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Current Career Opportunities:

Digital Marketing Manager
Creating compelling knowledge communication campaigns across all relevant channels


Customer Success Manager
Helping our customers and prospects to build successful breakthrough innovation.


Regenerative AI Software Developer
Developing a unique regenerative AI solution from the ground up.


Sales Development Specialist
Reaching out to prospects and leads to explore how we can help.


Business Development Manager
Helping develop our business from opportunity discovery to inside sales.

Social Media Marketing Specialist
You live in LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, working with our ecosystem.

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What we do

We empower the world’s business leaders to deliver breakthrough innovation. We do that by providing a unique neuroscience and AI-driven innovation solution consisting of software technology, innovation framework, and innovation services.

Innovation technology

Our AI system guides innovation teams through an entire innovation process, makes suggestions based on KPI achievements, and predicts the most likely success factor. All administration work, like reporting, time management, budget management, and meeting coordination, is delegated to the BlueCallom AI guidance system – freeing up additional creativity. The system aggregates thousands of data points and provides executives with the most advanced innovation KPI-Framework.

Innovation Framework

The BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework helps executives and innovation teams better understand the full scope of innovation. Divided into four major columns, Innovation Principles, Strategy, Methodology, and Organization & Execution, the Framework provides insights into all phases and activities of an end-to-end innovation lifecycle.

Innovation Services

The BlueCallom Innovation services team offers a structured implementation process, providing executives with workshops to create a holistic innovation strategy and attract qualified team members. The innovation framework training, deep innovation design training, and an ongoing advisory service ensure that teams can live up to the expectation and create a breakthrough innovation within six months, get it to market, and scale with the designated audience.

Our Customers

BlueCallom customers are typically market leaders in their industry segment. We work primarily with the CEO, Chief Innovation Officer, VP of Innovation, Innovation Managers, and innovation teams. A Career at BlueCallom means you will work with the most demanding people who create a sustainable future for our society.

Making a difference

At BlueCallom, we make a difference by working on the edge of innovation. Continuously learning from the advances in neuroscience and artificial intelligence and offering the most advanced innovation development and management solution. Fusing neuroscience and artificial intelligence is one of the unique aspects. Understanding how to stimulate the brain to unfold deeply unique breakthrough ideas made us start the company. We make a profound difference by leveraging technology to help teams focus on their ingenuity and delegating reporting and other administrative work to an AI while aggregating the necessary data for executives to make educated business decisions.