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Genuine Innovation Examples

Genuine Innovation Examples We analyzed innovative companies and focused on identifying the “Disruptive Moment.” We asked ourselves if it would be possible to achieve similar results through improvements (incremental innovation). We picked Genuine Innovation Examples across different industries, such as Furniture, transportation services, Automotive, satellite communication, financial services, hospitality, and innovation management. To put it […]


How to measure Genuine Innovation?

Pseudo-innovation terms like incremental innovation could only exist because of lacking innovation measurement. The battle between Innovation and Improvement may come to an end. Both are vital for a company’s success, yet they are entirely different. This post builds on the previous post: Genuine innovation versus improvement. Looking at the definition of genuine innovation is […]

Genuine Innovation versus Improvement

Terms like incremental innovation, gradual innovation, or architectural innovation have been coined and used to look like being innovative. Turns out, using those terms is the worst decision one can make. Companies need to be actively improving their existing products and services. AND in today’s time and age, companies need to decide if they want […]


Stop idea hunting for innovation

Stop idea hunting for innovation Creating breakthrough innovation is still the holy grail or even a mystery to most innovation teams. It is perceived as random, serendipity, and accidental. Hoping to get innovative solutions that transforms markets from some magical “ideas,” means waiting for a coincidence, but winning the lottery would have far more chances […]

When enterprises acquire startups to get to innovation

When venturing out for ideas on how to create innovation, enterprises may explore the idea of acquiring startups to get innovative minds and a complete team. It seems like a quick way to get innovative ideas that can be integrated into the corporation. Essentially the old make or buy decision. However, of 1,000 acquisitions, less […]

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Innovation Market Dynamics

Innovation Market Dynamics Before starting to innovate, it makes sense to understand the general market dynamics for innovative solutions. For decades, enterprises struggled when their innovative solutions did not take off within 12 to 24 months and killed the projects. Little was known about innovation diffusion. Everett Rogers coined the term in 1966 but the […]


Empowering Enterprises Innovation

From the 4th Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable Culture development is an ongoing topic that keeps coming back in every roundtable. A lot of progress has been made yet, CULTURE is something that neither can’t be created nor changed overnight. Another interesting topic surfaced at the last Innovation Thought Leader roundtable: Unrealistic and non-substantiated expectations regarding […]

A glimpse into the future of innovation, AI and human ingenuity

Allow me to start the year with a perspective on the future of innovation. Despite everything that went on in the world, BlueCallom had a great 2021 and 2022 started with a big boost. LINEAR VERSUS LATERAL THINKING It is no news that linearly managed business process transformation like digitalization or creating breakthrough innovation, has […]

Cognitive abilities to groundbreaking innovation

It takes unique cognitive abilities or so-called soft skills or talents to get you to groundbreaking innovation. Talents or Soft Skills matters – in some cases, even more than hard skills. One of those cases is with Innovation Development. Creating a groundbreaking innovation needs a new perspective, open-mindedness, creativity, courage, and other cognitive abilities deeply […]

The Initial Value of an Idea is Zero

You have a new business idea. You are so excited that it quickly becomes your best-kept secret. You get almost paranoid about somebody stealing this great concept that apparently nobody else figured out yet. Now – one day you have to share the secret, when you hire somebody helping you to build the product or […]