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AI-driven Innovation Paradigm Shift II – Future of Work

Future of work in the era of AI AI-driven Innovation Paradigm Shift II As the era of AI unfolds, there’s an increasing discourse around job losses, with many fearing machines might render humans obsolete. However, a nuanced perspective indicates that AI is not directly replacing jobs but’s revolutionizing them. Professionals armed with AI tools are […]

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AI-driven Innovation Paradigm Shift

AI-driven Innovation Paradigm Shift Part 1: increasing productivity 10-100 fold It was about the year 1435. countless monks were copying books. They did so by writing a new book by hand from scratch. Hundreds of pages. Monitored by supervisors, ensuring there is no single mistake on page 563, for instance. Otherwise, the monk had to […]

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ChatGPT Prompting for Innovation Teams

Now innovation Teams have a new way of using AI and ChatGPT for better innovation results. Dramatically reduce innovation time by 95%, more than quadruple ideation performance, and get a new way of validating your decisions. Innovation task-specific prompts have been developed by the BlueCallom team. Examples are shared here, helping teams to build their […]

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AI and Neuroscience changing Innovation

In the past, innovation may have taken 2-5 years to develop. Today we brought it down to 6 months. And now, AI and Neuroscience are changing Innovation to 2-5 days. This will happen before the end of this year. AI is accelerating the development of AI across all facets of our life. Of course, some […]

Rising Vietnam – Part II

This post is the second of two parts, sharing our trip to Vietnam. In Part I we started sharing our experiences with large enterprises and now we want to also talk about the Mid Market development related to Innovation and about our decision to open an office in Vietnam. Vibrant Ho Chi Minh City This […]

Rising Vietnam – Part I

This post is the first of two parts, sharing our trip to Vietnam, the first after Covid, and our impression of how the country continues to rise with nearly two-digit growth rates. It also talks about the fantastic energy corporations put into innovation and how they work in many ways different. Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, […]

Corporate Innovation Framework Training

Why is the BlueCallom Corporate Innovation Framework such a big deal? We even talk about a breakthrough in innovation management. After all, we fundamentally change the way innovation is conducted. Innovation goals will change when attendees apply the learnings from the Corporate Innovation Framework Training. The C-Level is now involved with an innovation meta-strategy for […]

New Corporate Innovation Framework

For the first time, innovation becomes REPEATABLE & PREDICTABLE Announcement Allow us to open 2023 with another breakthrough in Innovation. In spring of last year, our VP-Products wanted to establish a list of all the supporting know-how to keep a better eye on our long-term product development. A few weeks later, I talked with the […]


Are your quanta already entangled?

I will go slightly off-topic but will connect at the end. I’m talking about the latest and most advanced learning in modern physics. By now, most of us have heard the term Quantum Entanglement as part of quantum physics. It is yet another dramatic shift in our understanding of the universe. But what does it really […]

BlueCallom expands towards East

TO VIET NAM The East is the new west Vietnam has been, in many ways, important for BlueCallom. It was in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), during a conference, where our CEO was asked very specifically, “How do you think? How to create disruptive ideas – Step by Step”. Two years later, in 2020, our […]