Are your quanta already entangled?


I will go slightly off-topic but will connect at the end.

I’m talking about the latest and most advanced learning in modern physics. By now, most of us have heard the term Quantum Entanglement as part of quantum physics. It is yet another dramatic shift in our understanding of the universe. But what does it really mean to us – or at least some of us?  Are your quanta already entangled?


Assume we can get a camera onto Proxima Centauri, our next neighboring star system, about 4.2 light years away. A radio signal would take 4.2 years to reach earth. Let’s assume we even have a station there, and somebody pushes the SOS button. We would know 4.2 years later that somebody did that. Our response would take 8.4 years to arrive after the incident happened. Sorry, too late. BUT – what if – we could bring an entangled quantum system to that star and put it into a quantum computer? That quantum computer could send signals to us, and we receive them at the very moment they are sent. This little example leads to a huge question:


Extraterrestrial intelligent beings would die laughing when they see our yeti programs and how we listen to signals outside our solar system. If, for instance, they live just a lousy thousand light years away from us (still in our local galaxy – roughly 100,000 lightyears in diameter) and use our radio signal technology, they would listen to lizards, pythons, and the “songs” of Homo Sapiens roaming the savanna in Africa. And even today, sending powerful radio waves, hoping we get answers, it would take a thousand years to arrive and another 1,000 years to receive the response :). Now you know where I am going. With QE (quantum entanglement), we would hear and see each other as if we were next door. How would we do this? We would need a quantum detector. That’s it. Yes, they exist already. An advanced civilization would ONLY communicate with us using entangled quantum systems. If an alien civilization is not ready to leverage quantum communication, it is too primitive for them to investigate. No wonder was Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger awarded a Nobel Prize for discovering quantum entanglement.


Now tune your quantum detector and start chatting with those guys millions of lightyears away. It is the very first reasonable way to communicate with alien civilizations. We are probably still several years away from even having the base technology straightened out, Yet, I’m sure there are hyper-agile nations that will get the first contact during our lifetime.

I leave the rest of the speculation about what this all means for you to muse over it during the holidays. Moreover, I GIVE YOU A TASK to learn everything you need to know about quantum physics within less than half a day. No kidding – seriously, this is learning on steroids. Start by getting these 10 questions answered from ChatGPT like no expert, no university Ph.D., and no quantum physics scientist could answer it:

  1. Can a quantum particle be described as an energy field?
  2. What are subatomic particles
  3. Is an electron always also a quantum?
  4. How to get two quanta entangled
  5. When does an entangled quantum change its state?
  6. Can a quantum state change be stimulated, and would an entangled quantum change its state based on that stimulation?
  7. How can a quantum state be measured?
  8. What is a quantum system comprised of?
  9. Can two quantum get self-entangled without stimulation from the outside?

9a. How can two quanta become entangled as a result of their own internal dynamic? I had to learn about the internal dynamics as it was mentioned in the previous answer

10. What are possible behaviors of entangled particles that non-entangled particles don’t show?

Go to: If anything in an answer is unclear, ask to explain what is unclear before you move on. Then ask the next question. There are only three general outcomes:

A) You can’t believe how fast you learn even if you have no physics degree and have never heard of quantum entanglement before (like me)

B) you feel it is too complicated because your brain resists learning, and you are 100% sure that you will not understand. Think about your ability to learn new things, think about lifelong learning, and find a way to clean up your neuropathway situation and lack of neuroplasticity. Questions, ChatGPT has brilliant answers for.

C) you even resist spending time revitalizing your learning ability, because you are too busy or too old (same problem class), still enjoy the holidays and have fun with the next TV series starting soon to entertain you. The brain is like a computer garbage in – garbage out 🙂

I found this a quantum leap in learning. I’m known for very fast learning (not by my teachers, they kicked me out of school because of my learning disabilities) – but this accelerated my ability to learn even more. Give it a shot.


If we think of fast communication throughout the universe, now we have at least the technological foundation. It’s also the fabric for many innovations leveraging quantum entanglement. And this is just the beginning. If brain processes rely on quantum mechanics, it could explain why our brains are so powerful. A team of researchers possibly witnessed entanglement in the brain, perhaps indicating that some of our brain activity, and maybe even consciousness, operates on a quantum level.

And to close the loop to innovation: Of course, there will be amazing opportunities for innovation. The most critical application may lay in the understanding of QE in the process of ideation itself 🙂 I will be back with more next year.

Happy holidays and a big thank you to all my subscribers. Don’t miss the January Newsletter – end of January introducing another quantum leap in innovation management – our first after two years. << INNOVATION NEVER STOPS >>

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