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ZeroSubscription Business Model by BlueCallom

How the ZeroSubscription Business Model works

The fastest way to AI integration

ZeroSubscription™ Business Model Origin

Generative-AI had a success curve like other technology in history. Any easy access to the technology and cool results within an instant changed the world in less than a year. Millions of people experienced ChatGPT from Open AI. Maybe billions of prompts have been written so far.
On the other side, IT implementations often struggle when too many users need to go online at the same time. It’s not just the subscription fee for every user every month but also the setup of authorized users, access control, user training, user management, results monitoring and so forth. Moreover, 75% of all world trade goes through multi-tier distribution channels. Business partners have always been crucial to integrate.

With years of enterprise software experience, our founders created a vision that has four columns to stand on for Generative-AI. We developed an architecture that needed to address the most costly aspects of a company that would bring 100,000 user to the platform. 

(1) Charging on a per user base is not an option. Users of all kind need to be for free.

(2) The promise of significant productivity gain must be measurable

(3) It must provide a multi-tier structure where partners can be included with any training needed.

(2) Company data must remain under company control..

What did we achieve

1) ZeroSubscription™ Business Model.

  • All users on the platform are free of charge- All Prompt or application development tools are free
  • All prompts that people download into their library are free
  • Only the execution of a prompt will be charged
  • A company can roll out the entire infrastructure at no cost except internet access and prompt usage.

2) Developed a first prompt productivity analytics tool.

  • Every certified Prompt Engineer on BlueCallom’s GPTBlue platform must state the productivity gain
  • We measure the time from reviewing a prompt, thinking of the right answer to receiving the result
  • We compare it with the estimated time a user states it takes them
  • We calculate a ratio and gain accuracy over time the mare data we aggregate.

3) Designed the Multi-tier Network Architecture™

  • It is a software management design with unlimited nodes.
  • There maybe but does not have to be a central system
  • Every network cluster can control their own connections

 4) Company Data Management

  • Company data are crucial for the success of an AI application
  • The challenge is to have the AI care deal with the information without storing them in the AI
  • The GPTBlue Prompt Framing Development system was created with challenge in mind
  • A prompt can get in touch with the data guards and frames the date and never stores them.


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BlueCallom’s ‘ZeroSubscription’ Business Model