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BlueCallom.AI End-to-End Innovation Management

Built on the Deep Innovation Design method

BlueCallom.AI/PRO Innovation Journey Map

End-to-End Innovation Process

Going End-to-End

BlueCallom AI is the first innovation management software that is genuinely going End-to-End. It did not evolve from project management or other management tools. Instead, it was developed from the ground up as a creative innovation process solution. It is also not specialized for one of the many innovation tasks but a fully integrated stand-alone solution for an end-to-end innovation journey. The innovation process starts long before idea development, with an innovation opportunity discovery, and finishes only when the solution is successful in its designated market. Moreover, it handles an Innovation Continuum process so that the company can continuously innovate.

Non-Linear Process

Innovation is a lateral process. Teams must think about solutions for situations ahead of time and also look back to ensure that certain strategy aspects or market feedback are not overseen in a process that may take five years or more. Since this is quite difficult for individuals, the process is entirely digitized, and an AI system reminds users about certain aspects whenever it’s time to do so.

Deep Innovation Design

Deep Innovation Design

BlueCallom.AI is the platform to use the End-to-End Deep Innovation Design method. The entire process contains ten separate yet interconnected episodes. Each episode contains a strategic set of neuroscience-inspired tasks that teams perform with the help of BlueCallom.AI.

Networked Technology Approach

Each of the ten Episodes has its dedicated canvas in the intelligent workspace, allowing idea creation, AI-supported research, customer feedback, content ranking, automated KPI aggregation, leverages the IIPGS, and has its dedicated, episode-related reporting. BlueCallom.AI represents a completely Networked Technology approach.