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Who we are

Pioneering Generative-AI-based Human Intelligence Augmentation, creating a quantum leap in team creativity and efficiency. We significantly reduce complexity in innovation or transformation challenges, moving from improvements to breakthroughs and complex processes to easy-to-follow workflows.

BlueCallom’s Neuro-AI-Fusion leads the way in combining Neuroscience with Artificial Intelligence, giving birth to genuine Human Intelligence Augmentation. The focus is on specialized enterprise-grade AI applications tailored for Product Innovation, Organizational Innovation, Business Model Innovation, and Innovative Transformation. Whether it’s steering a customer towards rapid AI adoption, a sustainable future, navigating the intricacies of digital transformation, reimagining a supply chain, or harnessing the potential of emerging technologies, Human Intelligence Augmentation assists managers and teammates to reach new heights by having tools that reduce the complexity in most projects.

We envision a future where we are solving problems of any complexity.

Ensuring that nobody fails to innovate when using BlueCallom.

Generative-AI-based Enterprise Software for Innovation Management, Transformation Management, AI-Adoption Management, Business Model Development, and AI Application Development.

BlueCallom Neuro-AI-Fusion accomplishes genuine Human Intelligence Augmentation and empowers business teams to achieve Disruptive Innovation and Innovative Business Transformation in a way that was impossible before.

Fact Sheet

Sector: Enterprise AI-Software
Delivering: Platform for innovative and transformative AI solutions
USP: Human Intelligence Augmentation via Neuro-AI-Fusion
Focus Area: Innovation and Transformation with Generative AI

Claim of fame: Nobody fails to innovate or transform when using BlueCallom
Slogan: Set it in motion
Customers: Businesses and Governments
Headquarter: Zürich, Switzerland
Founded: Oct. 2020

BlueCallom in 60 seconds

Innovation is a breakthrough that elevates
people and organizations in the way they do things
what was not possible before.

Our strength

Our Founders started, grew, and exited four disruptive companies, of which two, developed into multi-billion dollar companies. As part of the early retirement, they helped startups, created an innovation-focused accelerator, and were named one of the globally most influential startup accelerators in 2014. Yet it was never really clear how their ideas were created in the first place.

After intense neuroscience research how the brain is actually composing ideas, we created a unique Neuro Ideation method to make ideation of disruptive ideas a repeatable process. It was presented for the first time in a TEDx at the University of Arts & Science in Lucerne Switzerland.

After first tests of the new method it became clear that the huge amount of inputs, ideas, adjacent research and market feedback could not be handled in a spreadsheet. Building enterprise software before made a software development a bit easier. The large data sets indicated that the usage of AI was advisable – even thought the data itself made it very complex. But in early 2023 the fusion between neuroscience and AI was the breakthrough for BlueCallom.

Where the name comes from

BlueCallom bridges AI-technology (Blue) and our brain’s Corpus Callosum (Callom). Innovative solutions are created in the brain. One part, the Corpus Callosum, connects the right and the left brain halve with 200 Million Nerve fibers (Axons). While negotiating, decision making, and ideating, the neurons fire signals between the emotional and the rational zones of the brain, simultaneously and at incredible speed. That specific relationship was part of our name-building process. We do not attempt to drill holes into our heads to make sense of its activities; we use the already existing and perfectly structured sensory APIs: speech, hearing, seeing, smelling, and feeling.

About BlueCallom Solutions - where the name comes from


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CEO: Axel Schultze

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