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What we do

We deliver the most advanced neuro Innovation management technology, allowing teams to develop breakthrough innovations within six to nine months.

We merged two of the most advanced science segments, neuroscience, and AI-Science to do what was thought to be impossible: Creating disruptive innovation at will. To make it successful, we began to harness the duality of brilliant ideation and relentless execution.

Customer Profiles

BlueCallom customers are market-leading enterprises with thousands of employees and have an early adopter mentality. Within those enterprises, we work primarily with the CEO, Chief Innovation Officer, VP of Innovation, Innovation Managers, and teams.

How we are different

  1. Amplifying ingenuity and creating breakthrough innovation
    We looked at Innovation from a neuroscience point of view. We need to understand how the brain composes ideas before we can even start thinking “innovation”. Today we amplify ingenuity by order of magnitude and empower teams to create breakthrough innovations at will.
  2. Providing Executives with unparalleled innovation predictability
    Approximately 90% of all innovation attempts fail. We decided to bring the failure rate down by making innovation success predictable. To do so we developed an AI-driven KPI-Framework.
  3. Drastically removing administration
    Today, corporate innovation teams spend far too much time on administrative work. We developed an intelligent design (AI) that manages most administration, scheduling, time management and most importantly reporting automatically in the back-end.

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