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This online education program provides insights into the key aspects of Deep Innovation Design. It ranges from Innovation Strategy Development, the actual composition of groundbreaking ideas all the way to scaling the innovation delivery in global markets.

Each month we have a different topic and conduct a 45 min webinar with 15-45 minute Q+A.


The Thought Leader Series is designed for Innovation Managers, from innovation teams to innovation executives, or soon transitioning into such a role. Students planning to take a career in the innovation space are very welcome.


This is neither a teaser nor any promo program. We provide a deep dive into this new world of conscious innovation on demand.

Thought Leadership Series

Thought Leader Series – Q2 2021

Successful Innovation Centers

#11 Successful Innovation Centers

May 20, 2021

Is there a potential exodus for some innovation centers that produce only improvements but no innovation? What do the most successful innovation centers differently?

By speaking with roughly 100 innovation executives in Europe and the US, we recognized a very high level of frustration over their own innovation centers. What is needed to catch up with the most successful innovators?

In this Thought Leadership Series event, we will share concepts that lead to groundbreaking innovation and why we believe some teams just cannot achieve their goals based on their current organizational structure, goals definitions, and the way objectives are set and executed.

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Thought Leader Series – Q3 2021

Creating an internal innovation culture

#12 Creating an internal innovation culture

Jul 8, 2021

An innovation culture can be found in countries, in regions, in companies, in families. And wherever it is, it has evolved based on some initial successes. For example, the Silicon Valley innovation culture was allegedly sparked by Robert Noyce, one of the Intel Founders. And as it evolved, different subcultures in the various companies evolved on their own. Most innovation cultures had been stimulated top-down by leaders such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Gordon Moore, and many others. And while there are internal movements to become more innovative and embracing innovation from within, usually those initiatives die in the various management layers.

In this Thought Leadership Series event, gain insights into how to stimulate innovation culture-building from the middle up so it can flow down and how Innovation Leaders can best support it.

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BlueCallom’s gamification method

#13 BlueCallom’s gamification method

Aug 12, 2021

To many professionals, gamification has to do with playing instead of working, and therefore the excitement is limited. Yet our entire life is a game that nature plays with us and has been for about 12,000 years. Children learn about twice as fast when playing rather than “brute force learning”. How about using gamification to learn twice as fast when using new technology rather than “brute force change”? The resistance to brute force change is deeply ingrained in our DNA and our neural structure. While self-stimulated change is something that we are even actively driving forward. So how do we include break that resistance and seek that change?

In this Thought Leadership Series event, get introduced to stunning examples of how top executives can adopt gamification almost immediately to stimulate innovation and create the best possible learning experience for their teams.

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Innovation Leadership for C-Level and Board Members

#14 Innovation Leadership for C-Level and Board Members

Sep 9, 2021

In the past 25 years, the vast majority of groundbreaking innovations were delivered by startups. Nearly none by corporate innovation centers. When getting disrupted, the corporation will initially lose 20 to 50% market share and 50% or even more on value. The loss of market share is not equal to revenue loss because disrupters increase the market and take almost all of the new market share. Innovation is rarely just a new product; it is almost always connected to different experiences, business models, and customer interaction models. Not knowing what is going on makes it so utterly difficult to compete. It is time for Innovation Leadership to make a change to stay competitive in the market.

In this Thought Leadership Series event, our CEO and founder of two companies today in the billion-dollar range will talk about the little yet defining differences and why looking at startups and how they work makes absolutely no sense. Copying startup behavior, creating fancy innovation labs, and organizing playful innovation sessions, while top unicorns fight with relentless execution to become no.1 in a market, are some of the reasons for not being successful.

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Thought Leader Series – Q4 2021

Neuroscience influence on any facet of the innovation process

#15 Neuroscience influence on any facet of the innovation process

Oct 14, 2021

Neuroscience already impacts HR, Marketing, and Sales quite profoundly, and we see the same in the innovation space. How should we develop ideas, communicate disruptive moments, get customer insights, and more if we don’t really know how our brain works?

In this Thought Leadership Series event, explore how neuroscience helps us understand our brain and gain insights into how ideas are created in our brain. All of this plays a factor in how neuroscience influences the innovation journey map.

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Extended Design Thinking Mode

#16 Extended Design Thinking Model

Nov 11, 2021

Design Thinking has been a great innovation tool for almost 20 years now. And while a beloved technique, many argue about the three significant deficiencies: Lack of an exact ideation technique, how to create the actual ideas, weak market validation as there is no clear advice to in-market validation, and no concept about the follow on execution, i.e., how to get the necessary funding or more importantly bringing the innovation successfully to market.

In this Thought Leadership Series event, understand how BlueCallom is used to manage a complete Design Thinking project. By applying the lateral thinking model on the digital canvases, innovation teams can go far more profound in their thinking and will bring forward truly disruptive innovation in less than 3 weeks.

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Innovation outlook

#17 Innovation outlook and BlueCallom roadmap 2022

Dec 9, 2021

Trends we see for 2022 and how they influenced our product roadmap for the coming year. From discussions and projects with over 100 of the world’s top businesses we compiled and analyzed trends and needs, we see for 2022. These insights are some of the biggest drivers for the BlueCallom product development, which we will share at this event.

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