Global Space For Innovative Minds

World Innovations Forum Foundation

The BlueCallom founders, also founders of the World Innovations Forum gave the organization the purpose to help highly ambitious, entrepreneurs in disadvantaged parts of the world, fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams, build innovative solutions, create jobs, and contribute to the prosperity of their respective countries. Within a very short period of time after founding the foundation, the word spread fast across Asia and Africa. Volunteers and supporting teams began to introduce the concept to hundreds of local, innovative minds, local investors, and ecosystem players. Entrepreneurship and Innovation are understood to be a unique mix for creating prosperity. The overarching objective is to build sustainable, groundbreaking innovation that can compete in the global economy.

BlueCallom‘s effort is also in the spirit of the WIForum.

Today the World Innovations Forum is evolving to its foundation’s purpose and no longer focuses on specific demographics, geographic or other groups. At the WIForum we see a need to ignite more innovative thinking even in some of the most developed nations. We see highly developed countries having a degree of digitally delivered education far below many emerging countries. We see nations being extremely captivated by security measures that they give their citizens no longer even the right to be not protected. Moreover, protectionism has reached a degree that hinders the industry to get customer feedback, due to the lack of reaching out to them. Other countries make it very difficult to translate their content into English, the global language of communication, that it turns back on them and becomes a disadvantage in the global competition. Yet other developed nations propagate AI as a technology they want to become a world leader, yet putting roadblocks into every aspect of the technological development due to the lack of understanding and other political influences. At the same time, emerging countries put far more effort into the education and development of creativity, autonomy, self-development, the foundation of innovation that their progress is faster and will not only catch up with, what we call the developed world today, but completely pass by and dominate markets.

Developed countries have developed a new tendency to fight innovation not with better innovation but with law suites. Almost every innovation that arrived in their countries is banned at least in some regions. This was seen with the development of IKEA, Amazon, Uber, AirBnB, Tesla, and many others.

Fighting Innovation by banning it may be easier at first sight but slows down any natural competitiveness, followed by an economic slowdown and its long tail effect that we will see only 10 or 20 years later.

While creating awareness for the risk of degrading innovation power was thought to be of interest may be in 20+ years, we see the tendency already today. East is the new West in many ways and the victims of that trend is the young generation that only can go east or be stuck with less favorable education, less powerful Internet infrastructure, less convenient technology services, less developed mobility, and so forth.

We ask the young generation to carefully watch the global technological, social, economic, and ecologic development to all innovations are meaningful and not all banns are bad but banning and suppressing everything just because a politician’s cousin has a taxi business, a furniture store, a small shop, a little hotel, goes far too far. While many countries laugh about the corruption in developing nations, they may not even know how far it has regrown in their own country.