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Innovation-Specific KPI-Framework

Making Innovation Success Predictable

BlueCallom.AI/PRO KPI-Framework

KPI-Framework Description

BlueCallom.AI was from the first line of code developed with a full-scale corporate KPI model in mind. Lack of insights, predictability, peer group data, and so forth is one reason innovation is such a fuzzy engagement. That includes the KPI design process itself.

The BlueCallom KPI-Framework is designed with roughly 500 innovation-specific ‘performance indicators’ in mind. A team of ten has a typical KPI footprint of roughly 50,000 data points. Instead of manually reporting activities, BlueCallom.AI does it automatically in the background. The predictive model, yet another AI module, is responsible for the results. The model was initially trained with data from hundreds of successful startups and unicorns.

The biggest beneficiary from that model is not the management team but the innovation team itself. Before the system reports are generated for management, the intelligent mentor alerts teams of missing actions, weak performances, low KPI achievements, exceeding time suggestions, so they can engage in corrective actions immediately and independently.

Eventually, the performance indicators help management stay on top of the process. 

  • Executive dashboard for enterprise-level, simultaneous innovation efforts 
  • Enterprise-grade report consolidation over four hierarchy levels or more from hundreds of innovation teams worldwide.
  • Corporate rights and rules structure for access protection and data integrity.

Data Model


  • Amount and quality of ideas
  • Amount and quality of market research
  • Amount and quality of customer feedback
  • Degree of innovation
  • Innovation Confluence (Ideation Stimulation)
  • Idea validation level (Market side)
  • Team diversity level
  • Success Probability
  • Innovation Risk Assessment
    and more


  • Innovation time
    • Time to innovate, to validate, to market…
    • Time allocation and actual comparison
  • Budget consumption
    • Budget to innovate, validate, to market…
    • Budget allocation and actual consumption
  • Time to innovation ROI 


  • Innovation team performance comparison
  • Innovation results comparison
  • Innovation flow analysis