Our focus is
Breakthrough Innovation

We empower the world's business leaders to
deliver breakthrough innovation within six months,
using the BlueCallom Innovation Framework & Software.
We empower the world's business leaders to
deliver breakthrough innovation within six months.

How we solve the innovation problem

…before the innovation center gets unexpectedly shut down.

BlueCallom is disrupting the very foundation of how innovation is done so far.

  • Problem 1 – Ideas come randomly
    That was a myth. Advances in neuroscience have changed the world by understanding that ideas never accure randomly. Nothing in our brain is random. We at BlueCallom discovered ways to stimulate breakthrough ideas and even understand the timing to do so. Now we can make innovation manageable and predictable.
  • Problem 2 – We have hundreds of ideas but fail to get it to market
    While a disruptive idea is the substance for innovation, without innovative execution no success is possible. To manage an innovation process you need to manage a whole innovation framework – not just a timeline and budget. The BlueCallom Innovation Framework represents the DNA of genuine or breakthrough innovation.
  • Problem 3 – We create lots of solutions but never produce it
    The data you need to back your theses of a successful innovation are most likely not there. Nobody can invest on hope and believe. The BlueCallom KPI Framework aggregates on average 10,000 data points that provides a plausibility check for success.


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  • Dec 7 – Your CEO’s Innovation Expectation
    Webinar — The considerable gap between what CEOs want and what innovation teams deliver.
  • Dec 8 – Innovation Thought Leader Roundtable
    By invitation only — Innovative ideas are not accidental!!! Therefore breakthrough innovation becomes a manageable process.
  • 12 Secrets to make enterprise innovation successful
    Download — Innovation is a counterintuitive business. It needs a strategy, not experiments. Needs a purpose, openness, and 24 other things.
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Two unique thing we created to solve the innovation challenge:
1) The first full scope INNOVATION FRAMEWORK
2) The first INNOVATION SOFTWARE fusing neuroscience with AI-technology

Enterprise Innovations Framework

Neuroscience driven end-to-end innovation management

Innovation is the most complex and intellectually most demanding task. Countless things can go wrong. Without a full fledged framework with a time horizon that starts before any idea is even created, and that ends after the innovation is successful in its market, Innovation Management is impossible. The BlueCallom Innovation Framework is disrupting the very foundation of of how innovation is done.
You future innovation work is grounded on 7 innovation principles, with that you can create a unique Innovation Meta Strategy without knowing what the innovation may be. With a rich set of innovation specific methods, you will go discover innovation opportunities, then make your needs and dreams analysis, then leverage the full power of your brain over a time-frame of four weeks instead of superficial 60 minute brainstorming sessions…. You are guided to validate the solution, get financing, introduce it to the market, scale and go global. Now you have the full scope of the innovation covered.

Innovation Management Framework

Enterprise Innovation Management Software

Focus on your team’s ingenuity – and let the AI do the rest.

Living by the rules of innovation that brought thousands of billion $/€ companies forward, You will want some sort of technology to manage all the data, the process, the timing, the budget, and so forth rather than handling it in spreadsheets and project plans. Moreover, we know that the dream would be having a software that takes all the repeatable admin work off of your shoulders and you focus only on the creative/innovative process. BlueCallom DEEP was developed with that requirement. It handles KPIs in the background, timing automatically, process steps by leveraging an AI system and navigating you through the entire innovation journey, no matter how much time it will take. Executive reports are created automatically and in real time by the system and a dashboard informs executives within seconds.

Innovation Management Software

USP – How are we different


disrupting the very foundation of how innovation is done so far

  1. Speed
    BlueCallom is delivering a breakthrough innovation within six months. By an order of magnitude, that is, faster than even the fastest unicorns today.
  2. Predictability
    Thanks to the Innovation framework, its related metrics and an intelligent KPI Framework in BlueCallom DEEP we can predict the outcome of an innovation already before launch with unmatched precision.
Innovation Management Implementation

Why is BlueCallom different?

From the start, BlueCallom focused on genuine innovation only. This makes us exceptionally competitive and strengthens diverse innovation sectors, including products, business models, organizational innovation, and experience innovation. Taking that focus into the future, we will help enterprises building large-scale innovations that will solve most of our today’s problems faster than most people can imagine, including organizational innovation.

Innovation Management Implementation

How to start

Innovation is a mission critical journey

How can you start
1) Explore with one of our experts how BlueCallom could help you in your specific situation in your current business with your current team to get to a first breakthrough within six months
2) Conduct a free innovation readiness check and see if you are ready for an actual innovation project and, most notably, what it would take to get ready.
3) If all is good, you can start with a Kick-Start program that includes all workshops, training, and software license for the first six months to achieve your first breakthrough for under €100,000.

Just reach out to us and see what you and we could do when working together.

Innovation Management Implementation


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Headquarters: Zürich, Switzerland, founded in 2020
Sector: Enterprise Software as a Service
Market: Business Enterprises and Governments
Focus Area
: Breakthrough Innovation Empowerment

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