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In the past two years, we have been busy building the BlueCallom solution and working with a handful of customers to validate the concept. Now we will issue media releases.

How we came to existence

Our two founders founded four disruptive companies:
1) Computer 2000, a high-tech products distributor, went into the market with a disruptive business model and competed with roughly 8,000 competitors worldwide, today global #1 with $56 Billion in revenue.

2) Infinigate, Europe’s largest cyber security provider and second largest worldwide. Today at $2.2 Billion in revenue.

3) Webstock, the first digital stock exchange, in 1997. The company was acquired in 2001 by Baader, the largest stock trader in Germany.

4) BlueRoads, they started in 1999 in Silicon Valley. It became the fastest-growing indirect sales channel management company and successfully competed with the top three competitors, who were 25 times bigger.  The disruptive solution was patented in 2003, and the company was sold when reaching the #1 market position in 2010.

5) The couple retired and started the Society3 Accelerator in 2014, a nonprofit organization focused on helping startups develop disruptive solutions. In 2015 they were recognized as one of the world’s most influential accelerators in the Accelerator 100 List. After moving to Europe, they turned the Accelerator into a foundation called World Innovations Forum in 2018 and helped startups in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

6) BlueCallom. Initially we built the most advanced Innovation Management System on top of OpenAI’s GPT platform. For that we created a highly adaptive Prompt Development and Testing engine to develop the over 100 power prompts that drove the innovation process with the help of AI. Little did we know that we were developing the foundation of modern AI Applications.

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BlueCallom USP

Professional Prompt Management Software
GPTBlue DTD is an integrated Prompt Development, Testing, and Deployment platform with a global exchange for professional Generative-AI prompts.

Productivity Analytics
GPTBlue offers the first prompt productivity analytics, exposing the productivity gain over manual work.

Multi-tier Prompt Deployment Architecture
GPTBlue is the first enterprise-grade Generative AI application platform allowing professional prompt distribution across independent partner organizations.

Media Relations Contact

For media relations and to know more about what we are doing, please contact:

Marita Schultze
COO and Media Relations
Marita @ …
+41 (79) 305-2885

Free Software Exploration

Why is the software free?
Because you only pay for ai.
New users get 10,000 Callom Coins to start

No more Subscription fee.
No more SaaS.
You only pay what you use.
As fair as it can get.

That’s our business model.