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GPTBlue Update April 2024.1

GPTBlue Update April 2024.1 BluePrompt – a new strategic technology for more sophisticated business prompts Prompt IP Protection – and Open Source options when distributing prompts Intelligent Prompt Distribution – ensuring recurring revenue  for prompt authors Prompt Cost Estimation – Approximate cost calculation prior to prompt execution Recurring Revenue for Prompt Authors – Prompt authors […]

AI-Prompts wireless straight into the brain

About exactly a year ago, I discussed with somebody who stated that prompts will go away when the AI becomes much smarter. He was very certain. It is definitely a possible outcome, why not? The capabilities of AI will rise beyond today’s imagination. And we already have AI-Prompts wireless straight into the brain Will AI […]

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The Future of Business Software

2023: The Year of Generative AI and the Dawn of a New Software Development Era In 2023, Generative AI marked a significant milestone in AI’s evolution, with an impressive user base of around 200 million on ChatGPT alone. This year symbolizes the inception of a new era in software development, transcending the earlier transition from […]

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Regaining control of an enterprise

Regaining control of an enterprise The complexity of modern organizations seems to have surpassed human capacity. Too often, innovation is hamstrung by the need to address legacy issues before embarking on new initiatives. The symbiosis between the human mind and artificial intelligence opens new windows every day. But to capture the opportunity we have to […]

First Open AI Dev Day

Greetings from San Francisco Remember ChatGPT is not even a year old today. On Nov. 30 we will celebrate the 1st Birthday of Chat GPT and the 1st Birthday of BlueCallom.AI. Quite a conference and tons of news. First things first. Open AI is just running like hell. With 100 Million active users plus those who […]

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HIA The Future of Mind-Machine Collaboration

Human Intelligence Augmentation (HIA): The Future of Human-Machine Collaboration The Dawn of HIA In 1961, Douglas Engelbart introduced the world to Human Intelligence Augmentation (HIA). Instead of technology replacing humans, Engelbart envisioned a symbiotic relationship, where machines would amplify our capabilities. While the technology of the time couldn’t fully realize this vision, today, we stand […]

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AI-driven Innovation Paradigm Shift

AI-driven Innovation Paradigm Shift Part 1: increasing productivity 10-100 fold It was about the year 1435. countless monks were copying books. They did so by writing a new book by hand from scratch. Hundreds of pages. Monitored by supervisors, ensuring there is no single mistake on page 563, for instance. Otherwise, the monk had to […]