A unique innovation acceleration program in 6 months from zero to breakthrough innovation.

BlueCallom Experience

Guided innovation acceleration for Fast Track Customers



6 months – 2 years


34 Sessions
One day = 1 session

Delivery Mode

Instructor-led online training

BlueCallom Software

Course ID

ID 2055xx
(Team 5+)


Based on scope


  • BlueCallom Experience Phase I
  • From innovation discovery to ideation to finance in six months
  • BlueCallom Experience Phase II
  • From innovation approval and financing to market launch in six months
  • BlueCallom Experience Phase III
  • From Launch to exponential growth
    in one year

Who is it for?

Fast Track Implementation customers adding BlueCallom Experience as an optional guided innovation acceleration program.

A BlueCallom experts team will guide your innovation team from zero to breakthrough innovation in three different phases.

This is not training, but innovation execution. Teams attending the program will work on real-life innovation challenges.

During phase I, the minimum team size is 5, ideally 6-10 and max. 12 people.
During phase II, the minimum team size is 10, ideally 12+ and max. 20 people.
During phase III, the minimum team size is 30, ideally 50+.

From Zero to breakthrough innovation in six months

How can we be so sure?

  1. We do not look for random ideas and hope for wonders but look for large problems.
  2. We have a proven method to identify significant challenges in any given industry segment
  3. We understand how the brain composes innovative ideas
  4. We have a method for in-market idea validation with 80+% accuracy
  5. We know what it takes to get innovation financing
  6. We are using an innovation KPI framework that is leveraging thousands of datapoints
  7. We have an AI-driven solution that navigates the innovation journey based on KPI data
  8. We have experience in developing multiple highly successful disruptive businesses

How will BlueCallom Experts guide you from zero to innovation?

Learning by Doing!!!

Unlike in general training, you learn by practicing and experiencing the BlueCallom Innovation Methods to get from start to groundbreaking innovation. We offer this on two levels:
1) Fast Track Program, matching the Fast Track Implementation structure
2) Enterprise Program to deliver the full scope of an enterprise implementation program.

Together with the innovation experts from BlueCallom, you will:

Episode 1-6

  1. Discover innovation opportunities in your market and in your customer base that all relate to your company and your company’s strategy. This may include new markets and new business areas.
  2. Research the needs and dreams of your designated audience.
  3. Create the concept of a breakthrough solution that is 100% unique
  4. Conduct an in-market idea validation
  5. Develop an innovation-financing plan and get funded

Episode 7-8

  1. Create a go-to-market strategy and at the same time
  2. Build a first prototype / MVP
  3. Prepare for beta test users
  4. Prepare early adopter attraction
  5. Make a first solution launch and grow customers

Episode 9-10

  1. Analyze all the market feedback
  2. Adjust your organization for exponential growth
  3. Go full speed on the growth course
  4. Transition from exponential growth to scaling
  5. Scale and go global

Your Instructors

The BlueCallom instructor team consists of successful entrepreneurs and experienced academics ensuring the finest learning experience based on practical and theoretical expertise.

Matthes Fleck - BlueCallom Experience 2021 Axel Schultze - BlueCallom Experience 2021

Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck

Innovation Management Academy Director

Axel Schultze

CEO of BlueCallom

BlueCallom Experience – Program Details & Application

ID 2055xx

  • 6 – 24 months in 3 phases
  • Guided by BlueCallom Innovation Experts
  • Total of 34+ sessions