A billion-dollar innovation is not done with a few brainstorming meetings. We started with a big problem (see history below) and have the vision to develop technology for innovation teams to innovate like never before imaginable. Now we are ready to go. Ready to Callomize On Wed, Oct 15, we introduced our “Neuro Ideation” methodology. […]

When understanding how our mind composes and processes ideas, we must ask how we can leverage those cognitive abilities, control them, influence them, and improve our thinking skills? The Neuro Ideation method is the first step in that direction. 0) Experiences are Innovation Silver There is no more relevant experience owner in the market than […]

During school and later in business 90%+ of humans become unknowingly and with no bad intention from others an ever more linear thinker. Everything – and I mean everything – is structured in the next 3, 5, 10 steps to do this or that. Moreover after we see positive results from that mechanism, we even […]

Remember our first webinars? We talked about the concept of Deep Innovation Design in January this year. We made the analogy to athletes and how they went through an amazing transformation. In just 50 years amazing super stars! Today we are ready to rock innovators, managing their mind, like others their body. .Today we have […]

End of an exceptional project In 2015 we asked ourselves: “how can we help startups in our accelerator to create a disruptive business model?” The initial response was – impossible. Impossible was all my life a ‘wake word’ triggering my mind like no other word. With first successes and countless questions how we came up […]

HOW DO YOU THINK INNOVATIVE After 4 years of research, we found the answer to one of the most often asked questions: “How did you guys come up with all your innovative ideas?” One in particular, “How do you think innovative? Tell me, step by step”. Four years ago we did not have any clear […]

Corporate Innovation Labs – Counter Intuitive Ingenuity – The corporate innovation teams are typically composed of brilliant minds, top notch experts. It they can’t solve a problem, nobody can. Is that wrong? Seriously would you expect a sales manager sits down and innovates and finds a new algorithm? Certainly not. Or maybe a financial controller […]

After Corona (Covid-19) there will rarely be anything as it was. The understanding of the fragility of our global economy, the huge digital divide, our ability to collaborate, and much more is changing right now faster than ever before. And there is no reason to go back. We are experiencing an amazing transformation and shift, […]

THE QUEST FOR MORE INNOVATION In the last five to ten years, pretty much any business and any government was pushing for more innovation. But if somebody was asked “How do I innovate? Tell me step by step”, there was no tangible answer. When I was asked that very question, in particular the “step by […]

This is not quite our social style but the current situation requires a new discipline: Digital Interaction ALL PROGRAMS DIGITAL All our programs, workshops, seminars, our customer interaction, our support and our customer meetings are 100% digital. WELL EQUIPPED We are equipped with very easy to use video conference tools, and also use the most […]