
  • Idea manifestation
  • Vision development

Week 6-7 | Idea Validation

  • Idea Validation Process
  • Logistics, production and financial plausibility
  • Idea presentation and validation techniques
  • Results analysis
  • Partner validation and selection
  • Go-to-market vision
  • Financial planning
  • CFO presentation preparation

Week 8 | Innovation Financing

  • Idea Validation Process
  • Logistics, production and financial plausibility
  • Idea presentation and validation techniques
  • Results analysis
  • Partner validation and selection
  • Go-to-market vision
  • Financial planning
  • CFO presentation preparation

Week 9-13 | Solution Realization

  • Building a first MVP representing the core features of the idea
  • KPIs for true industry disruption as part of the product
  • Getting some key customers involved in the Alpha product verification
  • In parallel crafting the “Innovation-to-Market” strategy
  • Audience selection and preparation
  • Go-to-market plan

Week 14-16 | Innovation-to-Market

  • Creating a market born product with advocates
  • Product introduction to early adopters
  • Growing the user base 1% per day
  • Building up sales
  • Building up the brand

Why are we so sure about the results?

  1. We know from neuroscience and also from our own experience as entrepreneurs, as well as experiences with startups we guided to groundbreaking innovation in the past years, that creating ideas is neither accidental nor random. Based on the understanding, how our brain composes ideas, we are able to stimulate innovative ideas and come to groundbreaking ideas within two weeks on average. The BlueCallom Neuro ideation process is far more predictable than any conventional brainstorming and is never hoping for ideas but ideas can be expected with the right inputs.
  2. The initial value of an idea is zero. While an innovative idea is only a spark that triggers a whole innovation process, it is essential. The value of innovation is created through its distribution into the designated market. The duality of a brilliant idea and relentless execution is driving innovation success. One is nothing without the other.

BlueCallom Startup Accelerator – Logistics & Requirements


You are at least 2 founders. You have the following qualities in your team: Technology Expert, Marketing Expert, Business Expert,  and Customer Relations Expert. In this context, an expert is not necessarily a person with years of experience but somebody who loves that field has a basic understanding and has an obvious talent to perform the necessary tasks and efforts seamlessly.


Your company is registered and founded by more than one person, of which non is owning the vast majority. You have an English language website or at least an English language version. You and your co-founders made a substantial cash investment in your company. The company headquarters must be registered in SG, UK, US, CH, NL, or LU.


You always have access to high-speed Internet, a webcam and a microphone. You have a large screen or a high-resolution laptop. You can make PPT presentations any time. Due to the nature of the tools, you cannot participate by using your smartphone or tablet.


This is a full-time program with nearly no time for “other work”. Between sessions, you will want to complete tasks that are not “homework” but leading to real world results.


In order to gather insights from your designated audience, you will need to have a network of target prospects that you already contacted on LinkedIn or other business networks. You will need to get in touch with users at your target market by email or phone, yet never do any automated survey.


You and your co-founders have defined a purpose and a real problem to solve. You have a deep understanding of the market you are innovating for and are ready to find an innovative solution that may change the world. Even though you don’t know what’s ahead you have the obsession to make your dream a reality at any cost.

Your Innovation Success Guardians

The BlueCallom team consists of successful entrepreneurs and experienced academics ensuring the success of the innovation program, resulting in groundbreaking innovation.

BlueCallom Implementation Accelerator Instructor Matthes Fleck BlueCallom Implementation Accelerator Instructor Axel Schultze

Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck

Innovation Management Academy Director

Axel Schultze

CEO of BlueCallom

Program Details & Application

Fees |  $7,500, plus first right of investment at or before demo day

  • 4-months, the entrepreneur-led online acceleration program
  • 24 online sessions, actively innovating between sessions
  • Created a groundbreaking innovation

Up to $2,000,000 equity investment after graduation.

1) There are two or more founders with nearly equal equity.

2) The founders have the typical founders traits to run their business

3) The company must be registered but not older than 30 months.

4) The founder’s team has substantially invested their own cash into the company.

5) Founders made the basic sanity check for their startup.

6) The company headquarters must be registered in SG, UK, US, CH, NL, or LU. We are happy to help with the transition.