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GPTBlue Boot Camp #5

September 16th, 2024 08:30 – 16:30 CET (Europe) GPTBlue Boot Camp #5 online and hands on workshop with our experts WHO IS IT FOR? Gen-AI Solution Developer with at least a base understanding of LLMs, GPT, commercial prompt development for others, and the understanding that the future of Generative-AI depends on the availability of solutions that elevate the way to do things that was not possible before.

Navigating the Prompt Economy

June 27th, 2024 09:00 – 10:00 CEST (Europe)
Thousand Dollar Prompts and Agents
Where are prompt pricing and values going? We will see thousand-dollar prompts soon. These extreme prompts will help save hundreds of thousands a year and in aggregate millions. Moreover, top business prompts will make thousands ‘per use’ each time they get executed.

Regaining control of an enterprise

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Regaining control of an enterprise The complexity of modern organizations seems to have surpassed human capacity. Too often, innovation is hamstrung by the need to address legacy issues before embarking on new initiatives. The symbiosis…

Exploring the Frontier of Human and Machine Intelligence

Join the BlueCallom Team at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2023 On the brisk morning of November 30th, Basel will not just awaken to the usual calm of the Rhine's flow or the distant Jura Mountains' silhouette. It will stir the pulse of innovation…

HIA The Future of Mind-Machine Collaboration

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Human Intelligence Augmentation (HIA): The Future of Human-Machine Collaboration The Dawn of HIA In 1961, Douglas Engelbart introduced the world to Human Intelligence Augmentation (HIA). Instead of technology replacing humans, Engelbart envisioned…

Key Thoughts: Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable | November 2021

In November BlueCallom hosted its fourth roundtable where the primary goal was and still is, making innovation a better-understood practice. The whole idea of the Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable is the exchange - dive deeper into the innovation…

Building an Innovation Culture

In this post, we want to go beyond the typical aspects of innovation culture-building. We simply assume you know that innovation is one of the most demanding jobs, and it needs extraordinary talents to make innovation happen. Many aspects of…

Key Thoughts: Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable | June 2021

In the last week of June, BlueCallom hosted its third Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable. The topic gravitates around the question: “how to become more innovative and how to inspire employees to support the innovation process.” As you…

Key Thoughts: Innovation Thought Leader Circle | April 2021

Why is it important to define innovation? How do you measure innovation? How do you collect ideas from your customers? These are just a few of the thought-provoking questions that came up in conversation between Innovation Managers from around…