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World Innovations Day

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Innovation Competition!
Groundbreaking innovation in 40 days.

Innovation Teams from around the world will compete.
Innovation is not just improvement – but groundbreaking innovation. We will see top talented teams start from scratch and have a groundbreaking concept including market validation and a plan to make it a reality in just 40 days. We will demystify the act of innovation forever.

Join the World Innovations Day contest. Meet other innovative minds, independent teams, startups, small businesses, or enterprises. Each category’s best teams will be rewarded, get global visibility, and individual teams or startups introduced to close to 900 investors.

Apr 21, 2021, More details and registration

Training that will blow your mind

BlueCallom Business News Training

Deep Innovation Design
Training for Innovation Managers

BlueCallom Business News TrainingLearning the full scope of the Deep Innovation Design method. One week from the initial “Innovation Opportunity Discovery“, and “Neuro Ideation” to “Innovation Financing” and “Innovation-to-Market” execution. Learning the difference between lateral versus linear thinking and why linear processes cannot lead to innovation. New ways to innovate and turn it into global revenue.
Apr 26, 2021 Register Here

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 What makes us be different?
  • Neuro Ideation
    Every idea ever created, was based on past experiences. Brain cells and neurons cannot “create” Innovative ideas on their own. But they can compose amazing scenarios. Done in a well-selected team we can do anything we can think of. The BlueCallom Neuro Ideation method was created in spring 2020.
  • Lateral architecture for the innovative minds
    Innovation team members rightfully argue that their creative process is not supported by linear step-by-step methods and business tools. BlueCallom is one of the first business applications ever, supporting lateral thinking through our unique canvas architecture and non-linear process flow.
  • Innovation Opportunity Discovery
    The risk to get disrupted by even a tiny startup is growing rapidly. A completely new step in the innovation process is the way we identify opportunities in the market. A methodical way to mitigate disruption risks and increase opportunities.
  • Innovation KPI Framework and Dashboard
    No matter how much creativity we have, getting the innovation to market and the financing to scale is another huge barrier. The BlueCallom DEEP application is creating between 10,000 and 25,000 data points during an innovation process and can provide a never seen before Innovation Management Dashboard.
The fastest way to groundbreaking innovation.