BlueCallom to change innovation landscape with AI, Genetic Computing, and Neuroscience

NOVEMBER 25, 2020 (Lucerne, CH) BlueCallom ™ today announces its official launch as a Neuro Innovation
Management software company. The organization’s vision is to provide groundbreaking change to innovation
effectiveness and innovation economics. According to a UNESCO report, the investment in R&D has grown to
$1.7 Trillion, with further growth by 2030. BlueCallom pioneered a neuroscience-based solution, challenging
conventional ways of innovation, including brainstorming, working with paper stickers, random
experimentation, expert-dominated innovation, and R&D.

By applying knowledge from recent neuroscience discoveries, we transformed innovation into a highly
effective, far less costly, and manageable process,” said Axel Schultze, Founder, and CEO at BlueCallom. “A
new understanding of the neural process in our brain opened unexpected opportunities.” BlueCallom offers
software to help global innovation teams identify innovation opportunities, collaborate, ideate, validate
ideas, prepare for innovation financing, and bring their innovation into global markets. As a result, teams are
more efficient and able to generate a return-on-investment faster than previously capable.

The company aims to solve three major innovation problems: 1) lack of disruptive innovation, by providing a
Neuro Ideation method to achieve groundbreaking innovation within less than six weeks in 85% of all
attempts; 2) the struggle innovation teams face to launch innovations in global markets, by providing a
comprehensive innovation management solution with a unique innovation-to-market method; and 3) lack of
manageability, by providing executives with a dashboard to track innovation projects in real-time.

BlueCallom’s software is currently in beta-test with several early adopter firms, including a pharmaceutical
company, a technology company, and a university. The software is presently available for enterprises and
governments and the company expects it to be available for mid-market businesses in 2021.
For more information, please visit and find the company on social media @BlueCallom.
About BlueCallom AG
BlueCallom’s vision is to leverage neuroscience for a groundbreaking enterprise-grade innovation experience.
The cloud-based Neuro Innovation Management software empowers innovation teams to create lasting
value through a new innovation life cycle, involving opportunity exploration, collaboration, ideation, idea
validation, financial reasoning, and global market entry. Executives get consolidated innovation progress data
in real-time. BlueCallom’s Deep Innovation Design model allows for collaboration with selected customers
and partners. Founded in 2020, the company is headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland.
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Media Contact:
Cleo Dan | cleo at  bluecallom com |

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