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BlueCallom Neuroscientist Vera MohrI am delighted to introduce myself as a neuroscientist joining BlueCallom to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the field of neuroscience.

My name is Vera Mohr, and I am thrilled to join the BlueCallom team. My focus in BlueCallom is developing a solid neuroscience-driven competitive advantage for innovation management. Neuroscience and innovation are closely related to a better understanding of the human brain and its functions, inspiring new ideas and solutions in innovation. “We must start with our brains to understand how innovative ideas are created.”

When we read these words, the photons associated with the patterns of the letters hit our retina, and their energy triggers an electrical signal in the light-detecting cells there. That electrical signal propagates like a wave along the long threads called axons that are part of the connections between neurons. When the signal reaches the end of an axon, it causes the release of chemical neurotransmitters into the synapse, a chemical junction between the axon tip and target neurons. A target neuron responds with its electrical signal, which, in turn, spreads to other neurons. Within a few hundred milliseconds, the signal has spread to billions of neurons in several dozen interconnected areas of our brain, and we have perceived these words. During this process, we probably didn’t even break a sweat.

When we sum up the process, it is just electrochemical reactions that make us think. External stimuli directly trigger thoughts…. a feather brushes our skin, we see these words on the computer screen, and we hear a phone ring. Each of these events triggers a series of signals in the brain. That’s why we can only think of something by relying on past experiences.

By holding a Master’s Degree in Neuroscience from Fribourg University, I conducted research on the neural mechanisms underlying the human default network, which explains how creative ideas get created. Also my bachelor’s degree in Psychology gave me a broad understanding of human behavior with environmental changes. During my schooling, I provided brain imaging techniques to the different fields of neuroscience, such as neural circuits involved in decision-making. I also had experiences in various international laboratories to improve my neuroscience understanding, including MIT Media Lab, National Magnetic Resonance Research Center, and Cognitive Neuroscience Unit.

The brain is the most sophisticated computing device we know of. Studying the brain’s neural networks allows us to develop more powerful ideas to make breakthrough innovations. A deep understanding of the brain and its functions is a valuable asset as it is necessary to innovate new technologies and products that improve people’s lives worldwide.

I am honored to be a part of the BLC team and apply my expertise in neuroscience to support our customers in creating innovative solutions.”
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