Slide thumbnailFeb 8-10, 2024
Cannes, France
Booth 20-21
1) Prompts for Productivity
10-100x productivity gain

2) Recurring Revenue for
Prompt developer

3) Large scale corporate
Gen-AI application development

The Generative-AI Software Evolution

Generative-AI, as it is unfolding, is a significant disruption for the conventional software industry. BlueCallom has developed a highly complex non-linear business process management solution with Generative-AI to showcase where Gen-AI will go. GPTBlue is a new generation of software development, testing and deployment, and will be launched at WAICF in Cannes. Nothing has changed conventional software like Generative-AI.

Most advanced Generative-AI Development – Testing – Deployment platform.

The GPTBlue D-T-D platform includes:

  • Building professional prompts with unique features like ‘Conditional Prompts’, ‘Iterative Prompts’, ‘Variable creation guidance’, different prompt classes and more.
  • BluePrompt with built-in Prompt Productivity Meter
  • Prompt Testing with prompt version control, user feedback, usage analytics.
  • Deployment system, which automatically generates intelligent workspace pages for the end-users and allows creating multi-tier business networks.
  • BlueCallom IO our GEN-AI application system that does not need ANY training. End users can work on Gen-AI applications immediately.
  • See it for yourself.


FOR WHOM: Business Mangers, Software Designer, AI Enthusiasts
ATTENDEES: Approximately 16,000
WHERE: Cannes, France (Cote d’ Azur)
WHEN: Feb. 8-10, 2024
TICKETS: Event Website

BlueCallom’s CEO, Axel Schultze

Feb. 8  – 14:00
Start-up arena Stage 2

Axel Schultze @ WAICF Cannes 2024

What we will show you at WAICF in Cannes?

We will show you three disruptive items that will make a difference. If you want to share a few more minutes with some of our team, please be so kind and arrange a meeting —>    

1) Measurable Prompt Productivity

Generative AI is a lot about productivity. Now we can measure the ‘Prompt Productivity Gain’ of every BluePrompt. It’s typically a 10x and up to 100x or sometimes even more gain over manual tasks. At Booth 20-21 we will show you how prompt engineers can create those high PPG values (Prompt Productivity Gain. OpenAI GPT-4-Turbo is our backend.
BluePrompt with integrated Productivity Meter – only with BlueCallom GPTBlue.

2) Disruptive Business Model – No More SaaS

Introducing the new “Pay-for-Gain” business model from BlueCallom. Saying goodbye to the good old SaaS model. Instead of paying a license fees for every client. We make the software free and only charge for usage. Offering highly productive prompts you only pay when you have a productivity gain. Prompt Engineers love it too. For the first time, they get recurring revenue from their development efforts. We show you how it all works.
Pay-For-Gain Business Model – only with BlueCallom GPTBlue

3) Generative-AI for every desktop

BlueCallom’s sophisticated BlueNetwork Architecture allows rapid integration of all employees and independent business partner organizations into one homogeneous AI-Prompt Distribution structure. On our booth 20-21 we show you how you can bring bring high-productivity prompts to every desktop, internal or external with our ‘Near Zero Administration’ network.
Multi-Tier AI-Prompt Distribution  – only with BlueCallom GPTBlue

Meet with us – Booth 20+21

Looking forward to meeting with you at our booth or on the floor space. Let us compare notes and exchange about the future, the present, and what we could do together.

Meeting Arrangement

Please share a date and time if you have a tight schedule. We will make it happen.
If you have specific topics you want to discuss, let us know so we are prepared.
WAICF Cannes 2024