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German Innovation Award 2024

We are excited to share our nomination for the esteemed German Innovation Award 2024! 

Our recognition is for the “BlueCallom Neuro Innovation Framework & Software” in the Information | Functional Software category #W2 Excellence in Business to Business: Information Technologies.

Supported by our Neuro Innovation Framework, we have created a Generative-AI software platform, GPTBlue. We have integrated the latest understandings of how the human brain creates disruptive ideas and paired it with Generative-AI, designing the dream of “Human Intelligence Augmentation”.

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Meet BlueCallom.AI at Swiss Innovation Form in Basel

GPTBlue Boot Camp

March 7th | 08:00 – 12:30

Sorry, all seats have been filled. Stay tuned for the next one April 29th.

The next GPTBlue Boot Camp is already April 29th.
What’s inside Generative AI and its LLM, Neuro-Prompting
Business Prompt development with GPTBlue Prompt Classifications and its functionality
Prompt Exercise #1 Decision tasks with conditional prompts
Prompt Exercise #2 Planning tasks with iterative prompts
Prompt Exercise #3 Leveraging function calls
GPTBlue evolution in the next 12 months…

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Generative-AI Application Development Software and zero subscription model

Measurable Prompt Productivity Webinar

March 26th | 09:00 – 10:00

In this unique 90-minute ‘Knowledge Transfer Webinar’, we will help you to take the first steps towards maximizing productivity and driving success in your organization. Learn how GPTBlue can support you in outlining key metrics. This webinar will provide you with best practices and actionable strategies for enhancing productivity.

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Generative-AI Application Development Software and zero subscription model

AI Innovation Night

June 25th | 17:00

Join us for the BlueCallom AI Innovation Night! Experience a brief keynote on “Gen-AI,” a glimpse into GPTBlue’s future, and networking over drinks and snacks. Let us help you connect with peers in this new AI world!

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Generative-AI Application Development Platform

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A new way to develop, test and deploy Generative-AI solutions

NEW: BlueCallom GPTBlue

Generative-AI Application Development Platform
High Performance, high productivity Prompt Development, Testing, and Deployment Platform.

BlueCallom GPTBlue taking professional Generative-AI Application to a new level.
– Measure Prompt Productivity
– Creating a PPG (Prompt Productivity Gain) north of 10x

– Power Prompt Designer
– Prompt Library Network
– Custom Data Integration

– Create your own Prompt Marketplace for free
– Get your own prompt designer software for free
– You pay only when using the prompts

– Include business partners and suppliers in your AI efforts
– Deploy and deploy fast

Imagine you empower thousands of employees to leverage AI within a few days, at no cost and no need for training.


GPTBlue Boot Camp

A new generation of high performance, high productivity business Prompts for Generative -AI

GPTBlue Generative-AI Boot Camp

Professional Prompt Development, Testing, and Deployment of high performance, high productivity prompts.

Generative-AI is said to rapidly increase productivity. But you can only manage what you can measure. GPTBlue is the first Gen-AI tool that can measure and display the productivity of any prompt written on this platform.

Prompt engineers have the hardest time to  make so much money that they can reinvest in prompt development and make truly high performing, high productivity prompts. GPTBlue is the first platform that allows true recurring revenue on every prompt – no matter whether the prompt is protected or ‘open source’.

Prompts are the life blood of the AI interaction. In corporate environments not only domain knowledge fuels good prompts but also corporate data and functionalities.  GPTBlue is the first platform that offers custom data to be simply accessed from the prompt development system.

Learn to leverage GPTBlue at our next GPTBlue Boot Camp.


Generative-AI Application Development Software Technology

AI specific UI/UX

The future of prompts

There are continuous debates whether prompt engineering has a future and whether AI will be so smart that it develops its own prompts or doesn’t need prompts any longer. It looks like there is a profound misunderstanding about prompts.

Prompts are not for an AI to do a better job.
It’s for humans to better articulate their needs.

The day when or ability to communicate has evolved to a degree that misunderstandings are alleviated and we speak all the same language, we will no longer have major conflicts and we may no longer need prompts.


High-Performance Prompt Engineering Technology

Peta-Watt Geothermal Energy Concept

Designed with 42 high performance Prompts


Disruptive Innovations, created with Generative AI.
Based on its enterprise Generative AI experience, BlueCallom developed Large Scale Prompt Sets. They consist of 40 – 120 high performance prompts and can handle business processes design of nearly any complexity.
1) Building the next Peta-Watt energy generator
2) Creating a new financial Services Platform
3) Designing a disruptive business model
4) Design the worlds first autonomous logistics system
5) Designing a production Facility on the moon
6) Let AI help augment your teams intellectual capabilities

Imagine you get tasks done in 3 months, which have been pushed back for years due to its complexity.


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