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Framework Training Preview Webinar

A sneak preview of the training and how we conduct it. Meet the instructors, and get a feel for what you get.

FOCUS: Innovation Framework Training

This Training Preview Webinar gravitates around being best prepared for the upcoming BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework Training.
What we will talk about in the training
How will you be able to apply the framework
How you may use it for your career advancement

Online Event


Mon. Feb 20, 2023
10:00 – 11:00 GMT (UK)
11:00 – 12:00 CET (Europe)
17:00 – 18:00 ICT (Vietnam)
18:00 – 19:00 SST (Singapore)
19:00 – 20:00 KST (Korea)

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In this Framework Training Preview Webinar, we share a sneak preview of the Corporate Innovation Framework training.

Why is the BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework such a big deal? We even talk about a breakthrough in innovation management. It may become an essential turnaround for those who are frustrated about the degree of innovation they did in the past. It is the first time a complete view into the innovation scope, its dynamics and reasons for success or failure is given. There are more than 20 things every innovation center is doing or considering that lead to 100% failure. There are more than 20 things every innovation team is lacking of without knowing that it is absolutely essential for success.

The global FORTUNE 5,000 has not delivered any breakthrough innovation in the last 25 years. Only today, that is turned into a critical situation where shareholders demand it, financial analysts base their suggestions on it, customers make decisions based on it, and employees decide on their next job. Innovation is a frequent discussion in every single boardroom around the planet. And it is no longer just in conservative old companies. Even high-tech companies face innovation pressure. Just recently, TESLA talked about responding to hydrogen and Open. AI attacks Google.

The Corporate Innovation Framework will help even the most advanced companies to rethink their innovation process and the more conservative companies who explore how they could even catch up with all that.

Our public training is primarily conducted online to make it easy to participate. In the training model webinar, we share how typical training works, flows and feels. You meet the instructors and get a feel for how we deliver the content. 

We’ll ensure ample time in each Training Preview Webinar to discuss and explore situations that are part of the topic.
This is also an excellent time to ask specific questions regarding the content, career, or other related questions.

Our goal is for you to understand that this program is helpful to you and advances you.

Your Instructors

Training Preview Webinar with Axel Schultze

Training Preview Webinar with Axel Schultze

Training Preview Webinar with Matthes Fleck (Ph.D.)

Training Preview Webinar with Matthes Fleck (Ph.D.)

Axel Schultze Matthes Fleck Ph.D.