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Implementation Services

Kick Start Implementation

Get started within a few weeks

Kick Start Implementation Benefits

Everything to get started fast
The Innovation Kick Start Implementation is a complete program to get started in no time. Tools, Training, Guidance, Support, and the License to use the software in the first six months with up to 25 users.

Neuro Ideation
No matter which methodology you prefer, Neuro Ideation will work in any method. You will learn to use First Principle Thinking, Analogous Thinking, Innovation Confluence, and getting to the CallomBurst, where breakthrough innovations will flow.

AI and KPI-Framework
You will appreciate the power of an AI system that takes the administration work off of the innovation team’s shoulders and let them work creatively all the time. The intelligent KPI-Framework will not only excite executives but help the team to focus and work success-oriented.

Open Method Platform
The ten methods of the Deep Innovation Design framework is guiding teams from early opportunity discovery to scaling innovation in the market. However, should you already use a method such as Design Thinking, Stage-Gate, Horizon, Triz, or others, they can easily be migrated into the Deep Innovation Design Framework. BlueCallom is not charging anything extra for using a different method.

 BlueCallom Kick Start Implementation

Who is it for Duration Expected outcome Certificate
Corporations in need of genuine innovation 4 weeks Ready to start and a first breakthrough innovation in 3 months BlueCallom Implementation Certificate
Team size Prerequisite Fees Delivery mode
5 to 25* Innovation Readiness Check Depending on scope Digital
Online collaboration 

*Additional users can be purchased.

Genuine innovation is a breakthrough, usually disruptive, innovation. It changes the way people do things. It is not an improvement of an existing solution.

Why are we so sure about our results?

  1. We know from neuroscience and also from our own experience as entrepreneurs, as well as experiences with startups we guided to groundbreaking innovation in the past years, that creating ideas is neither accidental nor random.
  2. Based on the understanding, of how our brain composes ideas, we are able to stimulate innovative ideas and come to groundbreaking ideas within four weeks on average. On the contrary, if a team can’t get to a groundbreaking concept within that approximately 4 weeks timeframe, it most likely never will. That makes genuine innovation even more predictable than improvements.
  3. However, we know that the initial value of an idea is zero. Despite its strategic importance, the value of an idea only grows with its distribution in the market. The duality of brilliant ideation and relentless execution is driving innovation success. One is nothing without the other.

Experience and Philosophy

Kick Start Implementation Program

Innovation Readiness assessment

This service program will help you get a good understanding of the prerequisites of driving breakthrough innovation to success. During the readiness assessment, we will work with you to ensure innovation readiness inside your organization, and your team. You and we, want to be sure that there is no obstacle within the current organization. Should there be any major obstacles we will help you find ways to remove those obstacles. You can easily do your innovation readiness check online.

Leadership Workshop (1 day)

This one-day workshop is primarily for senior executives to see the full scope of an innovation engagement. Most of the activities may be clear, but managing innovation from the point of identifying opportunities, all the way to successfully scale it in the designated market has a lot of moving parts. Executives want to know them, how to deal with them and how to avoid any risks. This also denotes the end of hoping and guessing that innovation will be happening.

Innovation Strategy development (1 day)

Here, we jointly explore the development of a strategy to innovate and succeed in the long run. This is a strategy to get to innovation, independent of any specific innovation. It is the strategy to the goal that a company has set regarding innovation, how this goal can be achieved through tools, methods, and technology. It is also a strategy for resources, talents, and their respective qualities. The innovation strategy gives timelines, budgets, ROI requirements, business directions, and strategic objectives. All this is built on the fact that ideas are not random and groundbreaking concepts are developed in 4-6 weeks or will never arise.

Innovation Dream Team assembly (1 day)

Like every success of strategic importance, also innovation success is based on the quality of the team. An Innovation Dream Team consists of diverse backgrounds and unified cognitive abilities. The background diversity brings very important insights from different perspectives to the innovation concept. Cognitive abilities are necessary to get to brilliant ideas and later to exceptional execution. Innovation needs those diverse backgrounds and those special abilities – one can’t go without the other.

Deep Innovation Design Masters Program (5 days)

Assuming the organization’s readiness, executive buy-in is given, a strategy is in place, and a dream team is assembled, now, the team gets trained. The Deep Innovation Design Master program is focused on creating breakthrough innovation and the best ways to bring such innovation to its designated audience. In this training, the team learns to leverage the BlueCallom technology to successfully develop a breakthrough for their industry within six to nine months.

BlueCallom AI and KPI Framework introduction (1 day)

In this one-day workshop, you learn about the basic structure of AI in general and how it is applied at BlueCallom. You learn how the intelligent KPI-Framework gets its data and what it does so that it can reasonably predict the innovation outcome early on. You also learn how that KPI-Framework is used to dynamically help team members navigate through the innovation processes based on their past activities and activities at hand.

BlueCallom DEEP enterprise license for 6 months 25 users

To complete the Kick Start Implementation, you get a six month 25 user enterprise license to work with the system and get to experience the power of an end-to-end innovation management system, a deeply thought out innovation preparation, an innovation system with almost zero administration overhead (thanks to an AI system) and an intelligent KPI-Framework that runs in the background without bothering any users. The team will experience that eye-opening event of creating a breakthrough innovation that most people believe is not possible. You will use the latest BlueCallom DEEP  Neuro Innovation Management software to get it all done and keep all the innovative thoughts, research, customer feedback, reports, and data in one system that you can always go back to.