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All positions can be conducted remotely.
Preferred locations: California, Germany, Singapore.

Digital Marketing Manager

We are looking for a digital marketing manager. We are 100% digital, no print, no paper, no conventional marketing language, no conventional marketing. Digital marketing also means data-driven marketing, leverage of technology, ability to setup digital systems, and their abilities to the max. We decided to have a high-touch sales organization, not sales force automation, so we look for individualized marketing, not marketing automation.

Part Time CFO

We are looking for a part time CFO who can help us maneuver this ship through the early days. We are ambitious and going for maximum growth. We are Silicon Valley kids in Europe and hope to find a Silicon Valley style CFO who knows how companies can scale with the right team.

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Remote Internship
For a future career at BlueCallom

We are offering remote internships to those who are willing to work fully digital from your home. You will definitely not working alone. You will probably meet far more people than any other internship you ever heard of. We are used to working on global projects fully online. We know some of our teammates better than our friends – yet never met them face to face.

BlueCallom challenges everything you most likely heard about innovation. We are disrupting the entire act of innovation.

Intern positions at BlueCallom are a great way for you to learn something new, an interesting company culture, and explore different business areas.

Marketing Intern

Sales Operations Intern

For 6 months, you will be involved in the respective business area and develop skills in “remote collaboration”, “digital relationship building,” and more about everything digital. Thereafter consider a career at BlueCallom.

Dream Team

A dream team are people who found their dream job.

We are living at the top edge of innovation. At BlueCallom, we are changing the way humans will innovate in the future.

At BlueCallom, no idea is too crazy; there are no dumb questions – only impolite answers. We think big – even the stars are no longer the limits. We are not looking to hire ‘devil’s advocates’ but open-minded and with a positive mindset. We know that humans have the ability to create their own future. The future is even the only time span which we can influence – and we do.

We innovate for our customers. Your career at BlueCallom will help execute our vision.

Career at BlueCallom

BlueCallom is an amazingly innovative company, disrupting the act of innovation itself. Our main product is an all-new Neuro Innovation Management Software. At its core is a unique “Neuro Ideation” method that composes innovative ideas within a few weeks sometimes even days. The BlueCallom technology provides innovation teams and creative businesses with the fastest way to get to groundbreaking innovation. There are approximately 25 million businesses who can benefit from our new technology.

During four years of research, we found out how innovative ideas are actually composed. The latest neuroscience discoveries led us to new ways. We developed unique methods to discover innovation opportunities, compose disruptive ideas,  validate those ideas with customers and bring them successfully to market.

Demystifying idea development from magic idea creation, ideas “out of the blue” or the “billion $ idea” to natural and logical ideation process in our mind is not an easy task. But it’s a way worth going. Understanding how ideas get created is also understanding how we learn and how / why we do many other things in life. We are at ground zero of a new era in human understanding.