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Innovation Leadership for C-Level and Board Members

Sep 9, 2021

How enterprises can move from delivering product improvements to genuine groundbreaking innovation development. In the past 25 years, the vast majority of groundbreaking innovations were delivered by startups. The economic risk for an enterprise getting disrupted is substantial. Whether it’s the automotive industry, transportation industry, financial services, or any other industry, the patterns are very similar: initial loss of market cap, then followed by a loss of market share, and the longer it keeps going the harder it is to bound back. The loss of market share is not equal to revenue loss because disrupters increase the market and take almost all of new market segments. Innovation is rarely just a new product; it is almost always connected to different experiences, business models, and customer interaction models.


In this Thought Leadership Series event, our CEO and founder of two companies, today in the billion-dollar range will talk about what enterprise leaders can do to move from an improvement paradigm to an innovation paradigm. What is needed to up-skill their teams in general and what a professional innovation team needs to do and needs to know to deliver groundbreaking innovation. Moreover what does the executive bench needs to know about capital requirements, market preparation, and organizational adjustments to become genuinely innovative.


Certified Deep Innovation Design Champion (BCDC)

Next Program Starts Jun 28, 2021


Learn how you can elevate your innovation effort to truly groundbreaking innovation, get it funded and bring it successfully to market. This course provides a comprehensive insight into the Deep Innovation Design Model and the Neuro Ideation Method at its core. Whether you want to become an Innovation Manager, an Executive, a Specialist, or take any other role in the innovation space, this program provides the essential know-how for the most advanced innovation design model.


The BlueCallom Certified Champion, BCDC Training is perfect for every innovation director, innovation manager, and every innovative mind that wants to learn all about the “Deep Innovation Design” Model and techniques, may it be for industrial reasons or in any creative branch of businesses.

  • All innovative minds
  • Innovation team members, managers, executives
  • Marketing, sales, or operation managers interested in innovation
  • Production, logistics, or other business-specific experts


Each of the skills is based on a dedicated Innovation Journey method.

  • Innovation project design skills
  • Deep Innovation Design process skills
  • Innovation opportunity discovery skills
  • Basic neuro ideation skills
  • Basic idea validation skills
  • Basic innovation financing skills
  • Basic Innovation-to-Market skills
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