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Perspective in an Innovation Organization

What are BluePrompts?

– Prompts are the most strategic connection between a human brain and a Generative-AI system. It transfers our needs and dreams to an AI with the expectation that the result will be the solution to what we want.


– We all learned that it isn’t that easy. Articulating what we want has never been easy. Countless books have been written about how to become successful, how to become an artist, a manager, an athlete… yet reality looked differently.


– What if we could find new ways that helps us state what we want AND what somebody or SOMETHING would clearly understand. We all learned already that the quality of an answer depends on the quality of the question – but what does that mean.

– BluePrompts are uniquely structured based on question types and needs. It’s like the carefully crafted words of a diplomat negotiating between two powerful leaders. If you could ask the most intelligent mathematician the words and language you use is different versus asking the most pragmatic person. Both are humans but both have different ways to process answers. A LLM is designed to have all the answers all the way but YOU still need to craft the question accordingly to YOUR needs.

– BluePrompts are flexible, enough to give you the result you need, for a unique task you are working on, in a unique company you are part of, for a unique case you want the result for. BluePrompts are not necessary to to overcome a deficiency of an AI system, but necessary for us humans to help articulate a need and get a near-perfect result.

How you build your corporate prompt Library

Let your prompt engineers upload prompts to your library-
Different business units may want different libraries-
Manage, measure, and grow your teams’ productivity-
Manage prompt access and distribution-

Perspective in an Innovation Organization
Perspective in an Innovation Organization

How you build your corporate prompt Library

– How your team experiences Gen-AI for business

– Use our explorer prompts to get started

– Show your team how much easier work is when boring jobs get delegated

– A unique and custom UI full of support and guidance is great to work with

– Highly productive prompts, give people more time to grow their business

– Reducing admin overhead by up to 75% unleashes unparalleled motivation.