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Ingenuity Cup 2021

Competition for the best innovation

Innovative minds from around the world compete for the prestigious INGENUITY CUP in this open innovation competition.

Whether you have an idea or not DOES NOT MATTER.
Innovation Opportunity Discovery” is part of the program and will help you find such opportunities. We are looking for students, startups, small businesses, or enterprises – not individuals.

Organization and registration is done by our World Innovations Forum Foundation

Competition Guide

Dare to compete

It’s as easy as APPLY, START, and WIN:

  1. Apply to join the Ingenuity Cup with your team
  2. Start your project on April 26, with a one-week training for free. 
  3. Win the Ingenuity Cup trophy, worldwide recognition, a cash prize, and more by developing a disruptive innovation, selected by public voting (49.5%), a jury of innovative minds (49.5%), and all contestants (1%).
  4. Award ceremony – held on June 22. In addition to the top three winners, all contestants will win during a fantastic competition of amazing innovative minds
    – meeting extraordinary people
    – getting global awareness for their effort
    – all participating teams will win an award and a certificate
    – A free Deep Innovation Design training at the beginning of the contest

    – A chance to win a flight into space in 2025
  5. Prizes for the top 3 teams.
    The winning team will receive
    The Ingenuity Cup Trophy
    Global recognition for their work
    A place in the 2025 Ingenuity Cup Space award competition
    The second and third place a smaller trophy

    Top 3 winners will be introduced to roughly 600 international investors.
    Startup class winners will be introduced to our corporate partners for possible collaboration. 
  6. Tools & Training will be provided by BlueCallom, the anchor sponsor of this competition, providing the latest Neuro Innovation Management software for free and training, ensuring teams have the same level of understanding in innovation methods and techniques.
  7. AgreementFor any registered company, the IP belongs to the company that participates in the contest whether it’s a startup or a global enterprise. For teams that simply get together like students or friends, the IP can be used by any team member on their own, or collectively by all team members together, or any part of the team. Students need to provide a release note from their university in case they have any IP regulations the teams are bound to. Anybody who joins a team within the open innovation competition will agree to not claim any intellectual property rights on any idea or any other contribution they made.
  8. Fees: There is only a nominal fee
    * Enterprises 1,500+ employees: $250
    * SMEs $100
    * Startups $20
    * Students and other individual teams $10

Organization and registration is done by our World Innovations Forum Foundation

Celebrating World Innovations Day

Join and celebrate, learn and inspire others

Imagination turns into Innovation

Join our online event, Open Innovation – What is it? and Why should you pursue it?

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at:

  • 9:00 AM CET | 2:00 PM ICT | 4:00 PM KST (EU/Asia Session)
    Duration 90 minutes
  • 5:00 PM CET | 11:00 AM ET | 8:00 AM PT (EU / Americas Session)
    Duration 90 Minutes

Let us celebrate ingenuity and creativity – the biggest difference between humanity and robotics. We may get to nearly 100% automation; industrial automation, office automation, and any other repeatable job. By then Ingenuity and Creativity will remain to be our biggest assets. Let’s cultivate, develop embrace and seriously enhance our most important talent.

  • Welcome Note to World Innovations Day
    Axel Schultze (CEO of BlueCallom & Chairman of WIForum) 20 min

    • Ingenuity relative to AI and its future
    • Ingenuity in the context of full automation
    • Ingenuity and our education system

    Introduction to the Ingenuity Cup and World Innovations Day
    Cleo Dan (PM) and Axel Schultze

    • Introducing top innovation teams from around the world
    • During this online event, we will discuss with some experts and you:
      • Imagination and innovation. A perfect pairing
      • Why nobody will be able to copy the disruptive ideas of the teams
      • How is an open innovation project organized
      • Intellectual property ruling in an open innovation project
      • Ingenuity Cup: An open innovation challenge
    • Q & A

    Next steps in the Ingenuity Cup Contest
    Alyssa King (Marketing Manager)

    • How you can follow the team’s progress over the next 40 days
      • Learn from the public open project  by joining it, following it, staying in touch
      • How you could still join the competition
      • The award ceremony on June 22
    • Q & A

    This online event is aimed at everyone who wants to turn imagination into innovation and wants to bring “outside of the box” thinking into their company.

    You may want to send us your questions ahead of the event so we can address them

    We look forward to welcoming you as a guest to our free online event.

2025 Space Award Competition

An extraordinary event

Winning a ride into space with one of the first commercial space travel opportunities.

  1. Who? Winners of 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 ingenuity Cup will compete for the 2025 SPACE Award and able to win a flight into space with one of the first commercial space travel providers.
  2. What? You will go at roughly 100,000 feet, 3 times the height of any commercial airline and below the International Space Station, and look at our planet from space. A $150,000 value. Ans a once in a life time experience, broadening and blowing your mind.
  3. When? You will lift up in fall 2025 
  4. Where? From Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Spend an amazing time where “reaching for the stars” began. 
  5. More details – will be provided soon