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Know what Key Performance Indicators are in general.

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How the AI & KPI Framework Training enhances your innovation leadership

Five areas where the BlueCallom KPI Framework Manager program will make a difference to you:

  1. Understanding the power of AI in an innovation management system.
  2. Knowing how AI is feeding the BlueCallom KPI Frameworks and vice versa.
  3. Learn how an intelligent KPI-Framework can create an amazing level of predictability.
  4. Helping your team and leaders how innovation success predictability is possible.
  5. Find great ways to leverage KPIs and innovation results for your annual report.

Leverage the AI-driven KPI Framework to accelerate innovation success.

Learn how an Artificial Intelligence-driven KPI-Framework can help make educated innovation management decisions.

BlueCallom developed disruptive methods to amplify ingenuity and the way we create disruptive concepts. The next generation is now introducing Artificial Intelligence to predict the most likely outcome of an innovation engagement early on before any major investments need to be made. To do so we designed the KPI-Framework in a way that it captures roughly 20,000 innovation relevant data points and creates a probability of success. The probability is a dynamic value that can be influenced by the team by performing tasks that are more success relevant. The AI system is in constant contact with the team and dynamically adjusts the success values as they are created. With this method Innovation teams neither need to create reports that can be interpreted to generate KPI values to then return the results to the team often weeks later. The whole process is in real-time and does not even need any reporting work from the team.

You will learn about the structure of the respective innovation performance indicators how they are generated, how they are compiled, and how they calculated values that indicate progress and success probability. While innovation Teams focus entirely on their ingenuity and innovation success the BlueCallom AI is the first full-scale business operation management system.

Who is this for?

Executives needing to direct their company towards more innovation, board members, shareholders, union leaders, industry associations, economists, government representatives.

What you will learn

In the BlueCallom KPI Framework Manager Training, you will learn how an AI-System is actually built, how it is able to handle innovation process administration, and leverage the BlueCallom KPI framework for user guidance. You will also learn how BlueCallom’s intelligent KPI Framework is structured and how to assess its values.

  • How Artificial Intelligence actually works in layman’s terms
  • What an Intelligent KPI-Framework is all about
  • How the KPI-Framework aggregates performance indicators
  • The impact of dynamic KPIs accessible in real-time
  • How an AI system can respond to KPI data that comes from another AI
  • How the AI system removes all administrative work from the innovation teams
  • How AI is able to guide innovation teams to more ingenuity and success
  • What can you learn from performance indicators
  • How managing teams with the support of AI may change
  • What performance can you expect from a top innovation team
  • How and from what data sources innovation predictability is achieved
  • How to leverage  KPIs and predictions with your board and investors

Skills you will acquire

  • Artificial Intelligence Data Assessment base skills
  • KPI system assessment skills
  • Innovation performance indicators assessment skills

Your Instructors

The BlueCallom instructor team consists of successful entrepreneurs and experienced academics ensuring the finest learning experience based on practical and theoretical expertise.

Matthes Fleck, instructor for Innovation Executive - BCIE Training Axel Schultze, instructor for Innovation Executive - BCIE Training

Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck

Innovation Management Academy Director

Axel Schultze

CEO of BlueCallom

BlueCallom KPI Framework Manager
Program Details & Application

ID 205185

  • 1-weeks, instructor-led online training
  • 4 days of 4-hour sessions each
  • Max. 16 attendees

At present day, all our training is conducted online. BlueCallom is professionally connected via ultra-high-speed fiber connections to the Internet. We are using HD cameras and professional audio equipment.
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