Neuro Innovation Management
Built for the Big 5 Innovation Types

Product Innovation

Focused on the product side. This is the classic way to innovate and the most obvious to be recognized by the market. However, it is also the easiest to copy and to quickly outperform.

Experience Innovation

The most effective way to innovate, only recognized by users, and communicated through advocacy. Experiences include general customer experience all the way to entire entertainment solutions: the hardest to copy and easiest to create a marketing buzz for.

Business Model Innovation

The most successful way to innovate with a big impact on the industry. Typically goes hand in hand with an experience innovation. Very good to have advocates create a marketing buzz. The hardest way for the competition to copy, even to compete with.

Organizational Innovation

Innovation within the organizational structures, mainly for process acceleration, customer experience, resulting in increased profitability. It is tough to copy (if not done by consultants), making it very hard to understand from the outside and even the inside.

Structural Innovation

Supra-Enterprises, companies bigger than 25,000 employees, seems to have the hardest time creating truly ground-breaking innovation.  Top Executives, boards, and major Investors have to agree on creating a new leadership structure to bring innovation forward.