Innovate - like never before imaginable

Moving from linear to lateral processes

From brainstorming to Neuro Innovation

Deep Innovation Design will blow your mind -100%

Your creative mind is a lateral processor
All your business methods/systems are linear
This just can't produce disruptive results

Deep Innovation Design will blow your mind

Deep Innovation Design KPI Framework
KPIs from 25,000+ data points
Lateral ideation is far better to manage

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BlueCallom Innovation Journey Map
One lateral method at a time
Linear where linear makes sense

Deep Innovation Design will blow your mind

Neuro Innovation Management

Rapid Innovation Success

KPI Framework from 10,000+ data points

For the first time, innovation management reports show a complete picture of the entire innovation life cycle. In each episode, BlueCallom collects ideas, market feedback, research results, or opinions. Each of them is rated by the team, we track idea leverage through others (idea confluence), overall time and budget consumption, time used in each episode, real-time market validation by giving customers access to certain information, and the degree of team diversity and a lot more.

Creativity and management – what you should know.

Neuro Innovation Management Software - Innovation Journey Map BlueCallom

Our brain cells and neurons cannot create anything new from scratch. But they can compose innovative and disruptive ideas from past impressions and experiences. Does it really matter? Only for those who want to harness that amazing power to create disruptive innovation. And it matters when realizing that linear processes, methods, and systems do not work for innovation teams. Our creative mind works laterally. Neuroscience is changing the way we innovate. Deep Innovation Design is the method and DEEP the product. Welcome to groundbreaking innovation – how to innovate. Neuro Innovation Management is an entirely new way to innovate.

Our meaning of innovation

We don’t want to add to the countless definitions of innovation. But our effort and engagement shall lead to the following result.

Empowering teams to unfold
groundbreaking elevation
in the way people do things and ensuring
a successful global distribution.

It often results in disruption, how
industry segments conduct business.

Improvement is not Innovation.

BlueCallom Innovation Journey Map

A holistic view of the innovation process and its different episodes.

Starting with the Innovation Opportunity Discovery and finishing at scaling a disruptive innovation in global markets.

Neuro Innovation Management Software - Innovation Journey Map BlueCallom


Joining the Public Beta

Get a first-hand experience of the Neuro Innovation Management advantage. It’s a great chance to influence and shape this new software and it gives us a great insight into how you would use the first laterally structured innovation design software. Please apply here

Deep Innovation Design Training

BlueCallom Innovation Management Academy - Neuro Innovation Management SoftwareLearning the full scope of the Deep Innovation Design method. Key topics include: “Innovation Opportunity Discovery“, “Neuro Ideation“, “Innovation Financing” and “Innovation-to-Market” execution. Learning the difference between lateral versus linear thinking and why linear processes cannot lead to innovation. New ways to develop innovation opportunities and turn them into global revenue.
Next program Mar 22-26, 2021 Register Here

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TEDx – Your Innovative Mind

Intro to Neuro Innovation Management with Deep Innovation Design

From LINEAR to LATERAL thinking and processing

Manageable and predictable way to disruptive and revenue-producing innovation

Best manageable Neuro Innovation Management Software


We are bringing Manageability, Predictability, and Speed into an all-new, neuroscience influenced act of innovation for disruptive and revenue-producing innovation.

Two Apologies

1) We are taking all the myth and magic out of creativity and innovation. End of random experimentation, no more hoping for the magical billion Dollar idea spark, no more brainstorming expecting the ultimate innovation. Our brain is the most complex object we know. But because most of us don’t understand, doesn’t mean we can’t try to learn how it behaves.
2) We bust the idea that creativity is all about chaos, craziness, and randomness. Just because we are trained to handle almost everything step-by-step (linear) doesn’t mean that creativity is uncontrollable. It’s simply LATERAL and neither the brain, nor a river nor the way our universe is structured is crazy.

New Values
1) Instead of linear processes we realized that innovation is done laterally in our brain. instead of experimentation, pivoting, countless iterations we designed a manageable and predictive methodology, influenced by the learning from neuroscience how our brain consumes, processes and composes ideas.
2) We verified the methods based on our own past innovation processes as well as those from other highly innovative teams. Then we built a technology to capture, analyze and report all the inputs from hundreds or thousands of idea sparks that happen within 2-4 weeks of ideation processes. Feeding executive reports with 25,000 data points per project and a small number of highly innovation critical KPIs and milestones.
3) Management is now able to manage a lateral process instead of following the conventional linear thinking and is able to manage and predict an outcome like never before possible.

Neuro Innovation Management Values
Fastest Neuro Innovation Management Software


A methodical approach to creating something unique sounds like an oxymoron. But, it,s science. Moving from linear to lateral thinking, understanding how the brain composes ideas and applying the science to innovation.

Innovation is science – not serendipity.

1)  Getting to a disruptive idea. When we understand how ideas get created, we can take care of the process that stimulates them. When we can create a simulation process, we can understand what the best team assembly must be. When we have the right team, we can look at what the best innovation opportunities might be. All in all, the BEGINNING of a Neuro Innovation process is changing substantially when we know how the idea is composed, which shall be the nucleus of the innovation.

2) Turning a disruptive idea into revenue. When we understand how ideas get created, we can, for the first time, understand why ideas can’t be easily copied when we support it with a disruptive business model. When we know where all the ideas came from, we can build a precious idea validation method. Once an idea can be seriously validated, we suddenly see new ways to finance the idea.  And once we understand how ideas come about, we also understand how we bring them to the right audience. Once those early adopters are happy and successful, we know it’s time to open up the market for mainstream customers.

3) Creativity and ingenuity are lateral processes in our brain. Repeatable and workflow managed jobs are linear (step by step). This explains why all past attempts to manage disruptive innovation failed. Up until very recently, we did not know any of the above. Disruptive innovation was purely accidental. The BlueCallom model and its methodologies are science-driven and based on 30 years of experience building highly innovative solutions and businesses,

Neuro Innovation Management Methodology by BlueCallom
Most predictable Neuro Innovation Management Software


An innovative approach to use technology in the way our brain processes ideas, thoughts, and learns. An interconnected multi-user canvas system that leverages Genetic Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and the most advanced API to the Human brain.

Technology & Data
During early tests with the new methodology, we quickly realized that great innovation teams can produce thousands of highly valuable inputs to disruptive innovation. Far too many to keep them on stickers, try to memorize or in documents. We needed computing power to deal with the data. Data in the context of a process and together with validation from others brings an additional unprecedented value to the innovation process. Manageability without data will never win.
The deep innovation design process constantly delivers KPI data including Time To Innovate (TTI), Time to Approval (TTA), Time To Market (TTM), Budget performance (BPL), Idea Influence Factors (ITG / ITL), idea contribution qualitative, and quantitative (ICQ / ICV), and peer-group comparison with other teams across most KPIs. In aggregate more than 25,000 process data points feed algorithms to build out the KPIs in each innovation process. Innovation is a manageable process where data help lead, guide, support, inspire and provide feedback related to the process.

Neuro Innovation Management Technology by BlueCallom

Control your innovative mind,

like top athletes control their bodies.

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Neuro Ideation the most advanced way

to groundbreaking innovation!

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Innovation is not created in labs

It takes a highly diverse team

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Neuro Innovation Management
Built for the Big 5 Innovation Types

Neuro Innovation Management

BlueCallom Product Innovation Model

Product Innovation

Focused on the product side. This is the classic way to innovate and the most obvious to be recognized by the market. However, it is also the easiest to copy and to quickly outperform.

BlueCallum Experience Innovation

Experience Innovation

The most effective way to innovate, only recognized by users, and communicated through advocacy. Experiences include general customer experience all the way to entire entertainment solutions: the hardest to copy and easiest to create a marketing buzz for.

BlueCallom Business Model Innovation

Biz. Model Innovation

The most successful way to innovate with a big impact on the industry. Typically goes hand in hand with an experience innovation. Very good to have advocates create a marketing buzz. The hardest way for the competition to copy, even to compete with.

BlueCallom Organizational Innovation

Organizational Innovation

Innovation within the organizational structures, mainly for process acceleration, customer experience, resulting in increased profitability. It is tough to copy (if not done by consultants), making it very hard to understand from the outside and even the inside.

BlueCallom Structural Innovation

Structure Innovation

Supra-Enterprises, [companies bigger than 25,000 employees], seems to have the hardest time to create truly ground-breaking innovation.  Top Executives, Board, and major Investors have to agree on creating a new leadership structure to bring innovation forward.