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Thought Leader Series – 2021

#11 Extended Design Thinking Model

May 20, 2021
Extended Design Thinking - BlueCallom - Innovation Leadership seriesDesign Thinking has been a great innovation tool for almost 20 years now. And while a beloved technique, many argue about the three significant deficiencies: Lack of an exact ideation technique, how to create the actual ideas, weak market validation as there is no clear advice to in-market validation, and no concept about the follow on execution, I.e., how to get the necessary funding or more importantly bringing the innovation successfully to market.  We decided to extend the Design Thinking model with methods to overcome the old deficiencies with everything we learned from the Deep Innovation Design method. Step 3 (Ideation) is extended by leveraging the Neuro Ideation method. Step 5 the testing is augmented with the Market Validation method from Deep Innovation Design, and we added a 6th step: Implementation. That guides innovation, business transformation, or designer teams to make better decisions on how to bring their solution successfully to market.

In this Thought Leadership Series webinar, we will share how BlueCallom is used to manage a complete Design Thinking project. By applying the lateral thinking model on the digital canvases, innovation teams can go far more profound in their thinking and will bring forward truly disruptive innovation in less than 3 weeks.

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#12 Innovation Leadership

Jun 17, 2021
Innovation Leadership seriesInnovation leadership, is an interesting composition of thought leadership, technology leadership, and business leadership. The mystery however is how to achieve such a status. People like Bill Gates, Gordon Moore, later on, Mark Benioff or Reed Hastings, and recently Larry Page or Elon Musk are simply testimonies that disruptive innovation is possible and that there is some pattern for how it’s done.

In this Thought Leadership Series webinar, we are shedding some light on what is needed to get to Innovation leadership, how the best innovation teams are assembled, and what processes have repeatedly shown successes to innovate. Why is it important? Even though enterprise CEOs do not need to innovate, they do need to know what kind of people they need to look for to get the job done. This is very much like knowing what kind of leaders they need to run and continuously grow a stellar sales, marketing, engineering, production, or logistics organization. Today there is almost zero knowledge about successful innovation centers available.

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Thought Leader Series – Q3 2021

#13 Creating an internal innovation culture

Jul 8, 2021
Innovation Culture - BlueCallomAn innovation culture can be found in countries, in regions, in companies, in families. And wherever it is, it has evolved based on some initial successes. The Silicon Valley innovation culture was allegedly sparked by Robert Noyce, one of the Intel Founders. And as it evolved different subcultures evolved, where the company culture at Oracle is rather different from the one at Tesla. And those cultures are very different from the cultures at Siemens or at Samsung. Many innovation cultures had been stimulated top-down but not all. There is also a growing number of internal movements to become more innovative and embracing innovation from within.
In this Thought Leadership Series webinar, we will share blueprints of how to stimulate innovation culture-building from the middle up so it can flow down and what Innovation Leaders are best to support it.

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#14 BlueCallom’s gamification method

Aug 12, 2021
Gamification - BlueCallom - Innovation Leadership seriesTo many professionals, gamification has to do with playing instead of working, and therefore the excitement is limited. Yet our entire life is a game that nature players with us and since about 12,000 years vice versa. Children learn about twice as fast when playing rather than “brute force learning”. How about using gamification to learn twice as fast when using new technology than “brute force change”. The resistance to brute force change is deeply ingrained in our DNA and our neural structure. While self-stimulated change is something that we are even actively driving forward.

In this Thought Leadership Series webinar, we will share some stunning examples of how top executives adopt gamification almost immediately and stubborn guardians of the past can change without resistance.

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#15 Neuroscience influence on any facet of the innovation process

Sep 9, 2021
Neuroscience already impacts HR, Marketing, and Sales quite profoundly, and we see the same in the innovation space. How should we develop ideas, communicate disruptive moments, get customer insights, and more if we don’t really know how our brain works? You would still believe that ideas come accidentally, the customer’s voice is just a disturbance, disruption is not necessary, and you simply communicate complicated things only to experts. Sorry CFO, you are not an expert, you won’t understand how to use it– Sorry, expert, you won’t get my money; you have no clue how to use it.

This Thought Leader Series webinar will show you why corporate innovation was so little successful and, if anything, just produced improvement – not groundbreaking innovation. The entire innovation process touches most aspects of a business and, most importantly, the people you decided to innovate for.

Thought Leader Series – Q4 2021

#16 Long-term Innovation Strategies

Oct 14, 2021
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#17 Leveraging the BlueCallom Dashboard

Nov 11, 2021
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#18 BlueCallom roadmap 2022

Dec 9, 2021
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