Our focus is
Breakthrough Innovation

We empower the world's business leaders to
deliver breakthrough innovation within six months,
using the BlueCallom Innovation Framework & Software.
We empower the world's business leaders to
deliver breakthrough innovation within six months.

How we solve the innovation problem

…before the innovation center gets unexpectedly shut down.

BlueCallom is disrupting the very foundation of how innovation is done so far.

  • Ideas are accidental. Wrong. In our brain nothing is accidental. Every thought, every idea every breakthrough is stimulated. Instead, use Neuro Ideation to stimulate breakthrough ideas in a repeatable process. This is how innovation gets predictable and manageable.
  • Meta Strategy. It’s hard to create a strategy for the unknown. It’s even harder to work in a vacuum. Instead, develop a Meta Strategy to identify the purpose and direction of innovation and then look for the biggest problems to solve. To ensure success already define how success is defined and how it will be managed.
  • Team & Culture. Sorry, with a group of experts you have only more of the same. Instead you will need a highly diverse group of talents with innovation relevant cognitive abilities. Instead of a playground, you will want a culture of relentless drivers that make the impossible a reality, competing against the rest of the world.
  • Enterprise Innovation Management. Most innovation systems today are spreadsheets, presentation decks, project management tools and ways to help creating ideas. Instead, you will want a system like BlueCallom DEEP that takes you from the very first opportunity discovery until the innovation is successfully in its designated market.
  • Easy to use step-by-step. Easy and fast would be great. But billion $ innovations have their price. Instead, use an intelligent system that guides your team through its over 100 unique tasks over the course of two to five years – like what any unicorn has to go through.


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Two unique thing we created to solve the innovation challenge:
1) The first full scope INNOVATION FRAMEWORK
2) The first INNOVATION SOFTWARE fusing neuroscience with AI-technology

Enterprise Innovations Framework

Neuroscience driven end-to-end innovation management

Innovation Management is a complex business that was not very successful for enterprises so far. The ways it was done, simply could not work.
We disrupt the the very foundation how innovation is done so far.
Innovation requires a unique innovation meta-strategy for a goal that has yet to be discovered. Instead of leaving the team in a vacuum, providing an executive innovation mandate is essential. Many stakeholders need to be coordinated. It takes a unique team composition of different backgrounds and innovation specific cognitive abilities – not all experts. Breakthroughs were never built on ideas but based on well-understood and unsolved problems. In a multi-year process y
ou can only manage what you can measure; therefore, innovation-specific metrics are required.

Innovation Management Framework

Enterprise Innovation Management Software

Focus on your team’s ingenuity – and let the AI do the rest.

Innovation is the intellectually most demanding process for our brain. Software solution were build for step-by-step processes and more like an administrative burden.
Again, we disrupt the the very foundation how innovation is done so far.
BlueCallom DEEP is an innovation team’s intelligent innovation workspace and an executive dashboard. User are intelligently guided by DEEP. Administrative overhead such as reporting, time and budget management is delegated to an AI system. During the innovation process, the team is generating thousands of ideas, insights, opinion, research pieces and collects hundreds of customer feedbacks. The software acts as a repository and intelligent guide based on achievements so far. DEEP also analyzes the progress and provides reporting, performance navigation and predicts the viability of the innovation going forward. The innovation team can focus entirely on its ingenuity.

Innovation Management Software

USP – How are we different


disrupting the very foundation of how innovation is done so far

    Achieving a breakthrough innovation concept that is validated in the market within six months – Neuro Innovation.
    Ability to predict the innovation outcome with reasonable accuracy, before major investments are made – KPI-Framework.
    The entire, multi-year innovation journey becomes manageable by using a highly sophisticated, AI-driven software solution, that manages for the first time a non-linear (lateral) process – BlueCallom DEEP
Innovation Management Implementation

Why is BlueCallom different?

From the start, BlueCallom focused on genuine innovation only. This makes us exceptionally competitive and strengthens diverse innovation sectors, including products, business models, organizational innovation, and experience innovation. Moreover, the vision of taking humanity on its journey into the future will require enterprise-level “large-scale innovations” in energy, decomposable buildings, speedy food distribution, environmentally friendly and healthy high-volume farming, and countless other needs

Innovation Management Implementation

How to start

Innovation is a mission critical journey

Let’s explore how we can empower your organization to deliver breakthrough innovation.
How we work:
– Everything we do is strategically oriented and methodically executed
– We have the experience from building our own unicorns and heling startups become unicorns
– Innovative solutions were never random and all were build by normal humans :)

With that in mind, we are certain we can help you empower your team to achieve breakthrough innovation.

Innovation Management Implementation


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