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Generative-AI Application Development Software and zero subscription model

Navigating the Prompt Economy

June 27th | 09:00 – 10:00

In this insightful 60-minute session, we explore the intricacies of Prompts, in particular the very special BlueCallom ‘BluePrompts’ and their pivotal role in harnessing profitability within the emerging landscape of the Prompt Economy.

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KI-Festival Heilbronn

June 29th-30th 2024 

Meet us at the KI-Heilbronn Festival! Explore AI through expert speeches, hands-on workshops, AI games, delicious food, and live concerts. Learn, have fun, and network around AI’s transformative power.

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Generative-AI Application Development Software

GPTBlue Boot Camp #5

September 16th | 08:00 – 12:30

Work  hands on with the brand new GPTBlue Development system. You will have access to cloud based software and experience how Generative-AI and AI in general will change our business world. Allow us to show you what we think is the next generation Gen-AI application development.

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Generative-AI Application Development Software

German Innovation Award May 2024

We are excited to announce that BlueCallom has received a special mention at the German Innovation Award 2024 in the Excellence in Business to Business Information Technologies category!

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We solved five of the biggest Gen-AI obstacles

1) Prompt IP protection for recurring revenue.


2) Visible prompt productivity gain.


3) Setup your custom public & private libraries.


4) Save & independent prompt execution.


5) Zero subscription model for rapid scaling.

Perspective in an Innovation Organization

What Users Say

“Very interesting and valuable Boot Camp, thanks a lot. Eager to do business with BlueCallom, and expecting a lot from oncoming functionalities”

Stéphane Janin, Consultant

“Great insights on how you see the productivity opportunities of your platform in various industries, and thank you for clarifying a number of technical and applicative aspects of the tool. Very interesting webinar”

Julian Meissner, Head of Tech & Transformation

“GPTBlue is an excellent library that’s user-friendly. I believe that with further training, the results could be more analytical, detailed, and insightful”

Neetesh Bhargava, Global MBA

“A game-changer – GPTBlue showcases the power of expertly designed prompts in unlocking Generative-AI’s full potential”

Michael Waniek, Strategic Advisor

“The GPTBlue Boot Camp has equipped me to create tailored AI agents that align perfectly with specific needs and contexts – this is a game changer for someone who thrives in the agile world”

Xenia Vogt, Entrepreneur

“What’s truly groundbreaking is how GPTBlue allows for seamless distribution of AI solutions across various departments or even between different organizations”

Walter Adamson, Digital Investor

How you craft near-perfect Gen-AI business prompts

People who are developing prompts for others

Use specialized prompt composition technology –

Measure your prompt’s productivity –

Create intelligent prompts –

Make prompts protected or open-source –

Receive direct feedback from your users –


How you build your corporate prompt Library

– Let your prompt engineers upload prompts to your library

– Different business units may want different libraries

– Manage prompt access and distribution

– Unique prompt icons are created by AI automatically

How your team experiences Gen-AI for business

– Use our explorer prompts to get started

– Show your team how much easier work is when boring jobs get delegated

– A unique and custom UI full of support and guidance is great to work with

– Highly productive prompts, give people more time to grow their business

– Reducing admin overhead by up to 75% unleashes unparalleled motivation

Why AI prompt engineers partner with BlueCallom

The business world longs to near-perfect prompts to gain productivity

– Partners prefer BlueCallom to protect their IP when building high performance, high-productivity prompts.

– Only BlueCallom has a globally distributed library network for deploying prompts to.

– The extensive capabilities of BluePrompts makes building professional prompts with a high business impact possible.

– The BlueCallom business model allows partners to create a recurring revenue model for themselves.

Generative-AI Application Development Platform

Digital Presence

About BlueCallom

We are pioneering high-performance, high-productivity prompt development technology for generative AI. There we recognized that prompts are the most strategic mind-machine-connector.

BlueCallom user benefits include having an integrated platform to create, deliver, use and manage professional AI prompts.
Customers value our advanced product design, UI, ease of use, corporate wide, controlled prompt distribution, ability to deliver prompts in protected mode or open-source, and mostly the measurable prompt productivity.

Independent developers partner with BlueCallom for its Prompt-IP protection and recurring revenue model.

In 2024 we are nominated for the German Innovation Award and our CEO was awarded “Most Influential CEO 2024 Switzerland in Gen AI business solutions”.

BlueCallom Facts

Sector: Enterprise AI-Software
Delivering: Generative-AI Application Development Software
USP: Neuro-AI-Fusion
Focus Area: Generative-AI Application Development Software

Claim of fame: Nobody fails when using BlueCallom
Slogan: Set it in motion
Customers: Businesses and Governments
Headquarter: Zürich, Switzerland
Founded: Oct. 2020

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