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Regaining the navigation of an enterprise – Complexity Control

BlueCallom DISRUPT

Organization complexity has outgrown the human comprehension span

Large Scale Business Transformation

Thanks to Generative AI for Complexity Displacement
and Human Intelligence Augmentation

1) Regaining control of an enterprise

The complexity of our modern organizations has outgrown the human comprehension span no matter how intelligent one is. Humanity always has developed tools when our society is in danger. The tool that can help manage complexity like anything else, is Artificial Intelligence. Quick fixes only amplify the  growth of complexity. BlueCallom TRANSFORM is a dedicated Innovative Business Transformation Management System focusing on displace complexity superseding our comprehension span.

2) The AI-based transformation process makes all the difference
Transformation teams need uniquely skilled individuals who are able to literally communicate with an AI system like with another human being. The language is a natural language like English, Spanish, German, Vietnamese… but the conversation need to be extremely logic focused so that the rest of the team can use it in their day to day conversation language. BlueCallom TRANSFORM uses a special technology called Prompt Framing to communicate with an AI without needing to be a Prompt Engineer.
Together with Human Intelligence Augmentation, employees don’t get replaced by AI but augmented like a power drill augments a persons crafting skills and drills a hole in the wall much easier.

* Have your Transformation Team join the BlueCallom TRANSFORM training
* Conduct a Transformation Opportunity Discovery process
* Collect ideas from customers, partners and internal teams
* Organize several AI-aided Neuro Ideation meetings
* Validate the concept with the target audience
* Prepare well for Transformation Financing
* Build a first pilot project and get it adopted by the organization
* Deliver more solutions and develop an innovative launch
* Get it into the entire organization as quickly as possible.
* Empower all employees to use the AI-driven activity support system (no training needed)
* Scale globally

Each step is heavily supported by the Generative AI system BlueCallom TRANSFORM

3) BlueCallom TRANSFORM Advisory Services
The optional advisory services is provided to the Transformation Team Mangers who handles the Transformation. It helps to make sure the entire process is successful at any stage of the journey and conducted in a timely order.

BlueCallom DISRUPT - Innovation Framework


BlueCallom TRANSFORM is the first AI-driven Innovative Business Transformation Management Software. It did not evolve from project management or other management tools. Instead, it was developed from the ground up as an Innovative Business Transformation Management Solution. It is also not focused on one of the many transformation tasks but a stand-alone solution for an enterprise no matter what the internal systems or processes look like. This is possible through the usage of AI that has a very different horizon and is not a conventional linear process with predefined rules. The process starts with an transformation opportunity discovery, and finishes only when the solution is successful and fully adopted by the organization, customers and vendors. Moreover, it handles a Transformation Continuum process so that the company can continuously align itself instead of making those major shifts that always contain a much higher risk than continuous adoption.

BlueCallom De-Administration

Moving repeatable admin work to the AI

    All transformation-relevant KPI data will be aggregated by the system in the background so that no KPI data need to be reported by the team.
    The intelligent KPI Framework processes 20,000+ data points leveraging AI-driven predictive models to help users achieve their goals and get alerts when they risk failing.
    All reports from work performed in the system will be compiled automatically by BlueCallom TRANSFORM and generated in a standard PDF format for management.
    The intelligent workspace creates task vectors to be shared with the system for easy navigation through multi-year processes.
BlueCallom DISRUPT - Innovation Journey Map

Incomprehensibly Interwoven Processes

Today’s organizations have simply outgrown the human capacity to easily make changes, adjustments or redesign them in general. We cannot continue to work with patchwork management. What is try for Innovation, that it is the most intellectually demanding job is even more true for business transformation. Every single enterprise on the planet struggles with keeping their organization on a top level. It is simply too complex to think through everything. Human Intelligence Augmentation on a top level makes a difference with the help of AI.

BlueCallom DISRUPT - Non-linear Process

Non-Linear Process

Transformation, like Innovation is a lateral process. Teams must think about solutions for situations ahead of time and also look back to ensure that certain strategy aspects or market feedback are not overseen in a process that may take a year and effectively goes on in an uninterrupted evolutionary process. Since such a process handling may be difficult for some individuals, the process is entirely digitized, and an AI system reminds users about certain aspects whenever it’s time to do so.

BlueCallom DISRUPT - KPI Framework

KPI-Framework Description

BlueCallom was from the first line of code developed with a full-scale corporate KPI model in mind. Lack of insights, predictability, peer group data, and so forth is one reason innovation is such a fuzzy engagement. That includes the KPI design process itself.

The BlueCallom KPI-Framework is designed with roughly 500 innovation-specific ‘performance indicators’ in mind. A team of ten has a typical KPI footprint of roughly 50,000 data points. Instead of manually reporting activities, BlueCallom.AI does it automatically in the background. The predictive model, yet another AI module, is responsible for the results. The model was initially trained with data from hundreds of successful startups and unicorns.

The biggest beneficiary from that model is not the management team but the innovation team itself. Before the system reports are generated for management, the intelligent mentor alerts teams of missing actions, weak performances, low KPI achievements, exceeding time suggestions, so they can engage in corrective actions immediately and independently.

Eventually, the performance indicators help management stay on top of the process.

  • Executive dashboard for enterprise-level, simultaneous innovation efforts
  • Enterprise-grade report consolidation over four hierarchy levels or more from hundreds of innovation teams worldwide.
  • Corporate rights and rules structure for access protection and data integrity.