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Generative AI Applications for Corporations

BlueCallom GO-AI

AI Implementation and AI Application Development

Implementation Services

The future of Enterprise Software

Rapid AI Implementation

1) BlueCallom GO-AI is an AI application itself

With GO-AI we make our own experience to switch to AI available to everybody. Our Breakthrough Innovation was originally written as conventional Software. Then we decided to build an AI-native enterprise software. This transformation was our best decision. Eventually, we created our own tools, allowing all employees to use AI and safe hours every day.

2) The process we developed, is now available in BlueCallom.AI
You get systematically guided through the most important steps to make a meaningful, yet rapid AI-Adoption for your company.
* Start with the BlueCallom AI-Apps development training
* Conduct an internal AI Opportunity Discovery process
* Collect ideas from departments about what the most complex, or most time-intensive tasks are.
* Develop AI concepts for each of those tasks – it may be hundreds or even thousands of tasks.
* Create an AI Implementation journey
* Use the Rapid AI Development and Test Platform
* Create predefined prompt objects for all teams
* Manage the rollout

3) BlueCallom GO-AI Advisory Services
The optional advisory services is provided to the team mangers who build the AI Mini-Apps for your organization, to make sure the application building process is successful at any stage of the process.

4) Advance with AI
* Sooner or later you explore ways to create your own AI models and run them on the BlueCallom.AI platform securely and encrypted. Build stunning customer experience processes, integrate your customer into your own processes, give customer access to data that they would have never seen before because now things get match easier and faster. At the same time protect certain data that should just be not available outside your organization.

Upskill and Empower your Team 

Deploy AI Applications within weeks across your entire company. Empower and upskill your team in one step. What could be more exciting than working with the hottest technology that everybody already played with? BlueCallom GO-AI may be the biggest driver for a unique Competitive Advantage in the past two decades. The BlueCallom CODE-FREE AI-Mini-Apps can be created by virtually anybody. Imagine you elevate your team of thousands of employees within a few weeks.

BlueCallom GO-AI Training

Those who will implement Generative AI applications will want to participate in a respective training. BlueCallom is offering those trainings at least four times a year as instructor lead training and also as digital video based trainings.
Main Training Content
* How Generative AI works
* Data, Models and Neural Networks
* How a Large Language Model works
* Prompt Engineering
* Prompt Classes & Techniques
* Neural Prompting
* Prompt Framing Designer
* AI-Mini-App development, testing and deployment

Prompt Framing Technology

The BlueCallom Prompt Framing Development System development started the day the first prompt based AI systems were released. The BlueCallom technology is highly influenced by neuroscience. Language processing is a heavily researched area in neuroscience as it is the most precise access to the brain.

The BlueCallom Prompt Framing technology has a dedicated structure how prompts get designed to optimize the flow of the content into the neural network of the Generative AI system. Currently we support four prompt classes of very different complexity levels. They include techniques like conditional prompts, iterative prompts, prompt chaining and more.

How it works

  1. With BlueCallom GO-AI you develop the best possible Generative AI deployment strategy, based on needs and requirements of your teams. This will probably be the biggest Corporate Problem Solving Initiative ever. You develop the building plan and then the deployment plan.
  2. Already after two weeks you will release the first AI-Mini-Apps to your teams. All they need is a browser and an invitation to join the application.  Using those apps is as easy as ChatGPT. The biggest difference is that all request, all responses and all outputs are dedicated to your business and your brand.
  3. While the team gets familiar with the first simple apps they will come with more ideas, more problems to solve and more concepts to think outside the box. The GPT Blue Development team will continue to provide new mini apps and more complex solutions which maybe complex inside but very simple on the outside to use.
  4. New apps will require internal data from many different sources. This is when you will want to sit down with your IT department to get access to those data. Compliance-, Privacy-, and Legal rules may make it a bit more difficult to get to those data but we are happy to help how to leverage your data without conflicting with what needs to be protected.