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Re-Imagine your business model

Strategic Business Model Development

The Business Model is your economic heart

Consider: Once fixed, business models in the past had been capturing value for years, if not decades. Today: New business models are the toughest to compete with. However, creating new business models is one of the most effective ways to revitalize conventional businesses.

New customer experiences, new pricing models, new ways of financing or charging, and new ways of selling or servicing can double the bottom line. Re-Modelling the core of doing business is smarter than creating a new business or new technology. BlueCallom MODEL is a fast-track process, leveraging the full BlueCallom capabilities, helping corporate leaders in monetizing things differently.

Revisit your business model and possibly redesign it from the ground up.

A smart business model is far more than a new pricing or service offering. It is a new way of doing business. More often than not, competitors may not even notice, yet it’s powerful enough that they will notice your sudden growth.
* Go through a business model opportunity discovery
* Develop ideas what the ideal business model would include
* Validate all ideas with some selected customers and business partners
* Make the necessary financial planning
* Build a prototype for such a model and try it out before you go live.
* Fine-tune the model and make it production ready
* Launch it in your designated market
This entire project an its roughly 70 major tasks are fully supported by an AI including research, feedback analysis, ideation process, and idea stimuli, financial planning, building process and go-to-market launch.

BlueCallom MODEL Advisory Services
The optional advisory services is provided to the project managers who build the new business model for your organization, to make sure the model building process is successful at any stage of the process.

Advanced AI Integration
During the business model process you may want to strengthen customer experience and integrate your customers in the process. You can build your own and very company specific AI applications with the BlueCallom Zero Code application development platform, GPT Blue.

Upskill and Empower your Team 

Deploy AI Applications within weeks across your entire company. Empower and upskill your team in one step. What could be more exciting than working with the hottest technology that everybody already played with? BlueCallom GO-AI may be the biggest driver for a unique Competitive Advantage in the past two decades. The BlueCallom CODE-FREE AI-Mini-Apps can be created by virtually anybody. Imagine you elevate your team of thousands of employees within a few weeks.

BlueCallom MODEL Training

The team that will go through the Business Model Development Process will want to better understand the power of Generative AI to run the Business Model Development software. Equally important would be getting inspired what role AI can play in the business model development.

Main Training Content
* How Generative AI works
* BlueCallom MODEL Software
* Business Model Development Process
* Neuro Ideation
* Business Model Testing
* Business Model Deployment

Business Model Development

You may consider a recuring revenue model, a new service model, a different financing model, a new partner management model, a redesigned franchise model, a new sourcing model and countless other ways of doing business. The big advantage when developing fully integrated business models is that the variety of components will make it extremely difficult to copy by your competitors. There are countless examples where the business model was the real difference between market leader and follower.

Simple business models are those that have only one aspect. For instance a company that has a recuring revenue model but does everything else in conventional manner will make no real difference. If it works well it is copied in no time. But such a model is combined with a new customer experience, accompanied by a new support model and is integrated in a well designed data aggregation model, it becomes superior and most parts are unknown to competitors and often even to the best customers.

How it works

  1. You will identify a team of three who can work on the business model redesign. They will be trained to use the BlueCallom MODEL software (cloud based browser access). With BlueCallom MODEL the teams goes trough a very specific process that has been used with hundreds of fast growing companies.
  2. The Business Model Development process takes 3 to 6 months depending on management agility.
    The Process Software is organized in six distinct Episodes, of which every episode has 10 to 14 tasks each. Every step of the software is an AI based process and an AI based interaction. While teams discuss and develop solutions, conduct research and make decisions, the AI makes suggestions, validates inputs and provides suggestions. Initially it may be very unusual but pretty quickly the fill power of a generative AI system that has access to the combined knowledge of humanity is very apparent.
  3. Once the concept is created, Team and Management will decide to go forward or iterate through the process so far. The non linear process allows iterations and stimulates lateral thinking. That way the whole process is usually to a degree thought through which was impossible without AI support. Human Intelligence Augmentation of an AI system can be for the first time experienced.
  4. The teams will most likely get deeply inspired by the AI support and will get additional ideas how to improve the business model to a degree which was not possible so far. The AI-Mini-App development tools can be used to build very specific apps without coding knowledge. It is basically the same knowlede that is needed to work with ChatGPT.