The first Disrupthon | Disrupt in 40 days

Leverage neuro ideation, lateral thinking and relentless execution.

Join the World Innovations Day, Apr 21

World Innovations Day | April 21, 2021

First Disrupthon – change the world in 40 days!

Innovate and blow people’s mind

Innovative minds from startups, small businesses, enterprises, or independent teams are welcome to join the competition. Why 8 weeks? Because that is the fastest way our brain can go from “no idea” to a full “disruptive innovation”. It’s not a hackathon – but the outcome will be mind-bending.

How the Disrupthon works

Find a disruptive solution for any bigger problem people may help in business or personally. It can be a product, a service, an experience, or a business model that is truly unique and has the DNA to change the way business is done in the respective industry. 

The winning teams from each category will receive a WIDay Trophy.
The best startups and independent groups will be introduced to roughly 900 international investors and will be introduced to our corporate partners for possible collaboration.

Your project shall start on April 21 and needs to be completed by July 2.

You will work with the neuroscience-based Deep Innovation Design Method and use the latest BlueCallom Neuro Innovation Software for free. It’s the first lateral process system, catering to the creative mind and not a linear process mind. No training needed – your creative brain is lateral – not linear. You should have a minimum team of 5 and can add up to 1,000 collaborators from around the world.

You start with a free innovation Bootcamp and training. Optionally you can join a Deep Innovation Design Champion crash course with a 50% discount ($800).

The area of innovation shall be a “Society Relevant” solution, something meaningful that a larger audience has a serious benefit from. Hardware, Software, Services, Innovation, Experience Innovation, or Business Model Innovation are all cool. We reserve the right to reject an application.

Apply for joining the Innovation challenge. Make sure you have min 8 max 500 people to collaborate on your project.

Supporting World Innovations Day

On WIDay 2021, April 21, and the following 8 weeks, we can use every helping hand. Innovation teams from all over the world will compete for the trophy for the best disruptive innovation with an introduction to 900 investors from around the world.

As a supporter of this event, you will become one of the amazing people who actually help make it happen.  Play an active role at WIDay 2021

  • You can create an initiative, locally or globally
  • You can join an initiative from somebody else
  • Organizing a local WIDay chapter initiative
  • Help any team of the competition as team-supporter
  • Help spread the word online or in any other way
  • Writing blog posts
  • Making interviews with innovation teams
  • Suggest other ways to support the program

In any case, you will receive a certificate for being a World Innovations Day Supporter

World Innovations Forum

The World Innovations Forum is a lead organizer of the World Innovations Day

Organizing a local support initiative
You may want to organize a local event, online, or live. Invite the innovative minds in your area and be broadcasted globally. Discuss details with our event team. Set up interviews, round tables, presentations, contests, whatever you come up with – be creative.

Supporting some of the initiatives
Just join the program and support one of the initiatives. Participate in a public innovation project, help spread the word, share progress, and results of projects. Be part of an amazing worldwide initiative.

Volunteering helps to spread the word.
Help our team locally to organize World Innovations Day 2021. You can help by managing and coordinating initiatives, events, programs, marketing, and more. Our organization is 100% digital !!! We have employees that we never met in person. So you can work from any place in the world as long as you speak fluently English and have a high-speed Internet connection, webcam, and microphone.

Please visit the website of our foundation, World Innovations Forum


Corporate partner and sponsor programs

  • Participating Partner
    Active participating and competing in the competition
  • Contest Partnership
    Sponsoring prizes for the winners
  • Innovator sponsorship
    Sponsoring the effort of a specific team or topic
  • Marketing Sponsorship
    Brand support sponsorship
  • Sponsorship starts at $250

Please contact us for more details