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Innovation Meta Strategy

Innovation Meta Strategy Model

An Innovation Strategy has a specific challenge. The actual goal or innovation is unknown when the strategy is created. To overcome that challenge, the BlueCallom Innovation Meta Strategy was developed as an umbrella strategy. The goal is defined as a breakthrough innovation in a specific strategic direction with a corresponding corporate objective. By taking the Innovation Principals into account, an Innovation Meta Strategy can lead to a strategic innovation effort where the GOAL is a VALUE for the business rather than a PRODUCT, and the mission is a path to get there versus a way to the specific destination. This intellectual twist will most likely be appreciated after the first innovation projects.

  1. Goal and Mission
    What is the major goal and the mission for the enterprise innovation effort in general and independent of the goals of any individual innovation project?
  2. Innovation Direction
    In what business directions should the innovations be considered? 
  3. Innovation Leadership
    What will the Innovation leadership structure look like from C-Level down. What talents what responsibilities.
  4. Strategic constraints
    What strategic constraints shall be considered regarding markets, technologies, and other aspects.
  5. Stakeholder Management
    What are the typical innovation stakeholders, how will they be integrated, managed and legally bound?
  6. Innovation Economics
    What are the innovation economic, including revenue and profit expectations, investments, and budgets?
  7. Innovation Timeline
    What innovation timelines are expected, considering typical innovation market dynamics?
  8. Talents and resources
    What talents will you need, how will they be selected, onboarded and integrated? What resources and infrastructure is needed?
  9. Innovation Organization
    How will the innovation organization be structured in terms of leadership, legal aspect and corporate integration?
  10. Manageability and KPIs
    How will you manage the innovation processes and different teams? What innovation related KPIs will be used and how will budget be managed? 

Executive Innovation Mandate

The one-page Executive Innovation Mandate provides orientation, guidance, and directions without limiting the horizon. Openly communicated corporate constraints alleviate innovation efforts that won’t make it to a financing round.

The Key aspects are:

  1. Significance
    What is the significance of the innovation project to the company, how does it make a difference.
  2. Scope
    What is the scope of the innovation, in regards to the organization, initial budgets and scaling
  3. Magnitude
    What is the magnitude to the company, to the shareholders, to the market capitalization





The BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework white paper covers all five innovation framework groups and its over 100 different features. The white paper will be roughly 50 pages.
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BlueCallom offers a two-day Innovation Framework Training covering all aspects the framework. It will explains why and how a framework is of critical importance and significant help in creating genuine breakthrough innovation.
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