This is a nonpublic pre-release information page for Mentoha, our Artificial Mentor (artificially Intelligent) for all BlueCallom users.
Pronounce mentoa or mentor

How to use it best

“Hey Mentoha – what could I do next?” — “You could look at new entries in the Neuro ideation episode”
“Hey Mentoha – are you my mentor?” — “Yes, I will guide you through BlueCallom on every step on your way. If I wonder what you are doing I throw some question marks and you will notice that I have help available. If I throw exclamation marks I am happy about your action. If I shake my blue fur, you should review your action or ask for help.”
“Hey Mentoha – When is the next team meeting? — “Today at 3:00 pm CET”

Keywords it is responding to

This content will be developed over time as we progress with our digital mentor application

The meaning and history of “Mentoha”

(Born in a BlueCallom)

The meaning of Mentoha is simply being a Mentor. Not a normal mentor though, but one that is creating that “oha”. We are developing Mentoha together with our entire team and all customers and friend volunteering to contribute to its functionality. We will soon show the list of all contributors.

The history of Mentoha goes back to the very early days of BlueCallom where we were testing the first MVP (Minimum Viable Products) to find bugs and errors. To do so we put up actually the first BlueCallom with a fictitious goal to create a next-generation UI. None of the test team members had ever anything to do with UI. The outcome was a stunning interactive system, a voice-activated and gesture-sensing system that has no more keyboard, mouse, or screen attached to a computer. Visualization is supported by screens and holograms like 3D image generation. Today we see this development in the actions for the “Metaverse”.

Where do we want to take “Mentoha”?

It will be more than just a blue-furred mentor that watches users doing their work. Mentoha will watch gestures, recognize spoken thoughts, and differentiate them from opinions or mentioned thoughts from others. It will interact with innovation teams, problem solvers, or creatives in general like a virtual digital being.

How it is constructed

(some tips for developers)

Here we will share what we learned when putting Mentoha together. This will be endless work in progress. There will be no end since we simply keep learning and never stop innovating.