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Product Manager Gen-AI Platform

Who we are

We are pioneering high-performance, high-productivity prompt development technology for generative AI. There we recognized that prompts are the most strategic mind-machine-connector.

BlueCallom user benefits include having an integrated platform to create, deliver, use and manage professional AI prompts.
Customers value our advanced product design, UI, ease of use, corporate wide, controlled prompt distribution, ability to deliver prompts in protected mode or open-source, and mostly the measurable prompt productivity.

In 2024 we are nominated for the German Innovation Award and our CEO was awarded “Most Influential CEO 2024 Switzerland in Gen AI business solutions”.

Product Manager Gen-AI Software

Responsibilities as
Product Manager Gen-AI Platform

Your overall responsibility at BlueCallom is to listen to the market and abstract important needs, trends and dreams. You work with the engineering team and make your product so attractive that our designated audience selects it as the product of choice.

  • You think and work with thought leaders from around the world and be responsible to maintain our technology leadership position.
  • You very carefully listening to users of any kind and learn from their thoughts and needs and as such are responsible for building what customers value.
  • Create the necessary documents with mock-ups needed for  our engineering team to rapidly build the functionality.
  • You are responsible that whatever we build is easy to use and a significant value to our customer.
  • Work on the prioritization of new features based on market needs, usability, functionality, and user experience, as you are responsible for timely delivery of a superior solution.
  • Prepare and present the solutions to customers, partners, and at events to the market, taking the responsibility that we are seen and heard.
  • Take all the above as requirement – not as a wish list :)

Qualification as Product Manager Gen-AI Platform


  • Exceptional cognitive abilities including
    Curiosity, Creativity, Communication 
  • Fast comprehension ability
  • Opportunity identification ability


  • Experience with Generative AI like ChatGPT, GPTBlue or Mid Journey is necessary.
  • A good understanding of what Generative-AI, LLMs, GPTs, Model Tuning, Function Calling etc. means and does.
  • Open AI API basics
  • The openness to use AI in ways that have never been tried.


  • If you happen to have some (Neuro) Linguistic Skills they are a plus.
  • The Mind-Machine-Connection appreciates language knowledge – much deeper than our day to day conversation.


  • Proven work experience as a software product manager and a good understanding of Databases (like MySQL), Programing languages incl. Python, ColdFusion, C++…
  • Experience working with cloud-based software and their demand for heightened security, GPDR, and Dev Opps.
  • Experience with software development methods, tools, stage management, and various forms of readiness such as prototyping, MVP, etc.
  • Graphical and visualization talent for mockup creation, process flowcharts, and architecture diagrams. 


  • Strong writing abilities in order to communicate complex or difficult functionality to engineers but also to potential users. 
  • Excellent communication & presentation skills, including working with cross-functional teams, customers, prospects, market analysts, and top-level executives.

Job description

We don’t have one. We don’t have interchangeable jobs. You will shape and lead our product vision in a way nobody else would.

What you should know

Your Talent

We look for talents not certificates. We seek people who are Curious, Courageous, Collaborative, Creatives, Communicative, Competitive, Connected, and Continuous.
‘Impossible’ – is a word that we usually don’t use.
‘Devils Advocates’ are no good match.
Don’t wonder why it can’t work – find reasons how it will work.

Your Credentials

We are looking for people who fluently speak English and German.
Sorry, you must be a Swiss citizen or have a Swiss work permit.
You will be with us 100% – no exceptions – no home office.

Our Location & Office

8008 Zürich, Switzerland
Our office is next to the lake, the opera, and the city center. There are tram stops, supermarkets, and restaurants within walking distance. We are all happy to think, create, work, and grow together. We are all BTO (Back to Office).
Home office won’t work for us.

Company Ownership

The founders gave 10% of the company into the hand of employees.
Employees can get stock options and turn them into stocks when vested.
As the company grows, so will the stock option value.

Our Offer

A cool team of open minds
A place for life long learning
Monthly salary
Plus, a success bonus.
A stock option plan
An opportunity to make a difference

Application Logistics

No need to send any resume.
Please review our hiring process.
Complete your career application with love.
Send us an email to career@ and share your interest and ambition.
We’ll review your LinkedIn profile.
We will carefully assess your career application.
Then, let’s do an initial video call and take it from there.

We can’t wait to hear from you – we really mean it.

As a potential Product Manager, you should know what we do and what our product is.

1) Before you apply, create your free GPTBlue account on 
2) Copy your referral ID (it’s on your GPTBlue profile)  and enter it in the application.

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