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Career at BlueCallom

BlueCallom provides the first non-linear business process solution for innovation and business transformation management. The AI driven software was highly influenced by neuroscience and allows predictability in creative processes that were thought to be random or by accident. We empower innovation teams to create a groundbreaking innovation within 9 months.

We are expanding our team and looking for creative, open-minded, and inspiring individuals to join us. Please consider applying to one of our open opportunities and make sure it is your dream job.

Our Business

What we do

We developed and market an all-new way of creating groundbreaking innovation. First, we created a method called Deep Innovation Design. The output of that method was so rich and overwhelming that we decided to develop online software that helps innovation teams keep all their outputs together and get it rated by others. A unique AI-based digital mentor helps users navigate through the lateral innovation process (you may want to learn more about neuro innovation).

Customer Profiles

Customers are market-leading enterprises with more than 500 employees and have an early adopter mentality. Within those enterprises, our partners are typically the CEO or Chief Innovation Officer.

How we are different

In 2016, we looked at the act of innovation like nobody else before. That led to a radically different method of creating innovation compared to any other available today. As a result, we can promise a predictable outcome when using Deep Innovation Design, and we can provide a dedicated innovation KPI framework. We take the guessing and hoping out of the innovation process. We invented the neuro ideation model and the neuro innovation concept. We developed a very unique “Innovation Dream Team” model that is composed of a very diverse team instead of a subject matter expert group. Our founders built four highly innovative businesses, like the first digital stock exchange and the most disruptive computer distribution model, and helped hundreds of startups to create their innovative businesses.

Career at BlueCallom - Our Business
Career at BlueCallom - Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration – Career at BlueCallom

Digital Workspace

While we all love to work closely together, as a covid-era-born company, we had to be built as a fully digital organization. We organize an onsite team meeting every other week unless travel is too risky or impossible. Once a month we meet for two days in person under the same circumstances. We live in Zoom and WhatsApp for the rest of the time. As health situations permit we will come together more often. But the use of a home office will always be an option in the future as well.

We collaborate, think, organize, meet together. We don’t consider meetings a waste of time because everybody can join and leave at their leisure. The most important part of thinking and exchanging together is to enrich everybody’s experience and empower each other to do exceptional work. We live for successful results, not for the number of hours spent. Together we will work on stock-option plans so all employees can take risks and rewards like any founder.


There is a lot more to say about our collaboration. Culture played a defining role in becoming who we are today, including all the different cultures we have. We respect those differences and never argue about another culture. Our culture is built on our founders’ history which is influenced by living and working over 20 years in Silicon Valley.

You will find more details in our How we think and work section under culture.

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Future Of Work

With industrial and business administration automation rapidly evolving, humanity must rethink in two major ways:
1) We need fewer and fewer routine jobs and ever more creative contribution. Autonomous machines took over the production of virtually anything with the exception of tasks that can be performed cheaper by people who earn $2 per horse relative to machine and energy cost of a robot. Currently, more and more office jobs are replaced by machines and that will accelerate in the next 10 years. Good or bad? How exciting are routine jobs? How cool would it be to do something creative for the same amount of income? Innovation is such a rich field and our biggest hope to solve more and more of the millions of problems we have on earth. The biggest need is getting back our creativity and love to do what we do.

2) We need far more creative minds than we can currently imagine. Every child is by nature amazingly creative. But from about 6 years on and for the next 20 years we lose our creativity in exchange for focus and getting better and better at less and less things to become amazingly good at one thing. We get unknowingly and unwillingly trained to become humanoid robots. But how can we solve the massive over bureaucratization if we don’t have time to just think about all the millions of deficiencies in our gigantic organizations?

But where do we start? Every business on earth needs to at least start thinking about what would be a perfect world in the next 50 years. With that thought, we can start inspiring our teams to become more part of the overall business than part of a single process. Inspiring teams to think big – not careful. Asking the teams to help to find ways to rebuild the lost creativity instead of perfecting their routine. A highly profitable 50,000 employee company is so perfectly structured that they have on average more than 85% employee “utilization”. Those industrial marvels however cannot innovate because there is neither time nor the necessary creativity left.

In the next 10 years, the 400 Million businesses will need at least one person who thinks about innovation and 2 who think about how to implement and re-innovate over time. That are 1.2 Billion open-minded and creative people – just to innovate.  More than we can get and more than the jobs at risk through automation.

We at BlueCallom can do at least two things: 
1) Create a work environment that stimulates creativity and pushes every boring and routine job to a machine or computer.
2) Help create awareness and help other businesses to think more long-term and help unfold the human potential for ingenuity.

Career at BlueCallom - Future of Work