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BlueCallom is disrupting the world of innovation management with its
groundbreaking software approach that merges neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

See where we can take you

1) Check out our CONCEPT INNOVATION examples.
2) Sustainable Innovation with Energy Plants, Disruptive logistics systems, Fully Digital Financial services (formerly called banks), Production on the Moon…
3) Explore with us what your moon shot innovation could be.

Imagine you are in a position to develop a genuinely breakthrough innovation, now.

Experience a concept innovation

Concept Innovation

How we can prevent your innovation risks?

1) Review our Innovation Framework – The collection of all our innovation expertise.
2) Risk prevention by understanding every step in the innovation universe.
3) Including risk prevention like top VC who invest billions in Unicorns.

Imagine having 126 well-defined milestones between innovation start and global scaling. Making innovation repeatable, manageable, and predictable.

Neuroscience driven breakthrough innovation management

Innovation Framework

Interested in our secret sauce?

1) It’s the most advanced fusion of neuroscience and artificial intelligence.
2) To understand how innovative ideas get created, we need to start with our brain.
3) To process tens of thousands of possible variations, we need AI to ensure success.
Imagine you know how to stimulate the brain and then have an AI do the rest.

Results oriented breakthrough innovation management

Fusing AI and Neuroscience

When in doubt

1) When you are not yet comfortable engaging in innovation, use our Managed Innovation Service.
2) We manage the entire process and take the responsibility that innovation is achieved.
3) We select teams, train them, and then manage the journey so every milestone will be successfully completed.

Imagine you have somebody that does the entire project for you, and you could still take over any time.

Results oriented breakthrough innovation management

Managed Innovation

BlueCallom in 60 seconds


USP – How are we different

Compare it with any other breakthrough innovation management solution.


disrupting the very foundation of how innovation is done so far

  1. Repeatability
    Thanks to the BlueCallom Innovation Framework, the learning from neuroscience how the brain composes ideas, and a well designed innovation management process, innovation can now developed at will. …more
  2. Predictability
    With a unique AI-driven KPI Framework, BlueCallom DEEP can predict the outcome of an innovation already before launch with unmatched precision. …more
  3. Speed
    The BlueCallom Model allows your teams to deliver a breakthrough innovation within six months. Part of the process is an intensive four weeks of neuro ideation to find a solution to almost any problem. …more

Why is BlueCallom different?

From the start, BlueCallom focused on genuine innovation only (breakthrough, disruptive, groundbreaking). Learning from neuroscience how our brain can be stimulated to compose ideas on request changed our perception of Innovation from the ground up. Knowing from experience that execution is everything and how innovation is successfully brought to its designated audience allowed helped design a perfectly matching innovation process. Fusing neuroscience with artificial intelligence allowed us to create a leading innovation management system that distinguishes us from any competitor.

Moreover, we continue exploring new ways to harness the brain’s power. This allows us to focus on empowering corporations to build large-scale innovations far beyond our today’s imagination.

Get started

BlueCallom Kick-Start Program

The most comprehensive Breakthrough Innovation Management Solution in the market. It gets you to a breakthrough innovation within your enterprise within six months.

  1. We will start with an executive workshop discussing the innovation principles, how to create a meta strategy and craft an executive innovation mandate.
  2. We than work with you to see if you have the right talents in your innovation team and help you make adjustments if necessary.
  3. We take the team through an Innovation Framework training, and the Deep Innovation Design methodology training.
  4. You get a six month software license to get familiar with BlueCallom DEEP.
  5. We help you get your first breakthrough innovation within six months from now.

Discuss it with one of our experts.
Explore how BlueCallom could help you in your unique situation, in your specific business with your current team to get to a first breakthrough within six months.

Its worth a 15 minute introductory call.

Innovation Management Implementation


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Sector: Corporate Innovation Management Software
Delivering: Innovation Framework & AI-Software
Focus Area: Breakthrough Innovation
Disruption: How innovation is created, managed and delivered
USP: Innovation within six months
Customers: Corporations and Governments
Claim of fame: Nobody failed to innovate, when using BlueCallom
Headquarter: Zürich, Switzerland
Founded: Oct. 2020

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