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Neuroscientist Vera Mohr

I am delighted to introduce myself as a neuroscientist joining BlueCallom to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the field of neuroscience. My name is Vera Mohr, and I am thrilled to join the BlueCallom team. My focus in BlueCallom is developing a solid neuroscience-driven competitive advantage for innovation management. Neuroscience and innovation […]

Game-changing Innovation – Copenhagen Innovation Summit

Show-time in Copenhagen !!!  The Innovation Roundtable ApS company is organizing an Innovation Summit, May 10-12, 2022. And we can’t wait to join them. A good time and place to meet with the Innovation Industry. A three-day interactive conference with approximately 600 innovation executives and managers. BlueCallom is excited to be a partner for the […]

Innovation Outlook 2022

BlueCallom is officially a year old now. In the past three years, before we started, we learned so much from neuroscience that it turned our perspective of innovation upside down. In 2021 we hosted several Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable events and learned about how innovation is done in most enterprises today. We learned about the […]

Key Thoughts: Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable | November 2021

In November BlueCallom hosted its fourth roundtable where the primary goal was and still is, making innovation a better-understood practice. The whole idea of the Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable is the exchange – dive deeper into the innovation processes.  Axel Schultze opened the roundtable with a topic that has been current for some time among […]

Team Assembly – Importance of Innovation Dream Team

The last topic of the BlueCallom Podcast, Navigation of Ingenuity, focused on the importance of building an innovation dream team. To find out more about the innovation team assembly, BlueCallom invited Luuk Houtepen, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Innovation at SThree, as a guest speaker of the fifth BlueCallom podcast episode.  SThree is a leading […]

Innovation Culture Discussion with Erik Wirsing

Tackling a main corporate “Innovation Blocker” When we talk about innovation culture, the first thing that comes to mind is a work environment where people can develop their ideas. To hear more about this topic, I would like to share amazing insights from Erik Wirsing, Vice President of Global Innovation at DB Schenker, the latest […]

Innovation is a CEO Mandate

Rethinking innovation from the ground up. Enterprises around the world have been challenged with becoming genuinely innovative, trying to elevate their effort from improvement to innovation. With over 90% of groundbreaking innovation coming from startups, enterprises are trying to understand what startups do differently. Turning an enterprise into a truly innovative business has been globally […]

Rethinking the Act of Innovation

Most innovation centers failed to genuinely innovate – Now let’s fix it What worked for startups can now also work for enterprises. While the innovation process, purpose, and reasoning should be the same, the leadership structure is very different. Over the past four years, we learned so much about the difference between innovation in corporations […]

Main Innovation Challenges

The business world has gone through a drastic change in the past few years, boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic – a whole new world full of opportunities, changes, and challenges, especially innovation challenges. To be able to reach or to stay on top of the market one thing is key – groundbreaking and genuine innovation. […]

Innovation Master Plan

  The Innovation Master Plan, a blueprint for innovation success.  After building four innovative businesses, two growing into the billion Dollar revenue range and later helping several hundred startups to become innovative; we decided to create this Innovation Master Plan as a blueprint for innovation success. The foundation of this Innovation Master Plan is the […]