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Who we are


We are pioneering high-performance, high-productivity prompt development technology for generative AI. There we recognized that prompts are the most strategic mind-machine-connector.

BlueCallom user benefits include having an integrated platform to create, deliver, use and manage professional AI prompts.
Customers value our advanced product design, UI, ease of use, corporate wide, controlled prompt distribution, ability to deliver prompts in protected mode or open-source, and mostly the measurable prompt productivity.

Independent developers partner with BlueCallom for its Prompt-IP protection and recurring revenue model.

In 2024 we are nominated for the German Innovation Award and our CEO was awarded “Most Influential CEO 2024 Switzerland in Gen AI business solutions”.


GPTBlue was initially developed as an internal tool to create BlueCallom DISRUPT, our advanced neuro innovation management software, specifically designed for enterprises. Today, the internal tool has evolved into a comprehensive solution available to everyone who wants to professionally develop generative AI prompts.

Fact Sheet About BlueCallom

Sector: Generative-AI business software
Experience: Generative-AI based Innovation Management Software
Delivering: Professional Prompt Development Testing and Deployment for Generative AI 
USP: Automatic Prompt Deployment, Delivery Platform, Prompt Performance Analytics, Enterprise AI Architecture
Slogan: Set it in motion
Customers: Businesses, Prompt Engineers, AI Enthusiasts.
Headquarter: Zürich, Switzerland
Founded: Oct. 2020

What is our edge


Professional Prompt Development and Management Platform
GPTBlue is an integrated Prompt Development, Testing, and Deployment platform with a prompt marketplace for professional Generative-AI prompts.

Making Prompts Productivity Measurable
GPTBlue offers the first prompt productivity analytics, exposing the productivity gain over manual work for every prompt.

Multi-tier Prompt Deployment Architecture
GPTBlue is the first enterprise-grade Generative AI application platform allowing professional prompt distribution across independent organizations.

Gen-AI Specific Business model
Professional Prompt Development and Distribution, needed a new business model. SaaS is no longer applicable to AI Applications. “Pay-4-Gain” is a “Zero Subscription” Business Model. Customers pay only for consumption.

Where the name BlueCallom came from

BlueCallom bridges AI-technology (Blue) and our brain’s Corpus Callosum which connects the two brain halves through 200 million nerve fibers. (Callom). While negotiating, listening and speaking, decision making, and ideating, the neurons fire signals between the emotional and the rational zones of the brain at incredible speed.

Imagine the communication between Mind-and-Machine is guided in a way that what you want to get done is perfectly understand by your AI without even knowing how it works. We do not attempt to drill holes into our head, instead, we use the already existing and perfectly structured sensory APIs: ears, eyes and senses. Neuro-AI-Fusion was born.  The single most important communication media between Mind-and-Machine is:  A PROMPT. We augment prompts in a way that it matches respective tasks and let the AI do its job. And we are just at the beginning. Yet this is already leading to Human Intelligence Augmentation in a way that was impossible to imagine at the time the term was coined by Douglas Engelbart in 1962.


BlueCallom AG
Kreuzstrasse 26
8008 Zürich, Switzerland
+41 (44) 500-6480

Reg.: CH-199.589.306

CEO: Axel Schultze

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