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BlueCallom GPTBlue Application structure

Generate Prompts and AI-Mini-Apps
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Rapid Gen-AI Development

BlueCallom GPTBlue

Prompts are the way to create a dialog with a Generative AI system whether this is OpenAI, Bard, Mid Journey, or others. Also the more complex enterprise-level Gen-AI systems like BlueCallom Disrupt or Transform use prompts.

DEVELOP GPTBlue helps develop professional AI-Prompts or whole AI-Applications. It is an AI application itself. For PROs, we skipped the AI interaction with setting up prompts and allowed to create it in a respective environment. Prompt creation is only one part.
TESTING You will want to test the prompt. Experienced prompt engineers like our team appreciate a version history to possibly return to an earlier version that worked better.
DEPLOY When you create a valuable prompt with great output, you want to share it with the people you developed it for, Also that is a big part of the GPTBlue. But how is the user using it?
APPLICATION GPTBlue automatically creates pages or applications for users to start using instantly and without any training. The user can Input tasks and get to Output results on the screen and send it as an email or create a PDF.

You or the respective team or customer may have developed a more comprehensive requirements document by using BlueCallom GO-AI, This may require a development of multiple prompts of different complexity and different customization aspects for the respective use case. We call those prompt clusters “AI-Mini-Apps”. GPTBlue is capable of developing some of the most complex prompt-based applications imaginable.

Advancing with Generative AI

Sooner or later you explore ways to create your own AI models and run them on the BlueCallom.AI platform securely and encrypted. Build stunning customer experience processes, integrate your customers into your processes, and give customers access to data that they would have never seen before because now things get matched easier and faster. At the same time protect certain data that should just be not available outside your organization.

Develop, Test & Deploy with GPTBlue

is the rapid AI Prompt and AI Mini-App development, test, and Deployment system of GTB Blue. Simple Prompts or more sophisticated AI-mini-Apps can be developed in the development environment, tested in a test field with version history, and instantly deployed.

are pages or AI-mini-apps automatically generated by GPTBlue and can be instantly made available to its designated users with various predefined access rights.
a) Users can get invited via email from within the system, requiring an account, and usage is only in a very controlled environment.
b) Users can receive a URL via email and whoever has access to the URL can use the product.
c) You can make the product publicly available via the GPTBlue Store.

BlueCallom GPTBlue Boot Camp

The next GPTBlue Bootcamp is on January 29-30
Main Topics include

  1. Generative AI Foundation
  2. Prompting is a way to interact with an AI
  3. Prompting Categories i.e. conditional and iterative prompts
  4. What business logic can you generate from prompting
  5. Business plan development
  6. Complexity Displacement
  7. Prompt chaining
  8. Prompt Distribution and GPTBlue Exchange
  9. Complete application development
  10. Business development with Prompt Engineering

Leveraging BlueCallom GO-AI
We developed BlueCallom GO-AI as an intelligent and methodical way to implement and adopt AI within an entire enterprise.

* Start with the BlueCallom GO-AI Fast Track Program.
* Conduct an internal AI Opportunity Discovery process.
* Collect ideas from departments about what the most complex, or most time-intensive tasks are.
* Develop AI concepts for each of those tasks – it may be hundreds or even thousands of tasks.
* Create an AI Implementation journey.
* Use the Rapid AI Development and Test Platform GPTBlue.
* Create predefined prompt objects for all teams.
* Initiate the rollout.
* Track usage, issues, and new discoveries.
* Improve and advance together with your entire team.
* Celebrate the innovative spirit that you never thought existed.

BlueCallom GPTBlue History

GPTBlue was originally developed as an internal development tool to create Generative AI components. We started the day the Chat GPT was announced. The success and development speed we experienced with GPTBlue was mind-bending relative to conventional software development. It was also the point in time when we turned BlueCallom into an AI-Native software direction.

Prompt Framing Technology

One of the core developments was our BlueCallom Prompt Framing technology. However, it was far more than technology. it is highly influenced by neuroscience. Language processing is a heavily researched area in neuroscience as it is the most precise access to the brain.

The BlueCallom Prompt Framing technology has a dedicated structure for how prompts get designed to optimize the flow of the content into the neural network of the Generative AI system. Currently, we support four prompt classes of very different complexity levels. They include techniques like conditional prompts, iterative prompts, prompt chaining, and more.

GPTBlue today and where we want to take it

Eventually, we decided to make the tool that allowed us to drive one of the intellectually most demanding jobs, Disruptive Innovation, available as a stand-alone product.
GPTBlue is now developed further to allow the development of enterprise-grade solutions to tackle challenges of any complexity. At the same time, we see a chance to dramatically reduce that complexity as far as humanly and “AIly” possible.