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Sales Development Specialist

Who we are

BlueCallom is pioneering Human Intelligence Augmentation enabling teams to leverage their intelligence, ingenuity and creativity in a way that was impossible before. The business world grew ever more complex and has outgrown our capacity. Especially Innovation and Business Transformation has become so complex that we reached the limit of our abilities. Our advances in fusing neuroscience discoveries with the advances of artificial intelligence, leads to Neuro-AI-Fusion and a software that makes is extremely easy to deal with highly complex situations.
We achieved this by creating a new enterprise software architecture from ground up new. Compared to conventionally coded business software is BlueCallom an AI-native product (no structure no forms).

Customers love us for our bold ideas big vision, technological advancement, yet very down to earth people. Customer benefits include a quantum leap in team productivity, which we achieve by delegating boring jobs to an AI and stimulate and support the employees creativity.

No worries we will teach you the magic behind all our technology in a way that you will love it and able to help customers learn to use it faster than any disruptive technology before.

Job description

  • You will be working with corporate prospects, seeking to improve their innovation effort
  • Explore the prospect’s needs and arrange meetings with our experts
  • Follow up on inquires, sales leads and other contacts
  • Write offers, share material, provide guidance to our resources
  • Proactively reach out to new contacts who could benefit from BlueCallom
  • Ensure timely follow-up on all actions and requests
  • You are the key contact to your assigned client base


As Sales Development Specialist, you are

  • very social and enjoy engaging with our customers
  • very interested in the topic of innovation
  • well verse with general business principles
  • very service oriented and love to help others
  • self motivated and share your positive spirit with others
  • agile and can organize what ever needs to be organized.

Experience and Talent

* Sales or customer relationship experience or a natural sales talent
* Professional relationship-building talent
* Excellent communication skills in German and English

Company Ownership

  • The founders gave 10% of the company into the hand of employees
  • Employees can get stock options and turn them into stocks when vested
  • As the company grows, so will the stock option value

General Requirements

  • German is your native language with excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Your professional English language skills are excellent in writing and verbal communication.
  • You have a valid Swiss work permit.

Our Location

8008 Zürich, Switzerland
Our office is next to the lake, the opera, and the city center. There are tram stops, supermarkets, and restaurants within walking distance. We are all happy to think, create, work, and grow together. That’s why we no longer use home offices.

Our Offer

A cool team of open minds
A career to make an impact
A place for life long learning
Monthly salary
Plus, a success bonus.
A stock option plan
An opportunity to make a difference

What you should know

Dream Job

If this describes your dream environment and you can envision that you can shape it into what’s best for the company, you are in the right place. During the interview process, expect you develop a judgment that this is the best possible job for you. If you are not sure, you should not ruin your CV with yet another experiment.


  • We care more about your talents or traits than about your certificates.
  • Your traits should include being Curious, Courageous, Collaborative, Creative, Communicative, Competitive, Connected, and Continuous.
  • ‘Impossible’ – is a word that we usually don’t use
  • Most importantly, you are an amazingly awesome, open, positive, and inspiring person.

Here you find more information about how we think and work, including our leadership principles.

Application Logistics

  • Don’t send us any resume
  • We’ll review your LinkedIn profile
  • Please review our hiring process
  • We will carefully assess your career application
  • Send us an email to career@ and share your interest and ambition
  • Then, let’s do an initial zoom call and take it from there

We can’t wait to hear from you – we really mean it :)

Career Opportunity at BlueCallom

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