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Axel Schultze, BlueCallom Dream Team

Axel Schultze

Founder & CEO

Axel is co-founder and CEO of BlueCallom Corp. After building four highly innovative businesses, two of which reached the billion $ revenue realm, he was helping startups to do the same. in 2020 he decided to help agile enterprises to become genuinely innovative.

Jan Roebkes, BlueCallom Team

Jan Roebkes

Innovation Success Manager

Jan is our Innovation Success Manager coordinating the necessary insights and resources to make our customers successful and achieve a breakthrough innovation. In this responsibility he is coordinating project timelines, commitments and resources.

Marita Schultze, BlueCallom Dream Team

Marita Schultze

Co-Founder and COO

Marita is co-founder and COO of the BlueCallom Group and is responsible for customer and partner relations. She was instrumental in developing the Deep Innovation Design Model. Prior to that, she was a four times entrepreneur, with four exits, three of them together with her husband, Axel Schultze.

Alyssa Wengi, BlueCallom Team

Philippe Theis

Vice President Innovation Services

Philippe helps leverage the innovation success of our customers and enables them to shape the future. He works with client innovation teams and outlines the entire innovation process by providing methodology training through the entire innovation episodes to create a groundbreaking innovation within six to nine months. He has a background in corporate innovation as well with as entrepreneurial experience.

Tanzeem Mohd, BlueCallom Team

Robert Schütte

Vice President of Products

Robert is defining the vision and roadmap for our BlueCallom Deep platform to support our customers to change the future. The focus is to combine the neuroscience aspect of thinking with AI and a SaaS product delivery. In his former life Robert built already multiple products and lead the architecture for the way into the cloud.

Tanja Sopcic, BlueCallom Team

Tanja Sopcic

Office Manager

Tanja is the first go-to-point for most initial contacts and coordinates inquiries within the organization and our teams in the field. She handles all back-office work, including accounting.

Tanzeem Mohd, BlueCallom Team

Tanzeem Mohd

Chief Technology Officer

Tanzeem brings years of rich experience in building applications using ColdFusion, JavaScript, Oracle, MySQL, team building, and leadership. He is well-versed with complete Software Development Life Cycle projects and excels at realizing unique architectures and web-based SaaS applications.

Tanzeem Mohd, BlueCallom Team

Wolfgang Rieder

Chief Commercial Officer

Wolfgang is Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of BlueCallom Corp. and Head of Sales. He is responsible for developing our enterprise customer base and will develop a partner base for BlueCallom to help scale the organization. He essentially made his career at IBM and PwC where he became a partner and had several top leadership roles.

Wolfgang Rieder, BlueCallom CCO

Tanja Sopcic, BlueCallom Team

Vera Mohr


Vera Mohr is a Neuroscientist and works on expanding our Neuro Innovation approach including cognitive abilities necessary for being successful in innovation teams, the neuro ideation method and neuroscience influence in all other BlueCallom Innovation Methods.

Vera Mohr, Neuroscientist at BlueCallom

Advisory Board

Part of the BlueCallom Dream Team

Cafer Tuson, BlueCallom Team

Christian Weh

Advisory Board Member

Christian is a member of the BlueCallom Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable since its inception. His profound know how about innovation management processes and how they are used in enterprises has provided valuable insights to the group. He was almost 10 years with Johnson & Johnson at last Senior Director of Innovation. Today co-founder of  T-Oncology AG.

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Matthes Fleck, BlueCallom Team

Matthes Fleck Ph.D.

Advisory Board Member

Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck, Director of the Institute of communication and Marketing (IKM), Professor for digital business. Prof Fleck holds a Phd. from the University of St. Gallen. His research focus is on peer-to-peer networks, digital innovation management and platform economy. Matthes  teaches on executive and consecutive level at Lucerne School of Business, University of St. Gallen, University of Zurich and BI Oslo. Since 2015 he is working in cooperation with BlueCallom and is a board member of the World Innovation Forum.

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Thomas Kern, BlueCallom Team

Thomas Kern

Advisory Board Member

Thomas Kern holds a master in computer science from ETH Zürich and an EMBA from HSG St. Gallen. He is Head Core Compliance Services at Credit Suisse. In current client relationships Thomas leads several digital transformation initiatives for major financial institutions with the objective to optimize innovation processes and apply design thinking together with agile software development to capture the business value of the digital transformation.

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