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~ BlueCallom AI Engineering Partner

Your Profile: You have already good experiences with ChatGPT and are familiar with the basics of creating meaningful prompts. If not yet, there are countless online and offline trainings available which you can go through before becoming a partner.  As a BlueCallom Business Partner, you will work with the GPTBlue DTD system (Develop, Test & Deploy). GPTBlue is the development environment that helps you build Generative-AI business prompts, carefully test them and then deploy them to your customers. You can also develop prompts that you can sell to anybody via the BlueCallom Exchange Platform.

What you would do:
As a BlueCallom AI-Prompt Designer Partner, you will work with the GPTBlue DTD system (Develop, Test & Deploy). GPTBlue is the development environment that helps you build Generative-AI business prompts, carefully test them and then deploy them to your customers. You can also develop prompts that you can sell to anybody via the BlueCallom Exchange Platform.

& BlueCallom AI Consulting Partners

Your Profile: You are already or plan to guide your customers through an AI Adoption. Businesses across all industries experiment with Generative-AI, teams build their own prompts, different experiments bring different solutions and all together teams usually experience rapid progress with GPT Technology. While there is a unique openness to new technology, compared to all new technologies in the past, there is also a point when teams need help to coordinate the effort. Conventional consulting offerings are not what customers look for. Instead, they only need guidance, rapid structure development, and a flexible process alignment.
What you would do:
Consulting companies with professional consultants able to service corporate clients. You will help organizations understand, plan and rollout Generative-AI strategies, plans and help execute the implementation ensuring it is highly successful. Highly successful is when the large majority of employees experience a significant increase in productivity, more time for unique situations that need their attention and the ability to delegate less attentive jobs to an AI system.

Business Partner Opportunity

Generative-AI for Businesses
Generative-AI is still in an infant stage. It may take a decade to unfold its full potential. This is not only about a better model, but a better infrastructure, more computing power like a quantum computer, more efficient processes like a more transparent model management, more development tools where AI is helping to build AI, more security and privacy, more test equipment to iterate through thousands of scenarios, and so forth.

Rapid growth in Prompt Development
Prompts are the key to interact with an AI-system. And since this is done in the natural human language, the interaction can be extremely fast and extremely efficient. However, company needs are very different. Proprietary company data are unique and so are their workflows. Prompt engineering is not about fixing inabilities of an AI system but the lack of understanding how to talk to an AI, how to customize business specific requests, and reduce repeatable information to make it customer centric. At the same time are prompts getting more sophisticated in their ability and could represent their own intelligence. Prompt Engineering is not a temporary job to write better prompts but a continuous career to maximize the AI-User-Interaction.

Next Generation Information Networks
As businesses implement AI and seek to bring more and more employees onto the new technology, they see a need for rapid deployment. BlueCallom’s GPTBlue Network allows the deployment of thousands of users within days. A uniquely automated user administration and an intelligent user rights management brings down the administration overhead to nearly zero.

Business Partner Benefits (Business Side)

Business Relate Benefits

1) Zero Subscription Business Model
The GPTBlue Development system, libraries and prompt execution space is for free. We only charge for the usage of the prompts. Create a prompt and get paid whenever the prompt is used. Partners can now generate recurring revenue from their prompt sales.

2) None Compete Clause
We will never compete with our BlueCallom Business Partners – this is contractually guaranteed. We know the pain of channel conflicts and we know how to avoid them. Our deal registration system locks our resources for the first partner registering a deal.

3) Joint marketing engagements
We work with our BlueCallom Business Partners through all our marketing initiatives whether they are campaigns, conferences, events, or other activities.

4) Dedicated Project Support
All authorized consulting partners can expect dedicated support from us. Your customers are our customers and we will never let a customer go down. While you take the first-line support, we will always be there for any questions or any consulting need.

If this seems like a good match, please apply to learn more about becoming a BlueCallom Business Partner.

Business Partner Benefits (Technology Side)

Technology Relate Benefits

1) Highly Innovative Technology
BlueCallom GPTBlue is an AI-Native platform, with a unique Prompt Framing Development, Testing and Deployment Technology at its core. The system is especially developed for high performance, high productive business prompts and applications. Moreover, GPTBlue id the first multimodal and multi-tier commerce network.

2) Unique Multi Modal Marketplace
The BlueCallom Exchange is the latest in Marketplace technology. We support two different business models: Conventional SaaS “Pay per user per month” and an advanced “Pay-per-Use” model. The Exchange is the first multi tenant network architecture that supports multi-tier distribution models. Moreover, it allows multiple individual prompt libraries for larger development organizations and similarly for company internal libraries.

3) Intriguing Future Perspective
The future technology BlueCallom is working on considers already AGI in many aspects. Prompts developed with BlueCallom are ready to leverage an embedded KPI-Framework, Enterprise grade Analytics, gamification and more. The already existing Neuro-AI-Fusion model will help Prompt Engineers to connect ‘Mind and Machine’ in rarely seen ways. We are already pioneering Human Intelligence Augmentation for enterprise applications and bring it now to a broader Market.

4) Free training and support
Any training and support efforts we provide for our partners are our investments. All programs are free of charge.

Business Partner Application

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