Your brain is all you need to deliver a breakthrough innovation.
And BlueCallom is all your brain needs.

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Innovation needs a CEO mandate

Breakthrough innovation that provides a billion € business takes time, budgets, and resources only a CEO can decide.
A €50 Million innovation is most likely just an improvement.

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Unfolding exceptional creativity by delegating administration work to an AI and delivering KPI data to management.

Making Breakthrough Innovation predictable

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We empowers the world’s visionaries
to deliver breakthrough innovation


Breakthrough innovation in 6 months

Headquarter: Zürich, Switzerland, founded 2020
Focus Area: Breakthrough Innovation Empowerment
Sector: Neuroscience driven AI-Software
Customers: Business Enterprises and Governments
Degree of Disruption: Elevating how breakthrough innovation is achieved, financed, marketed and made successful

BlueCallom empowers the world’s visionary to deliver breakthrough innovation within six months. Unique neuroscience and AI-driven framework and software guide innovation teams through an entire multi-year innovation life cycle. The system aggregates tens of thousands of data points and provides managers with the most advanced innovation KPI-Framework. All administration work is delegated to the BlueCallom AI guidance system – freeing up additional creativity.

Neuro Innovation for breakthrough results
End-to-end  Neuro Innovation Management

1) BlueCallom DEEP manages an entre innovation journey.

Focus on your team’s ingenuity and creativity — let the AI do the rest.

Breakthrough Innovation Empowerment needs a good understanding how our brain behaves, a rock solid method to stimulate it and a technology to manage the process. An old chines proverb: your first step influences the entire journey. Start with identifying an innovation opportunity by looking for large problems, not ideas. Find the biggest needs and dreams of your customers. Only now enter a unique four-week neuro ideation process, leading to a breakthrough concept. Validate your idea in the market and get the needed internal financing. Build and collaborate with your customers and aim for exponential growth. Then scale and go global. All that is part of BlueCallom’s Deep Innovation Design process.

2) Innovation Talent development

Every creative jobs needs a certain level of talent

Breakthrough Innovation Empowerment already indicates that an innovation team needs to be empowered. Not only to think but also to build, interact with the market, explore, co-create, and ensure the success in the market. Creating breakthrough innovations that make a difference to your customers, market and even stock price is not something you can outsource to your local university. You will want a highly talented team with unique cognitive abilities including curiosity, courage, creativity,  and more.

The BlueCallom Innovation Dream Team Method helps you attract, assemble, and onboard top innovation talents. 

Neuro Ideation with AI-driven Neuro Innovation
KPI Framework making Breakthrough Innovation Predictable

3) Innovation specific KPI Framework

Making innovation Success Predictable

Breakthrough Innovation Empowerment also needs data. Creating extraordinary innovation is one thing, bringing it successfully to global markets is a profoundly different story. Innovation requires capital, lead time to market, and an attractive ROI. To make such investments, it takes a corporate strategy, rock-solid data, risk analysis, and KPIs.

An AI-driven KPI Framework was built for that reason and it produces a never seen innovation success predictability. The outcome is a single KPI:  The Innovation Success Indicator (ISI). Compiled from thousands of data points, it makes the innovation progress predictable and does it in real-time.

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