Designed to harness the innovation duality of brilliant ideation and relentless execution.

Who and what is BlueCallom

An extraordinary team, building a unique technology helping business managers making innovation success predictable

About who we are

BlueCallom developed a Neuro Innovation Management Technology, providing innovation teams with technology and methods to build breakthrough innovation in a repeatable process and providing executives with innovation-related KPIs, predictability, and dashboards to make educated innovation financing decisions.

Highly influenced by neuroscience, the multi-facet Deep Innovation Design Framework spans the entire innovation journey, starting even before ideas get created until the solution is successfully scaling in its designated market.

The company’s AI-driven platform has an intelligent user guidance system that amplifies ingenuity and delegates administration to the AI. The intelligent KPI Framework helps innovation teams manage the complexity of innovation and provides success guidance based on intelligent data analysis. Innovation teams can start within four weeks and create a first innovation no later than six months.

About BlueCallom Solutions - Who we are
About BlueCallom Solutions - why we exist

How we are different

Innovation is in our DNA

  1. Amplifying ingenuity and creating breakthrough innovation
    We looked at Innovation from a neuroscience point of view. We need to understand how the brain composes ideas before we can even start thinking “innovation”. Today we amplify ingenuity by order of magnitude and empower teams to create breakthrough innovations at will.
  2. Providing Executives with unparalleled innovation predictability
    Approximately 90% of all innovation attempts fail. We decided to bring the failure rate down by making innovation success predictable. To do so we developed an AI-driven KPI-Framework.
  3. Drastically removing administration
    Today, corporate innovation teams spend far too much time on administrative work. We developed an intelligent design (AI) that manages most administration, scheduling, time management and most importantly reporting automatically in the back-end.

Why we exist

Enterprises around the world have the challenge to be innovative but can’t cross the line between improvement and genuine innovation. We saw an opportunity to help business leaders who have a clear mandate for genuine innovation. Moreover, we see the future of large-scale innovation in agile enterprises, bringing substantial innovation like solar energy conversion, space elevators, geothermal energy generation, high-speed freight trains, mass water purification, industrial production out-farming to the moon, and more for the benefit of humanity, nature and our planet.

About BlueCallom Solutions - Vision
About BlueCallom Solutions - why we exist


We envision a world where a new generation of agile enterprises is solving significant challenges through large-scale innovation. Breakthroughs in energy generation from the earth’s core, space travel, out-spaced production on the moon or terraforming mars, high-speed freight trains, mass water purification, and more for the benefit of humanity, nature, and our planet.

To innovate far beyond today’s imagination, we need intelligent tools. Very much like we built tools to overcome our physical limitations. By understanding how our brain behaves when composing exceptional ideas, we began to find ways to augment our intellectual abilities with stimulation.

Today BlueCallom is building breakthrough technology to empower teams leveraging their brain for groundbreaking ideas. We are pioneering the conversion of technology and neuroscience.

Yet we haven’t even touched the level of innovation our brain is capable of. The future of work is no longer repeatable jobs, paid bad and dissatisfying, but jobs that unfold the human potential for creativity and ingenuity.


In 2014, the San Francisco based Society3 Accelerator was helping startups to thrive by focusing on genuine innovation. In 2015 it was named one of the world’s most influential accelerators. The founders, themselves a very successful couple building four innovative companies before, were always asked how they created those ideas. End of 2017, they went on a quest to find out how ideas are created in the brain. The research led the team to neuroscience and the development of a radically different way to conduct an innovation journey. In 2019, the “Deep Innovation Design” method was created. The need to support the new method and its data-bursting outcome led to a new technology platform, saying goodbye to linear processes and introducing one of the first laterally organized business applications. In 2020 BlueCallom was founded out of Society3, and the brand-new BlueCallom technology and Deep Innovation Design methodology were introduced in summer 2021. In late 2021 an AI-driven process management system was in development and sparked a completely new way of harnessing the power of KPIs. The power of a KPI-Framework was evolving with the development of AI. The result was a single KPI, the “Innovation success indicator”, introduced in spring 2022.

About BlueCallom Solutions - History
About BlueCallom Solutions - where the name comes from

Where the name comes from

BlueCallom builds a bridge between technology (Blue) and our brain’s Corpus Callosum (Callom). After a deep search for past experiences, the Corpus Callosum seems to prepare the chemical code of an idea in emotional and logical forms that can be imagined and verbally explained. We do not attempt to drill holes into our heads to make sense of its activities; we use the already existing and perfectly structured sensory APIs: speech, hearing, and seeing.

Innovation Definition

Given the intensity of our work in the innovation space, we had to summarize a short definition we live by.

Innovation provides a breakthrough elevation
in the way people do things and eventually becomes
the preferred way by its designated market.

Innovation usually disrupts an entire industry segment.
Improvements or inventions are still not Innovation.

P.S. There are over 100 definitions of innovation

Digital Presence

Neuro Innovation Technology discussions online

Neuro Innovation Technology Nomen Clature

  • Innovation is a journey, not a project
  • Here, the Innovation Journey has a name “a BlueCallom
  • In the context of innovation, we prefer the term Ingenuity over creativity
  • We focus on Breakthrough Innovation, not on improvements
    Improvement is a profoundly different process
  • Our Core Technology: Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, KPI-Framework 
  • We are a Neuro Innovation Solutions company
    Due to our heavy influence from the learnings in neuroscience
  • A KPI-Framework is an entire structure of performance indicators
  • We offer a Neuro Innovation Management Platform
    Our platform is method neutral, it can work with any innovation method
  • We start innovation by searching for serious problems – never for ideas
  • BlueCallom is a cloud-based solution
  • Our “Innovative Minds Series” are monthly webinars
  • Our “Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable” is a group of innovative thought leaders, by invitation only


BlueCallom AG
Kreuzstrasse 26
8008 Zürich, Switzerland
+41 (44) 500-6480

Reg.: CH-199.589.306

CEO: Axel Schultze