Neuro Ideation™

The first methodical way to get to breakthrough innovation within a predictable timeframe.

Why breakthrough within six months?

Every idea ever created is a composition of past experiences. This understanding from modern neuroscience became the foundation for Neuro Ideation – a technique that goes far beyond brainstorming. Today we know that our brain can create nothing without having already corresponding experiences. If you don’t believe it, create something radically new with Lexicrypt.

Another key aspect is that our brain is the most energy consuming organ. Even the greatest thinker needs to pause once in a while. We may stretch the process with different ways of thinking, different methods, different stimuli, but after about four weeks our brain is exhausted. Given a period of four weeks methodical innovation opportunity discovery, another four weeks dedicated needs and dreams analysis, four weeks of solution ideation and another two weeks to compile everything, 3 ½ Months are gone. Then you do another four weeks of in-market idea or concept validation. If the result is good, you prepare the financial plan to go build it and go to market. In other words, now six months have past and you have your breakthrough innovation not only conceptualized but validated on your market.

To learn more about Neuro Ideation, you may want to watch our Webinar Recording.

How do we think?

When understanding how our mind composes and processes ideas, we must ask how we can leverage those cognitive abilities, control them, stimulate them, influence them, and improve our thinking skills. This can be very easily learned by talents with the respective cognitive abilities. Neuro Ideation is a gateway to a completely new understanding of how ideas get composed.

If a team takes more than six months, they can close the project. Timing is of essence as our brain has only a certain time span for certain things. Moreover, we have to realize, people who can’t comprehend the problem can’t solve it – extra time doesn’t really help. 

Experiences are Innovation Gold
Customers are the most relevant experience owner. As a result, customers are strategically valuable to any market-facing innovation project. The Innovation Opportunity Discovery method leverages the customer perspective to transform their feedback into groundbreaking innovation. It is highly recommended that you add some selected customers with a great level of the 8C cognitive abilities to your team.

Imagine the following ideation process is like climbing Mount Everest. All the preparation so far gave you everything you need to get up. Now you are at the base camp of the ‘Idea Mountain’. You and your team need to fuse to one and begin to climb.

1) First Principle Thinking
Neuro Ideation and First principle thinking First principle thinking is a powerful technique to empty your brain and start from scratch. Don’t get irritated by existing situations, limitations, or anything that is known for not working. The team must explore the most rudimentary elements that are necessary to constitute a situation or solution. Everything that is “innovated” on top of it indicates a new layer of thinking. Experiment with different thoughts to put on top of each other. Let the brain play with those layers in an unattended thought modus.  You reached Camp 1. 
2) Analogous Experience Connections
Analogous Experience Connection Analogous experience search describes a search operation in the brain for similar situations. Add a layer of complexity by searching for similar but definitely UNRELATED situations. The brain then looks for unrelated past experiences that are similar. Analogous experience connections are NOT ideation mechanisms but a primer for different thoughts. The process is only to list analogous situations – not to create analogous ideas. At this point, the innovation team has reached Camp 2.
3) Idea Confluence
Neuro Ideation and idea confluence After analogous ideas were found, study idea confluence in the area of interest and in past innovations. You notice that one idea has been built on top of another. Your brain connects that process with the previous analogous idea process. It may try to indicate things that need to be innovated before you get to the ultimate solution. Now play with thoughts that build innovative solutions on top of what you have – yet it will not be the final outcome. Keep idea confluence in mind throughout the entire ideation process and thereafter. At this point, the team has reached Camp 3 in the ideation journey.
4) CallomBurst
Neuro Ideation and the CallomBurst The next phase is focused on evaluating the current ideas for their innovative potential without limit. You are now looking for the ideal solution that is far out in the future under the assumption that you have unlimited time, unlimited financial resources, unlimited access to the most unique experts and you have a guardian angel that helps you think the impossible. Discuss solution options and keep in mind that you will want to use all ideas that are composed in this session. Try to get so far in thinking that you know the solution is is impossible to realize. This is not a waste of time. It will tell you when you crossed the line of your own capacity. And only then have you reached your maximum intellectual and cognitive limits. We call that point the CallomBurst.
To step back to more realistic solutions is easy but when you never reach your limits you will never get to your full potential. Moreover – you will be very surprised about what happens in the years to come. Wow – you reached Camp 4. The one right below the summit. Take a good night sleep and remind your brain to look for the ultimate groundbreaking solution while you sleep. Don’t interfere with your brain now and sleep.
5) Innovation Summit
Innovation Summit Get up early. The last step of the ideation process is the Innovation Summit. You rise to the top and see the wonders of this world or the amazing process of ideation you went through. The pictures are no different. The goal of this teamwork is to combine and recombine different experiences in an overall vision.  At this stage, you only share your entire experience, all your thoughts, and compose a summary. In the end, this result will be a novel and groundbreaking innovation due to the techniques utilized to form it.

Two connecting neurons

This stunning event was filmed by neuroscientist Dr. Lila Landowski.  You’re watching two neurons that she saw under the microscope sensing one another and connecting.