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Innovative Minds Events

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Thought Leadership Series

This online education program provides insights into the key aspects of Deep Innovation Design. It ranges from Innovation Strategy Development, the actual composition of groundbreaking ideas all the way to scaling the innovation delivery in global markets.


Each month we have a different topic and conduct a 45 min webinar with 15-45 minute Q+A.


The Innovative Minds Series is designed for Innovation Managers, from innovation teams to innovation executives, or soon transitioning into such a role. Students planning to take a career in the innovation space are very welcome.


This is neither a teaser nor any promo program. We provide a deep dive into this new world of conscious innovation on demand.


Innovation Leadership for C-Level and Board Members

#13 Innovation is a CEO mandate

Oct 21, 2021

In the past 25 years, the vast majority of groundbreaking innovations were delivered by startups. The economic risk for an enterprise getting disrupted is substantial.

Axel Schultze, CEO, and Founder of BlueCallom joined by Christian Weh, Senior Director Innovation & Global Projects for Johnson & Johnson and Luuk Houtepen, Director Strategic Partnerships & Innovation at SThree, will discuss what enterprise leaders can do to move from an improvement paradigm to an innovation paradigm and avoid getting disruption through others. Also, they will explore how to upskill your teams and what a professional innovation team needs to do and know to deliver groundbreaking innovation? Moreover, what does the executive bench need to know about capital requirements, market preparation, and organizational adjustments to become genuinely innovative?

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Innovation outlook

#14 Innovation outlook and BlueCallom roadmap 2022

Dec 9, 2021

Trends we see for 2022 and how they influenced our product roadmap for the coming year. From discussions and projects with over 100 of the world’s top businesses we compiled and analyzed trends and needs, we see for 2022. These insights are some of the biggest drivers for the BlueCallom product development, which we will share at this event.

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Event Recordings & Feedback

The Innovative Minds Series events are far beyond my expectation. provide amazing insight. made us rethink our approach to innovation completely. allowed me to find the greatest career opportunity. made me wonder why this was not discovered earlier. are very informative and needs your full attention.