Generative AI in particular. It may be a master category

HIA The Future of Mind-Machine Collaboration

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Human Intelligence Augmentation (HIA): The Future of Human-Machine Collaboration The Dawn of HIA In 1961, Douglas Engelbart introduced the world to Human Intelligence Augmentation (HIA). Instead of technology replacing humans, Engelbart envisioned…

AI-driven Innovation Paradigm Shift II – Future of Work

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Future of work in the era of AI AI-driven Innovation Paradigm Shift II As the era of AI unfolds, there's an increasing discourse around job losses, with many fearing machines might render humans obsolete. However, a nuanced perspective indicates…

AI-driven Innovation Paradigm Shift

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AI-driven Innovation Paradigm Shift Part 1: increasing productivity 10-100 fold It was about the year 1435. countless monks were copying books. They did so by writing a new book by hand from scratch. Hundreds of pages. Monitored by supervisors,…
BlueCallom ChatGPT Integration

ChatGPT Prompting for Innovation Teams

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Now innovation Teams have a new way of using AI and ChatGPT for better innovation results. Dramatically reduce innovation time by 95%, more than quadruple ideation performance, and get a new way of validating your decisions. Innovation task-specific…

AI and Neuroscience changing Innovation

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In the past, innovation may have taken 2-5 years to develop. Today we brought it down to 6 months. And now, AI and Neuroscience are changing Innovation to 2-5 days. This will happen before the end of this year. AI is accelerating the development…