We focus exclusively on
Breakthrough Innovation

Innovation is a breakthrough that elevates
people and organizations in the way they do things
that was not possible before

About BlueCallom

Who we are

Headquarter: Zürich, Switzerland
Founded: 2020
Focus Area: Breakthrough Innovation Empowerment
Sector: Neuroscience-driven AI-Software
Customers: Business Enterprises and Governments
Degree of Disruption: Elevating how breakthrough innovation is achieved, financed, marketed, and made successful

BlueCallom empowers the world’s business leaders to deliver breakthrough innovation within six months,
using the BlueCallom Innovation Framework & Software
. We provide unique neuroscience and AI-driven framework and software that guides innovation teams through an entire multi-year innovation life cycle. The software aggregates thousands of data points, feeding an innovation specific KPI-Framework. All innovation administration and reporting work is delegated to AI system – freeing up additional creativity. We implement a complete solution through workshops, training, and guided innovation support.

About BlueCallom Solutions - Who we are

Given the specific problem we are solving, we need to put our work in context.

Innovation is a breakthrough that elevates
people and organizations in the way they do things
what was not possible before

Improvements or inventions are no innovation.

About BlueCallom Solutions - Vision

Where we come from | Our strength

Our Founders started, grew, and exited four enterprises with innovative solutions and disruptive business models. Two of them developed into multi-billion dollar companies. As part of the early retirement, they helped startups become more innovative and created an innovation-focused accelerator. In 2014 they were named one of the globally most influential startup accelerators. Recently they were studying neuroscience to understand how the brain is actually composing those ideas, whether it is purely by chance or there is a specific pattern. Realizing there is no randomness in our brain, they discovered certain stimuli to get to breakthrough innovation in a repeatable manner. That was the founding spark to build yet another disrupting business – disrupting the very foundation of how innovation is done so far.

The experience of decades of successfully building disruptive businesses and helping others to do the same is part of our unique strength. Applying this know-how by building the most comprehensive innovation framework and software is the other part of our strength.

Where the name comes from

BlueCallom bridges technology (Blue) and our brain’s Corpus Callosum (Callom). Innovative solutions are created in the brain. One part, the Corpus Callosum, connects the right and the left brain halve with 200 Million Nerve fibers (Axons). While negotiating, decision making, and ideating, fires between the emotional and the rational zones of the brain, information simultaneously back and forth. That specific relationship was part of our name-building process. We do not attempt to drill holes into our heads to make sense of its activities; we use the already existing and perfectly structured sensory APIs: speech, hearing, seeing, smelling, and feeling.

About BlueCallom Solutions - where the name comes from


BlueCallom AG
Kreuzstrasse 26
8008 Zürich, Switzerland
+41 (44) 500-6480

Reg.: CH-199.589.306

CEO: Axel Schultze

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