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Making a difference

At BlueCallom, we make a difference by working on the edge of Generative-AI. Continuously learning from the advances in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, quantum physics, and offering the most advanced Generative-AI development and deployment platform. Fusing neuroscience and artificial intelligence is one of the most unique aspects of our work so far. Understanding how the brain formulates needs and how an AI absorbs text to deliver stunning results is one of the core questions of the work on Neuro-AI-Fusion. We make a profound difference by leveraging technology to help teams focus on their ingenuity and delegating reporting and other administrative work to an AI while aggregating the necessary data for executives to make educated business decisions. The result of that work is also known as Human Intelligence Augmentation.

Current Career Opportunities:

Generative AI Platform Developer
Developing our next generation Generative AI platform on top of a OpenAI’s GPT foundation. Leveraging function calling, model fine tuning / embedding, developing intelligent, clustered and autonomous prompts. Developing our next generation mind-machine interfaces. Going far beyond today’s technology.

Digital AI Marketing Manager
Creating compelling knowledge communication campaigns across all relevant channels. Living by our mantra: ‘Nobody fails when using BlueCallom’.

Customer Support Manager
Helping partners and customers to successfully use our solutions. Living by our mantra: ‘Nobody fails when using BlueCallom’.

Product Manager Gen-AI Software
You will create next generation solution concepts and describe them in a way a software development team can build it.

What we look for in every employee

Fast and uninterrupted learning. People who take action and don’t wait until they get orders. Autonomous thinking in the interest of our customers, partners, and the whole organization. Every employee will get stock options and needs to act as a co-owner. we are looking for people with exceptional ability like curiosity, communication, creativity, courage, competitiveness, collaboration, connection building, and continuity. 

Why we don’t need certificates or CVs

Our work is too advanced to even have certificates yet. And you will work in a company that creates a future, where certificates are for robots but not humans. There are too many “professional CV writers” and CVs are far too automated. We trust your public LinkedIn profile and therefor no need to rewrite it.
Surprise us with an email telling us why you are the perfect candidate and what we miss out if we don’t hire you. Share your biggest successes so far, share your portfolio and be creative :)

Why we so selective

Even though, the job market is tough and top people like you are rare and hard to get, we don’t want to fill slots and we don’t hire human resources. We look for people who see working with us at BlueCallom a dream job. We are somehow a “mission impossible”. To make it a reality – it takes the best of the best. This is why we have already 10% of the company allocated to give to our team and are willing to do more as we grow.

Why we retired our home office offering

We love to think, create, and work as a team. We want to change the world and work much smarter and definitely faster than most businesses. That does not match very well a remote work environment. As such, no more home office.

Our Customers

BlueCallom customers are typically highly agile and leading businesses across all industries. We work primarily with Business Partners and help them implement powerful Gen-AI solutions with their customers.