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Innovations Framework

Ask anything about the BlueCallom Innovations Framework

BlueCallom Innovations Framework

1) Innovation Principles
Key aspects and behaviors of innovation that are success critical independent of tools, software, methods or innovation types (product, business model, experience or organizational innovation). It represents the DNA of innovation and must be understood by every executive driving innovation in their organization.

2) Value Driver
There are three major drivers for corporations to genuinely innovate.
Exceptional Competitive Advantage – as breakthrough innovations are extremely hard to copy, companies with such an innovation are typically years ahead of the competition and can even widen the distance when continuously innovating.
Above Average Profitability – history has shown that innovative businesses can demand higher profitability and nothing is more profitable than highly innovative products.
Longest Lasting Leadership Position – with distancing a company from its competition, continuously innovating and a bigger war chest through above average profitability, the leadership position of such a company usually remains for decades.
Improvements on the other side, is an epic daily fight for relevancy and staying in the upper ranking of companies.

3) Innovation Strategy
Touching on an innovation challenge that requests a strategy for something that is not even discovered at the time the strategy should be created. The Innovation Meta Strategy provides guidance to resolve that oxymoron, an executive mandate is helping teams to understand the significance, scope and magnitude of innovation and a innovation specific strategy can be created thereafter.

4) Innovation Methodologies
While there are countless innovation methods out there, none has yet led to a breakthrough innovation. Without a strategy or scope definition, methods are meaningless tools. The Deep Innovation Design methods therefor mandates a strategy and scope and starts long before ideation and only finishes after the innovation was successful in its designated market.

5) Innovation Organization 
A good strategy contains goals, resources, time and a structure of operation. Innovation organization need to grow and scale with its mandate. Hence it is wise to have a good concept for the organizational structure.

Currently 136 innovation success relevant features dissect every aspect of an innovation journey. Without knowing the full scope of innovation and why certain aspects are mandatory to create a successful innovation manageability, let alone repeatability is impossible or at best pure luck.

Key strategies to instantly accelerate your innovation effort

Get Strategic

You won’t run a mission critical engagement like innovation without a strategy. The BlueCallom Innovation Meta Strategy model allows you to set up your innovation strategy without knowing what the outcome may be. Re-think innovation.

Innovation Budget

Far too much money has been burned through experimenting with innovation playgrounds and acquiring startups. An innovation budget is your investment into the companies future. R&D is your investment in improving existing solutions. Don’t mix one with the other.

Top Innovation Teams

Top talented innovation teams make all the difference. Your Innovation Dream Team comes with highly diverse backgrounds and innovation relevant cognitive abilities. Our Dream Team Manger helps with the team assembly.

Breakthrough Ideation

Be determined to create a breakthrough – because you can. Forget 60 minute brainstorming. Your brain needs 4 weeks dedicated stimulation to get to a breakthrough almost guaranteed. Neuro Ideation is an all new way with a predictable outcome.


No question this is even harder than creating sensational innovation concepts. A unique model that most unicorns have practiced was converted to an enterprise-ready method. The I2M Method gets your disruptive solution to its designated market.

Growth & Scaling

Innovative solutions win markets with innovative production methods, innovative marketing, innovative sales, innovative services and innovative business models. The growth and scaling methods and system help do that with your breakthrough solutions.

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