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Neuro-AI Innovation Management

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What we stand for

Nobody will fail to innovate when using BlueCallom

Disrupting Innovation

By boosting your Innovation productivity between 10 and 100 fold.

Driving the transformation from improvements to continuous agile and sustainable innovations., using unique neuroscience influenced AI software.

What makes us so different

    Thanks to applied neuroscience we are able to repeatedly stimulate the brains of innovation teams to create breakthrough concepts and a way to know that a solution will be feasible before even building a prototype. And we are just beginning.
    The BlueCallom.AI software empowers innovation teams to deliver breakthrough innovation within 6 months.
    We created the Deep Innovation Design model to manage the process from innovation opportunity discovery to global scaling. To make it all work, we needed to start from scratch.
    The ability of the BlueCalllom.AI software allows to predict the economic innovation outcome with more than 70% accuracy.
    We created a unique 50,000 parameter KPI framework model for innovation predictability. Together with our customers we will reach new ways to predict, assess and validate the most critical aspects of the innovations complex.

BlueCallom AI will blow your mind

Artificial Intelligence at its core

The fastest way to innovate

What a difference AI makes

A new way to innovate – BlueCallom.AI – When three dedicated AI models work with each other.
1) The four pillars of Breakthrough Innovation: Research, ideation, decision making and validation  are now all driven by a Generative AI model like ChatGPT for Human Intelligence Augmentation. Innovation time collapses and an ROI is reached after 3 years.
2) AI-driven process automation guides innovation teams through a three year process from innovation opportunity discovery to innovation continuum, delegating all repeat tasks such as reporting, KPI management, events etc. to an AI. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

3) Predictive models derive data from the KPI-Framework and computes the Innovation Success Indicator (ISI) indicating the probability of success for more educated innovation financing decisions.

Your Benefit

Your innovation team  will collapse the time to innovation from years to months, the time to ROI from typically over 10 years to about 3 years, unparalleled predictability of the innovation outcome and manageability including highly innovation critical KPIs and team comparisons.

We are one of the first enterprise software companies built on AI from the ground up and developed ways to let specialized AI models network with each other.

BlueCallom AI an unparalleled innovation experience

Corporate Large-Scale Innovations

Stop trying to emulate startups. Think Unicorn.

Think Bigger

Peta-Watt power, autonomous logistic units, new monetary systems, new materials, lunar manufacturing… Think in dimensions that bring humanity significantly forward. Large scale innovation is no harder than small innovations – but has the impact you and your major stakeholder want for your enterprise. Don’t emulate startups – create a corporate unicorn.

  • Energy, Logistics, Heavy Duty Industry Sectors
  • High Tech, Communication, and Financial Services Industry
  • Pharma, Health and Bio-Tech
  • Mobility, Transportation and Space
  • and more…

BlueCallom helps you build and manage a corporate unicorn with technology, methods, and mindset development that are globally unique. It’s up to you to set it in motion.

Your Benefit

Instead of tinkering around like startups with a probability to get to global markets of less than 5 %, you build a unicorn type organization with a probability to win of more than 80%. Your outcome will be a market shifting breakthrough rather than yet another nice to have. 

Corporate Unicorn – not corporate startup


Manage your Innovation Flow

To professionally manage an end-to-end innovation flow, you will conduct over 100 meetings, aggregate over 1,000 idea pieces, roughly 1,000 pieces of research and market feedback, and about 500 decisions, ensure you keep the strategy,  and manage brilliant results and relentless execution. You will amount roughly 50,000 data points that help you become an innovation superstar. BlueCallom.AI is a top-notch enterprise software helping you handle it all.

Neuroscience Influence

  • Understanding Idea/Problem relationships
  • Neuro Ideation – learning how disruptive solutions are created
  • Neuro Communication – to different stakeholders internally and externally
  • Neuro Realization – why we can build any solution
  • Neuro Marketing and Sales Growth

AI innovation power of BlueCallom

  • Strategy congruence Analysis
  • Embedded neuro innovation methodology
  • Innovation Research Intelligence
  • Innovation Feedback Intelligence
  • Ideation Stimulation Intelligence
  • Decision Support Intelligence
  • Innovation Framework Intelligence
  • Innovation Results Prediction (KPI Framework)

Your Benefit

Manageability by fusing the brainwork with processes an AI is responsible for.

BlueCallom AI Innovation Management

Deep Innovation Design Method & Strategy

BlueCallom AI Innovation Management

End a Step-by-Step mentality

Think it all the way through. Now you have an End-to-End innovation management system software and method. Know your innovation opportunities before you jump on ideas. Finish only if your innovation is successful in its designated market. BlueCallom‘s Deep Innovation Design model is the underlaying innovation method and strategy model, driven by BlueCallom.AI.

Concept Development

  • General Innovation Opportunity Discovery
  • Detailed needs and dreams analysis
  • Neuro Innovation, Compilation nd Validation
  • Innovation Financing

Innovation to Market

  • Solution Building
  • Innovation to market process


  • Exponential Growth Development
  • Global Scaling and Market Leadership

Your Benefit

Innovation is brain work pure. Now you have a neuro-AI fusion technology that helps your team’s brain ignition like it was never possible before. 

Deep Innovation Design

Innovation specific KPI Framework

BlueCallom AI Innovation Management

Make it Predictable

Don’t offend your intellect with trying, experimenting and guessing. Innovation is now repeatable, manageable and predictable.

Predictive Innovation Management

  • 50,000+ data points for each innovation journey
  • Innovation Success Probability Calculation
  • Over 100 innovation process relevant performance indicators
  • Time to Innovation ROI: approx. 3 years
  • KPI driven, intelligent user guidance
  • BlueCallom.AI/pro is managing all aspects of its data and KPIs

Your Benefit

Instead of YOU correcting and controlling your team, let the AI navigate the team by giving them tips for performance improvements, KPI achievements, process steps and results achievements in a neutral unbiased way. 

Innovation KPI-Framework

Understand the whole innovations complex

Innovation is a multi billion business strategy. The BlueCallom Innovations Framework contains over 100 strategic aspects of innovation. See it as a whole and not just parts.

Most comprehensive Innovation Model

  • Innovation Principles
  • Innovation Drivers
  • Innovation Strategies
  • Innovation Methods
  • Innovation Organizations

Your Benefit

get the full scope of an end-to-end innovation engagement, and its processes and strategic aspects in one document. 

Innovations Framework

Team Empowerment

BlueCallom AI Innovation Management

Set it in motion

Now, work with our experts and together we empower your team. We did it more than hundred times.

Innovation Readiness

  • Let us see how far you are and what possible should be taken care of first. If you feel you are not ready at all, use it to your advantage and enjoy the fact that you don’t need to untrain and change.

Executive Workshops

  • Understanding the Innovation Complex on top executive level
  • Innovation meta strategy, executive mandate, and board involvement
  • Leading by innovation, thought leadership, market leadership

Team Selection and Education

  • Innovation Dream Team assembly and Cuture
  • Innovation Team Methodology and Technology Training
  • Innovation Team Leadership Workshop

Your Benefit

Getting a complete strategic and methodic path to innovation with an innovation management technology like no other.

Team Empowerment

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BlueCallom Facts

Sector: Innovation Management Technology
Delivering: Innovation Framework & AI-Software
Focus Area: Breakthrough Innovation
Disruption: How innovation is created, managed and delivered
USP: Innovation within six months
Customers: Corporations and Governments
Claim of fame: Nobody failed to innovate, when using BlueCallom
Headquarter: Zürich, Switzerland
Founded: Oct. 2020

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