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Current Career Opportunities:

Digital Marketing Manager
Creating compelling knowledge communication campaigns across all relevant channels. Living by our mantra: ‘Nobody fails when using BlueCallom’.


Generative AI Application Developer
Developing Generative AI applications on top of a GPT foundation, helping our customers to do things easily what they couldn’t do before. Living by our mantra: ‘Nobody fails when using BlueCallom’..

Customer Success Manager
Helping prospects and customers to set in motion what the envision and be successful with our solution. Living by our mantra: ‘Nobody fails when using BlueCallom’.

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What we look for in every employee

An above-average representation of the following eight cognitive abilities
#curious #clairvoyant #creative #courageous #communicative #competitive #collaborative #continuous.
Our experience indicated that those abilities are critical for innovative teams. Other industries, business types, or jobs may have very different requirements.

Why we don’t need or read your CV

We want to see your public approach on LinkedIn and we ask you to complete our application.
In addition, surprise us with an email telling us why you and what we miss out if we don’t hire you. Share your biggest successes so far, share your portfolio and be creative :)

Why we do a lot to attract YOU

The job market is tough and top people like you are rare and hard to get. We invest a lot of time in interviews and conversations to find out if you and we are forging a real Dream Team. BlueCallom is somehow a “mission impossible”. To make it a reality – it takes the best of the best. This is why we have already 10% allocated to give it in our teams hands and are willing to do more as we grow.

What we do

We empower the world’s business leaders to deliver breakthrough innovation or innovative transformation. We do that by providing a unique neuroscience and Generative-AI-driven software technology.

Our Customers

BlueCallom customers are typically market leaders in their industry segment. We work primarily with the CEO, Chief Innovation Officer, VP of Innovation, Innovation Managers, and innovation teams. A Career at BlueCallom means you will work with the most demanding people who create a sustainable future for our society.

Making a difference

At BlueCallom, we make a difference by working on the edge of innovation. Continuously learning from the advances in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, quantum physics, and offering the most advanced innovation development and management solution. Fusing neuroscience and artificial intelligence is one of the most unique aspects of our work so far. Understanding how to stimulate the brain to unfold deeply unique breakthrough ideas made us start the company. We make a profound difference by leveraging technology to help teams focus on their ingenuity and delegating reporting and other administrative work to an AI while aggregating the necessary data for executives to make educated business decisions.