Neuro Innovation Management
a new field of multi-facet innovation engagement
An enterprise innovation management solution.

Demystifying innovation team building, solving problems, ideation, financing, building, scaling

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Ideas get composed in your BRAIN
After validation you need FINANCE
Innovation value is created in the MARKET
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UPSKILL your Innovation Techniques

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Ideas don't get created randomly.
Our neurons get stimulated and compose what ever you can imagine

BlueCallom's methods leverage neuroscience so your brain can get to breakthrough innovation

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Empowering teams to be more creative by delegating administration and process management to an AI

Making Innovation Success Predictable

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20,000 data points, 200 innovation-specific performance indicators, forming a single KPI: Innovation Success Indicator

Leverage the AI-driven KPI Framework and make innovation success predictable

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Innovation is a CEO mandate

It is time to completely rethink the act of innovation from the ground up – starting at the very top.

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Making Breakthrough Innovation Predictable

Most advanced, end-to-end Innovation Management Solution

Neuro Innovation Management

This new field of multi-facet innovation is considering every aspect of an innovation effort.

Experimentation is an offense to our intellect. Let’s THINK:
What problems need to be solved? How can you get to genuine breakthrough innovation? Thousands did it before us, so it is possible. What skills or abilities are needed in our innovation team? How are groundbreaking ideas created (no, they are not random)? What would be the most logical process? What are the steps to start such a process? How can you validate those ideas? What market dynamics do we need to understand? How can it be financed? How do we bring it to market? How can we scale it? Do we know what we don’t know? What is the reason or purpose to engage in innovation in the first place? Do we have the right executives that can build a Billion-Euro strategy for innovation?  What is the result of such a strategy? You need to THINK through each and every aspect before we go. Step-by-step is for learning primitive processes – for more complex things, our brain offers lateral thinking.
Neuro Innovation Management uses all the known power of our brain to make what was done by entrepreneurs instinctively – a managed process.

End-to-end  Neuro Innovation Management
Neuro Ideation with AI-driven Neuro Innovation

The innovative Enterprise

The most powerful innovations in the future will come from a new generation of agile enterprises.

It took companies like IBM, SpaceLink, or Nestle to make quantum computers, global satellite networks, mass water purification a reality. Harnessing the intellectual capacity of modern enterprises will make them pacemakers of our future. Space elevators, tunnels to the earth’s mantel harnessing energy, 5-meter train tracks for high-speed cargo transportation, and hundreds of similar next-generation innovations will come from very different types of enterprises. BlueCallom builds the tools to make the impossible a reality.

Neuroscience influenced Innovation

Unfolding the human potential for ingenuity

Ideas get composed in our brain. Creating breakthrough innovations needs a good understanding of how the brain does it. Otherwise, you are bound to hope, guesswork, and random experimentation.
Neuroscience brought the breakthrough in creating a repeatable innovation journey.  The experience of our founders, creating breakthrough innovations and bringing them successfully to market, time and time again, could now be reverse-engineered. Only when understanding the behavior of our brain we can stimulate and train it to get to breakthrough innovation.

Neuro Innovation for breakthrough results
KPI Framework making Breakthrough Innovation Predictable

Innovation specific KPI Framework

Making innovation Success Predictable

Creating extraordinary innovation is one thing, bringing it successfully to global markets is a profoundly different story. Innovation requires capital, lead time to market, and an attractive ROI. To make such investments, it takes a corporate strategy, rock-solid data, risk analysis, and KPIs.

An AI-driven KPI Framework was built for that reason and it produces a never seen innovation success predictability. The outcome is a single KPI:  The Innovation Success Indicator (ISI). Compiled from thousands of data points, it makes the innovation progress predictable and does it in real-time.

We help manage an entre innovation journey – not a project

Focus on your ingenuity and creativity — let the AI do the rest.

A linear process has never led to innovation success. An innovation journey is dominated by endless counterintuitive moves. Never look for ideas, always for problems. Never try to surprise your customers codevelop a solution. Stop brainstorming, stimulate your brain for exceptional solutions. Stop limiting your thoughts, yet think of how customers will use it. Startups are no idols at all, unicorns are. Dreaming is good at night – relentless execution dominates the innovation to market engagement.

BlueCallom’s breakthrough is an innovation management AI system that allows teams to develop brilliant ideas and later focus on relentless execution with no administrative work at all. All reports, KPI data, data correlation, and success analysis are done by the AI system.

Making Breakthrough Innovation Predictable



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