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The BlueCallom difference

1) Amplifying ingenuity – creating breakthrough innovation
We need to understand how the brain composes ideas before we can even start thinking “innovation”. Today we amplify ingenuity and empower teams to create breakthrough innovations at will.

2) Providing unparalleled innovation predictability
Approximately 90% of all innovation attempts fail. We decided to bring the failure rate down by making innovation success predictable with a unique AI-driven KPI-Framework.

3) Drastically removing administration
Corporate innovation teams spend far too much time on administration. We developed an intelligent design (AI) that manages most administration and provides automatic reporting from the back-end.

Neuro Ideation

The first methodical way to get to breakthrough innovation

BlueCallom Neuro Ideation is a methodical approach to brain stimulation. This method is backed by the BlueCallom DEEP, Neuro Innovation Management platform.

  • Four-step brain stimulation for best ideation performance.
  • Captures thousands of ideas, feedback, research, and decisions.
  • All inputs can be ranked and rated, analyzed, and used for ideation confluence.
  • The intelligent Innovation KPI Framework leverages 20,000+ data points.
  • The digital multi-user canvas can be accessed 24×7 by every teammate.
  • Ability to invite outside users for open innovation projects.
  • Dedicated access for customers and business partners to co-ideate.

BlueCallom KPI-Framework

Making Innovation Success Predictable

BlueCallom DEEP Dashboard

BlueCallom Neuro Innovation Management Solution is unique in its innovation process approach. It did not evolve from project management or other management tools. Instead, it was from the ground up designed for creative innovation processes. That includes the reporting and KPI design process. The genetic computing software architecture tracks thousands of actions to assemble a never seen before data-rich KPI framework.

  • Executive dashboard for enterprise-level, simultaneous innovation efforts 
  • Enterprise-grade report consolidation over four hierarchy levels or more from hundreds of innovation teams across the world.
  • Corporate rights and rules structure for access protection and data integrity.

Innovation Relevant KPIs

  • Amount and quality of ideas
  • Market research
  • Customer Feedback
  • Degree of innovation
  • Innovation Confluence (Ideation Stimulation)
  • Idea validation level (Market side)
  • Team diversity level

Economics Relevant KPIs

  • Innovation time
    • Time to innovate, to validation, to market…
    • Time allocation and actual comparison
  • Budget consumption
    • Budget to innovate, to validate, to market…
    • Budget allocation and actual consumption
  • Innovation ROI

Management Related Reporting

  • Innovation team performance comparison
  • Innovation results comparison
  • Innovation flow analysis

Deep Innovation Design Framework

A modular way to host different methods

BlueCallom DEEP Innovation Journey Map

The Deep Innovation Design Framework is a way for innovation teams to keep their current method or a mix of methods and use them on the BlueCallom DEEP platform.  We offer the possibility to use Design Thinking, Stage-Gate, Horizon, and many other methods or combine them with others or the Deep Innovation Design set of methods.

Deep Innovation Design

For innovation teams who have no method yet, Deep Innovation Design is built to run all ten BlueCallom methods as a base for breakthrough innovation development. It is the youngest innovation technique, developed in 2020 and highly influenced by neuroscience that helped us understand why our ideas get composed the way they do.

Open Deep Innovation Design

Regardless of whether you use the BlueCallom set of methods or your own. The Open Deep Innovation Design architecture is designed to provide the full Innovation KPI capability and also the AI system without limitations to other methods, migrated onto BlueCallom DEEP. This brings predictability, manageability, and speed to innovation engagements to all shapes of innovation methods.