creating a quantum leap in team creativity and efficiency. We significantly reduce complexity
in innovation or transformation challenges, moving from improvements to breakthroughs
and complex processes to easy-to-follow workflows.

Pioneering Gen-AI based Human Intelligence Augmentation more


Human Intelligence Augmentation

How Generative AI works 

A quick Intro to Gen AI

Essentially: Generative AI took all the data, available on the Internet up to a certain Date and organized that data, removed duplication and fake Information as good as possible, and created a massive network of encoded information. This network of innovation is turned into a neural network of currently 1,7 Trillion parameters. Those parameters can be assessed and retuned as an answers or suggestion to its users.

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Human Intelligence Augmentation

Latest Blog Post 

Regaining control of an enterprise

Complexity in modern organizations seems to have surpassed human capacity. Too often, innovation is hamstrung by the need to address legacy issues before embarking on new initiatives. Now we can regain it. The symbiosis between the human mind and artificial intelligence opens new windows every day. But to capture the opportunity we have to step out of the door.

Meet BlueCallom.AI at Swiss Innovation Form in Basel

Nov 30 | 08:00 – 17:00

Neuro-AI-Fusion enabling Human Intelligence Augmentation

See what happens when Neuroscience meets Artificial Intelligence. BlueCallom is exhibiting the world’s first Human Intelligence Augmentation, used for complex challenges like Disruptive Innovation, Enterprise Business Transformation, Organizational Transformation, and similarly complex challenges.

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Meet BlueCallom.AI at Swiss Innovation Form in Basel

New Application

BlueCallom GO-AI Application

Deploy AI Applications within weeks across your entire company. Empower and upskill your team in one step. What could be more exciting than working with the hottest technology that everybody already played with? BlueCallom GO-AI may be the biggest driver for a unique Competitive Advantage in the post two decades. The BlueCallom CODE-FREE AI-Mini-Apps can be created by virtually anybody. Imagine you elevate your team of thousands of employees within a few weeks.

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Amplifying innovation and transformation with Human Intelligence Augmentation

Upskilling teams with tools – not only education

What idea or problem do you want to take on today?

Sorry, this is not a good project for BlueCallom. Try to solve another problem.
This is a good problem to solve with BlueCallom. You can start immediately.
This is an excellent problem to solve with BlueCallom. You can start immediately. In addition, we will inform one of our senior experts who could give you some extra support ;).
BlueCallom will provide a validation, initial advice, and a way to immediately start your innovation.
Human Intelligence Augmentation with Generative AI

HIA with Neuro-AI-Fusion

First Genuine Human Intelligence Augmentation

Empowering teams to more creativity and efficiency

Humans can’t lift 10 tons – so they built a crane. Humans can’t run much faster than 20km/h so we cretaed cars, trains… Humans have a hard time to deal with complexity – like business processes – so we created Human Intelligence Augmentation a tool for the brain. Our Neuro-AI-Fusion model was originally just an experiment, how close could connect the human brain with an artificial brain to improve the ability to create genuine innovation. It became the base for giving birth to genuine Human Intelligence Augmentation. Empowering business teams, independent of their education based skill sets, to achieve Business Transformation, Disruptive Innovation, Sustainable Business Development and similar task signifcantly better and enormously faster. At the Swiss Innovation Forum in Basel, Nov. 30, we will introduce the first mind-machine-collaboration with HIA-Technology,

Imagine: Your team can deliver in the next three months what you hoped to get done in three years.


Experience a BlueCallom concept innovation

Concept Innovation

Large Scale Innovation
Case Studies

Experience a new innovation horizon

Disruptive Innovations, created with BlueCallom DISRUPT
A Generative-AI based software created with Neuro-AI-Fusion and Human Intelligence Augmentation.
1) Building the next Peta-Watt energy generator
2) Creating a new financial Services Platform
3) Designing a disruptive business model
4) Design the worlds first autonomous logistics system
5) Designing a production Facility on the moon
6) Let AI help augment your teams capabilities

Imagine you get to real breakthrough innovation with a year and an ROI from the market in  3 years or less!


Human Intelligence Augmentation with Generative AI

The new AI Application Layer

NEW: BlueCallom GO-AI

Rapid AI implementation in your organization.

BlueCallom GO-AI is a rapid AI-implementation tool and AI Apps Generator.
The Generative-AI based solution helps identify the best AI-Opportunities within your organization.
GPTBlue is a companion product that helps create prompt and distributes those prompts to your entire employee basew.
* BlueCallom GO-AI is an AI application itself
* Conduct an AI Opportunity Discovery process
* Create an AI Implementation journey
* Use the Rapid AI Development and Test platform GPTBlue
* Create predefined prompt elements for all teams
* Manage the rollout
* Integrating your own data and models (coming soon)
* User frontend application for different apps

Imagine you empower thousands of employees within a few weeks and no training would be needed.


Human Intelligence Augmentation with Generative AI

AI-Native Platform

BlueCallom’s AI-Native Application Platform

No forms – No structures

BlueCallom.AI (Version 2.0) is an Enterprise Level Applications Foundation.
Today the AI-Native platform supports several business specific Applications.
* BlueCallom DISRUPT (Disruptive Innovation Develop.)
* BlueCallom TRANSORM (Innovative Business Transformation)
* BlueCallom GO-AI (Enterprise AI Adoption)
* BlueCallom MODEL (Business Model Transformation)
* BlueCallom ACCELERATE (for ScaleUps / StartUps)
* BlueCallom EXPLORE (Free two episode HIA Software)
All BlueCallom APPLICATIONS are supported by the AI Core, including KPI Framework with predictive model, AI-based Intelligent user guide, intelligent work space, multi organization enterprise structure, data consolidation and analytics, and innovation and transformation data repository.

Imagine you have an innovation and transformation knowledge base as a complete AI just for you.


News about Innovation and Transformation with Human Intelligence Augmentation

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Sector: Enterprise AI-Software
Delivering: Platform for innovative and transformative AI solutions
USP: Human Intelligence Augmentation through Neuro-AI-Fusion
Focus Area: Innovation and Transformation with Generative AI

Claim of fame: Nobody fails to innovate or transform when using BlueCallom
Slogan: Set it in motion
Customers: Businesses and Governments
Headquarter: Zürich, Switzerland
Founded: Oct. 2020

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Human Intelligence Augmentation with Generative AI

for the generations to come. Helping to think through new business models, new education systems, new healthcare models, innovative ways to generate renewable energy, leveraging the moon for certain production facilities and more.