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GPTBlue for business Prompts

Let your team experience AI in a way that they see the benefit. Develop powerful tools, laser sharp focused on your particular business. Let your teams experience how they get quick successes by seeing their productivity gain. Productivity grows when boring repeating jobs can be delegated to an AI. For instance, when research can be done so much faster than searching the internet and reading through countless pages and documents. Or when weekly social media plan creation takes more time than the actual work in the social web. Or when sales people spend more time with administration than with their customers.

BlueCallom GPTBlue

Prompts are the way to create a dialog with a Generative AI system whether this is OpenAI, Bard, Mid Journey, or others. Also the more complex enterprise-level Gen-AI systems like BlueCallom Disrupt or Transform use prompts.

DEVELOP GPTBlue helps develop professional AI-Prompts or whole AI-Applications. It is an AI application itself. For PROs, we skipped the AI interaction with setting up prompts and allowed to create it in a respective environment. Prompt creation is only one part.
TESTING You will want to test the prompt. Experienced prompt engineers like our team appreciate a version history to possibly return to an earlier version that worked better.
DEPLOY When you create a valuable prompt with great output, you want to share it with the people you developed it for, Also that is a big part of the GPTBlue. But how is the user using it?
APPLICATION GPTBlue automatically creates pages or applications for users to start using instantly and without any training. The user can Input tasks and get to Output results on the screen and send it as an email or create a PDF.

Why is the software free?
Because you only pay for ai.
New users get 10,000 CallomCoins to start.

No more Subscription fee.
No more SaaS.
You only pay what you use.
As fair as it can get.

That’s our business model.  

BlueCallom GPTBlue

BlueCallom GPTBlue

GPTBlue unique aspects

BlueCallom GPTBlue taking professional Generative-AI Application to a new level.

* Measurable Prompt Productivity
– Measure productivity gain favtor over manual work
– Creating a PPG (Prompt Productivity Gain) greater of 10x

* Professional Prompt development
– Unique and intelligent prompt design
– Prompt Library Network
– Prompt embedded custom data

* Zero Subscription Business Model
– The entire AI-Application suite is for free
– You pay only when using the AI in prompts
– Various attractive business model options

* Corporate AI-Network 
– Rapid prompt deployment no uncontrolled propagation
– Secure integration of CRM, ERP…
– Include business partners and suppliers in your network

Imagine you empower thousands of employees to leverage AI within a few days, at no cost and training needed.

Business AI-Prompt Network

BlueCallom GPTBlue Application structure

GPTBlue Multi-tier Prompt Network

  1.  Allowing to integrate partners and suppliers
  2. Add all your employees at no cost
  3.  Prompt Library for different departments
  4.  Deployment Network
  5.  Automatic Page or App Creation
  6.  Enterprise-grade Rights Management
  7.  Unique customizable UI / UX
BlueCallom GPTBlue Login

Develop, Test & Deploy with GPTBlue

is the rapid AI Prompt and AI Mini-App development, test, and Deployment system of GTB Blue. Simple Prompts or more sophisticated AI-mini-Apps can be developed in the development environment, tested in a test field with version history, and instantly deployed.

BlueCallom GPTBlue


GPTBlue IO is for employee’s or other end-user’s to access the prompt that were generated with GPTBlue DTD. These pages are automatically generated by GPTBlue and can be instantly made available to its designated users with various predefined access rights.
a) Users can get invited via email from within the system, requiring an account, and usage is only in a very controlled environment.
b) Users can receive a URL via email and whoever has access to the URL can use the product.
c) You can make the product publicly available via the BlueCallom Exchange.

GPTBlue Boot Camp for Prompt engineers

Next Bootcamp (coming soon)  for GPTBlue Enthusiasts.
Creating dynamic and reusable Delta Prompts on GPTBlue.
Develop, Test and Deploy Prompts you can sell.

  1. Generative AI Foundation
  2. Prompting Categories i.e. from easy to complex
  3. What business logic can you generate with prompting
    Decision making, iteration, prompt chaining and more
  4. Prompt Distribution and GPTBlue Exchange
  5. Business development with Prompt Engineering

BlueCallom GPTBlue Prompt Engineering Bootcamp

The next BlueCallom Prompt Engineering Bootcamp is on April 29

Advancing with Generative AI

Sooner or later you explore ways to create your own AI models and run them on the BlueCallom.AI platform securely and encrypted. Build stunning customer experience processes, integrate your customers into your processes, and give customers access to data that they would have never seen before because now things get matched easier and faster. At the same time protect certain data that should just be not available outside your organization.

BlueCallom GPTBlue History

GPTBlue was originally developed as an internal development tool to create Generative AI components. We started the day the Chat GPT was announced. The success and development speed we experienced with GPTBlue was mind-bending relative to conventional software development. It was also the point in time when we turned BlueCallom into an AI-Native software direction. Today, GPTBlue is driving one of the intellectually most demanding jobs, Disruptive Innovation.

Prompt Framing Technology

The centerpiece of GPTBlue is our Framing technology. Its structure focuses on providing the Large Language Model with the information it needs for the best possible outcome. While framing the prompt for specific tasks, it also orders the prompt so it is optimized to enter into the massive neural network, of the Generative AI system. Currently, we support four prompt classes of very different complexity levels. They include techniques like conditional prompts, iterative prompts, prompt clustering, and more.

Where do we want to take it?

Generative AI systems will grow at least in five directions: Amount of Parameters, Functionality, Complexity, Processing Speed, and Model Structure. Given that interaction with AI remains to be mainly our language for many reasons, we will expand on our Neuro-AI-Fusin technology to help ‘Human Intelligence Augmentation’ is available to everybody and that the interaction with the AI is so easy that there is no special education necessary. We will significantly enhance our Prompt Framing Designer so that other prompt developers or software developers can build multi-purpose business solutions on our infrastructure.