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Managed Innovation Service

What we do, why it is important, what is the result

1) BlueCallom takes over management and responsibility

It may be daunting to manage a billion Euro innovation effort while having countless other responsibilities. As an executive, you want to ensure that your first real innovation project is booming, and learning by doing is not an option. The BlueCallom innovation experts team and its executives manage and guide an innovation project with its full attention.

2) Resources
While we manage the innovation journey, we suggest the team, typically 6 to 12 people, come from within the organization. We will interview, select and onboard them into the project, train them, and start innovating. If no resources are available, we can hire the team.

3) Progress, Milestones, and Reporting
Innovation is about relentless execution. Our project leadership will moderate, guide, and coach the team and empower them to unexpected capabilities. More than 120 milestones need to be completed, and for each, we provide reports and guidance to the company management.

4) Outcomes
Six months after their training, the team has created a breakthrough innovation concept, including market validation, ready to fund the next phase, Phase 2 of 3. One year later, the innovation is in the market and explored by serious customers. If any regulations need to be fulfilled, the necessary compliance work extends the process. Two years later, the innovation is on an exponential growth course and completes Phase 2, transcending to the last Phase 3. The scaling and going global phase take another 3 to 5 years, and the BlueCallom team can manage the phases individually. At the end of Phase 3, the innovation should be recognized market leader, deliver an ROI, and represent 10+% of the corporation’s revenue with significantly above-average profitability.

Management Innovation Workflow

Innovation Services Implementation

Managed Innovation Experience

Some principles first

Innovation success is almost guaranteed when a top team is assembled, and the CEO provides a clear mandate. To ensure success, we help that both requirements are in place before we start innovating.
Innovation is a journey and not a conventional process. Multi-billion Dollar/Euro innovation opportunities have their own dynamics and are all described in detail in the Innovation Framework. That Framework is the Gold Standard for our team.

Our Innovation Experience

Our founders founded, grew and exited four disruptive companies. After selling their last company they helped startups to become highly innovative, three moved up to unicorn level. Thanks to neuroscience they learned how our brain composes and handles disruptive idea development. Today, they help enterprises do what is necessary to get to breakthrough innovation within six months.

How we work

  1. We want to ensure that your first innovation project with BlueCallom is successful. This is not only in your interest but also in our interest.
  2. At our kick-off meeting, we walk you through the entire process, all the way to innovation success.
  3. We start with Executive Workshops where we develop innovation goals, define what success is, develop an Innovation Meta Strategy, and help craft an innovation mandate. After that, we help you attract the best possible talents. Once onboarded, we train them.
  4. Your first BlueCallom innovation project can start. We manage the team on all aspects of the innovation journey.