Experience the paradigm shift for yourself.Starting with GPTBlue

Starting with GPTBlue

If accessing Generative-AI applications like GPTBlue is not permitted in your company, like Internet was not allowed in more than 50% of all enterprises for the first few years, please re-explore whenever your business is ready. For general information how Generative-AI works and why GPTBlue plays a vital role, please book one of our programs in the BlueCallom Academy.


We could talk for hours about the importance of Generative AI, how it changes the world, and what it can do for you. As long as our verbal skills cannot explain how a piano sounds, more talking about Gen-AI wouldn’t get you any further as well.


Even if you never used any AI application, you can experience some of its power in an instant when you start the prompts below. They run in your browser, nothing to download.  You don’t need to register, and you don’t need a credit card.

1. Create a test plan for GPTBlue
How can I test GPTBlue in a structured way? Obviously, if you know what you want to test you can do that too.

2. Create an internal GPTBlue Launch Plan

What would a launch plan to get an internal AI network for all employees mean

3) Identify your biggest productivity challenges.

Start at the ground floor. Let your team speak and the AI assesses the hundreds or thousands of responses in one encapsulated step.

If you want to talk to a human we are more than happy to take your call +41 (44) 500 6480. Or you send us an email and we will get back to you with the respective answers.

now Set it in motion

Some background when starting with GPTBlue

The most epic paradigm shift

Generative AI
In a few years we will take about Generative AI as the most epic paradigm shift in modern history – the history of industrialization.  Here is how you can experience yourself how things can change.  But first things first:
    The BlueCallom GPTBlue platform is open, free to use in its full version, no restrictions. Let your teams play with it to understand its power or join a three hour executive workshop.
    We are an independent software company. Our founders started two multibillion Euro tech companies. BlueCallom introduced its GPTBlue Technology in February 2024. We are currently hosted on Google Cloud (Servers are located in Switzerland). Data you enter reside in Switzerland and AI models that you create are not used for training data or become part of the larger model  We use GPT-4o from Open AI as the AI backend. Make sure you are allowed to use GPTBlue inside your organization.
    Our product and our AI prompts and AI Agents is our sales force. Unbiased and they are what they are. They don’t cheat, they don’t waste your time, they don’t sell you, and they are 24×7 available. You decide what you want and if you have any questions our team is here to provide answer and help. This way to explore and decide how you buy products is also a glimpse into the paradigm shift we are talking about. 
    BlueCallom’s business model changes the way you purchase software. We understood over the years, that “A plausible instant ROI would be the best way to invest in IT”, and s we did exactly that. All our cloud based software is and remains to be free of charge. That way you can add as many users as you like with our zero-subscription-model. You only pay for the usage of the prompts, agents as you need them. On average 5 cent per execution or roughly €15 per month for per daily active user. Every prompt or agent calculates its own productivity gain over manual work, with the help of each user. So we don’t blame a user but our software if it is not productive. And you get an instant ROI – no kidding.

Learn where Generative AI projects can take you.

Experience the difference between a chat bots and Generative AI applications any time you like.

    In the past 5 years we studied how our brain is creating thoughts and ideas how to articulating what we want, how we want it and the purpose why we want or do something. We learned how the brain is processing content and how it is similar and also different to an AI. We developed a framework, methods and the Neuro-AI-Fusion concept.
    In 2024 we were awarded with the German Innovation Award 2024 for developing the  “BlueCallom Innovation Framework and GPTBlue software”.
    We invested heavily in making the application intuitive and very easy to use. It’s like a modern Airplane it is mostly on autopilot and you just say where you want to go. GPTBlue is similar but you need to know how the brain can better articulate what it wants, make requests more clear, understand how deep you can go, know the relationship between your conventional data warehouse and an AI-System and its LLM and so forth. Those education programs are offered by our partners and us. Join one of the workshops to learn all about Generative AI, Large Language Models, GPTBlue, Prompts, Agents, and much more. Moreover get a feel for what it can do be using our introductory prompts where you will be surprised how they work.